Should stay optimistic…

Lots of things happening. Bringing me down. But I am trying to be optimistic. Trying real hard! *pushing the limits* I really want to stay optimistic and be hype about holidays (which means Shanghai!) but it does not help when there is a feeling that I won’t do well for Cell Met and Recomb DNA.

I am still very unsure about Instrumental Analysis and *looked around for the exam timetable* forgot what the other unit is! SHIT! ooo.. Crop Sci! haih

I slept more than 12 hours mostly per day. So, you can go figure about my revision. So unlike last semester when I studied more than twelve hours per day! Kid. You. Not! I slept like five hours only then?

First year was really a breeze for me. One year off my studies and study the night before, I did alright. Except for Psychology which I have no basics in at all, I managed to still do alright with last minute studies. Ok, to be honest, I am not smart. It is just that MOST were in MCQs! ==” Year 2 is the shit, the real shit. Year 3? TT

I do not like memorising stuff. Never good at it too. My memory on a daily basis is already bad enough else I would not need a blog to jot everything down lah. Still expecting all these memorization for all four units. Damn!

If I am really taking the research unit in the last semester, I think I can really say bye bye to it already. I won’t be able to maintain that required grade!

Always before and after my exams, I would call my uncle to tell him I expect what and what this semester. This time, I do not feel like calling. I have been making more emails and MSN or third party contact with him more! And also because he is constantly not in Brunei. Now he is in Manila.

One of the reasons is because I know I would cry due to a few personal things that I am going through. Also because I felt the NEED to tell him I would just want to stop studying and get away! Disappointment is what I meant! TT

I need playground and ice cream! But I have insufficient time to revise! HOW? BRING ME MY ICE CREAM AND PLAYGROUND!

Blogging has always been the therapeutic way for me. But why after this not-meant-to-be-negative-but-turned-out-negative post, my heart is still so heavy? TT


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