I always thought it is inherent in everyone.

I read through some old blog posts of others today and something beamed: “Kindness is not obligatory”.

Thinking back, I think so too. It is some where in my brain, stuck some where. If not, why would it take me so much courage to just ask for a help?

Reading a book back then offered to me by Mr Tan, it said we can always ask for help as people need to feel the need others need from them. However, when people do not respond to your help, it might just be circumstances that made it impossible. People would help if possible. And I think so too.

Just there is no need for people to go to lengths just to help. Because… kindness is not obligatory! But still I think I will still try my best to help if the need arises. Highly depends on who you are. Kindness is not obligatory…


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  1. 1

    My Profile said,

    LOL! kindness is not obligatory… im not sure about that…but i know that.. most of the time.. i help ppl.. with the thinking that one day i might need their help too…in some way.. im selfish? maybe? haha..

  2. 2

    Le rêveur said,

    Selfish? Its part of human nature anyway =PI do not know. When I help, I do not think I actually weigh out whether I will benefit or not though. I help because they need it and I can deliver that help?

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