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23rd – 25th November 2009

On 23rd November 2009 (Monday), I was really bored to death. Doing nothing but online-ing. Finally just remembered I could actually stream some dramas to watch 😉 Spent whole afternoon watching drama and doing mask 😉   IMG_1941Woke up the very next day feeling extremely happy as I got to DO something. I got a taxi booked at 1pm and went to KLCC =) Went shopping around to get new ear phones =) Got the universal adaptor and some other random stuff 😉IMG_1945Finally, met up with Yumni, Rasyid, May Li, Daryl, Jasmine and her cousin, Sharon.IMG_1943We chat for sometime and camwhored 😉 Typical! And went to the cinema for Christmas Carol. Not too bad 😉IMG_1966Everyone ditched May Li, Yumni, Rasyid and I for free popcorn tasting TT HAHAHAHA Oh well, they went into a room and there were few popcorns to be tasted. After the survey, they got complimentary ticket passes =)IMG_1972After the movie, we walked around and went into the Petronas gallery.IMG_1967The arts were quite unique. Did not expect such things there =)IMG_1974Went for dinner at Chili’s. Been wanting to go there long ago but never got anyone to go with.IMG_1986May Li and others are angels to make the trip there and have an awesome dinner with us.IMG_1988Was hoping Tse Yuen and Sue Peng could join us but they were at Pavillion and refused to come over and have dinner with all of us.IMG_2036However, Yong joined us as he just finished his conference (work related).IMG_2040Enjoyed the dinner a lot and had nice time with them all 😉 But were late for an event that I wanted to attend. Yong and May Li were going with me tagging along. Used the taxi to get there and saw Tse Yuen and Sue Peng.IMG_2047But they left way before the short talk was given. The talk was a big disappointment to me anyway.IMG_2045Went home and tried to sort out the things for the very next day. Was preparing for another fun filled day 😉

However I kept waking up at odd hours since 6am although I slept only at 2am ++ Thanks to flu, fever and sore throat =( I finally woke up at 10am to prepare to go out. Had piriton and sucked on some troche. Felt way better and went out with Jasmine to Pyramid. It was planned to buy Wen Hao’s birthday present. There was a surprise going on 😉 By the time this is posted, I suppose the surprise is ongoing already or already over =P  The present was bought swiftly after Khoo came to meet up with us =) I left for Monash University to meet up with Meaghan and Suja.IMG_2070Khoo, Jasmine and the others went for lunch and movie – 2012. I went to Kajang. I just realised I have not eaten satay for more than two years!IMG_2061Yes, TWO years! And Kajang is really famous for its satay.IMG_2050Suja brought us there to enjoy them.IMG_2049They were really fantastic. The peanut sauce is totally awesome! =)IMG_2060IMG_2063We camwhored a lot and Suja even brought us to walk around the towns to have a look at how older, run down buildings of Malaysia.IMG_2096It was nice. An indescribable nostalgic kind of feeling.IMG_2089After that Suja dropped me off the Pyramid to meet up with Wen Hao, Jasmine and Khoo.IMG_2084Thanks so much to Suja for bringing me and Meaghan around. We should have more of such trips 😉 <3<3<3IMG_2075I tagged along Wen Hao’s car and reached Monash. Meet with Jasmine and Sze Ling who just done with her alternate days of internship and also Khoo. Sze Ling and I in Jasmine’s car, following Khoo’s car with Wen Hao in his car. I fell asleep in hte more than an hour’s car ride to Setia Alam. To have dinner.IMG_2102Eating the zhu hun geng again! ❤ Maybe because it is something I rarely get to eat, I think it is really nice =P It looks like any other noodle dishes but seriously, it tastes way different and does not make you feel bloated =)IMG_2105IMG_2106Khoo’s favourite the-oilier-the-better dish served with mantou.IMG_2108Potato leaves (Am I correct? First time having this vegetable)IMG_2111Omelette with oyster.

We added another order of the noodle and another vegetable =) Yum yum.IMG_2113IMG_2119Had a great and very full dinner =) And too happy till I dropped my camera in the restaurant =( Nearly lose my camera again! Haih. I must really be more careful. Only realised I lost it when I was already in the car, on the way back to Sunway. Luckily Khoo’s parents called the restaurant and could get back my camera. Khoo kept it safe for me =) Thanks so much.IMG_2123Also must thank Wen Hao and Jasmine for being so funny in the car until Sze Ling and I laughed like hell. Wanted to record it down but that was also when I find out I lost my camera =( Oh well, now it is found, I am relieved. I think I am very lucky 😉IMG_2128Wen Hao and Sze Ling then accompanied me to do some important stuff. Along with Yong =) Thanks a lot people. I really feel I am the luckiest person in the world for meeting so many angels in disguise. Gratitude could never be fully represented well with words. But, I do not think I need those words to show my gratitude. Me living positively would be a way I show my greatest gratitude to everyone, especially my family. =D

Feeling blessed.

The one who is learning about gratitude.


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21st and 22nd November 2009

Packing packing packing. Very little sleep. Then went to ACTS for B.I.G. Campus Party.IMG_1874Wen Hao went with me.            IMG_1899Brian brought along his friend, Andrew Lim. [Forgot to take picture =(]IMG_1903Michelle was there with her friend, Zi Hui (hope I got her name right) =DIMG_1894Not much pictures. Except for the emcees and the pastor (called as pastor right?) They were all damn cute and funny! I felt this church is worth my blogging time more than City Harvest. No offence alright? Just I felt in ACTS, its not so concert-y and more like a fun church =) Would not mind going there to listen if I am not tired =)IMG_1897The emcees and pastor were totally awesome possum! I was tired but I was kept awake 98% of the time =D The emcees – Joel and Samantha.IMG_1884Joel was totally awesome. Very chatty and lively. Samantha was more quiet. IMG_1892Dave Yeow was speaking and he was totally witty. He made mistakes and could turn it around so quickly. Like when he said treach accidentally when he tried to say teach? He said its a new word –- “teach and preach” LOLIMG_1886Were standing for quite some time. I know some sat down but I felt like standing despite the sore knees. I find the people a bit rude for disturbing their friends when they are praising (is that the right word?) and listening to the teachings. Maybe it is just me. Oh well…IMG_1904Then we got free gifts. I only cared about the dark chocs HAHAHAHA I got Wen Hao’s share even =P And then we went to SS15 for dinner.IMG_1909Yeah. Dinner near midnight. But its actually really great time shared with Michelle and Wen Hao =)IMG_1908IMG_1907Then got home but went out not long after to Bintang Lima. Missing the times I would return real late during Year 1. I do not know, I think I would rather have loads to do and be tired than to sit at home getting wasted. HAHAHA… I think I got home only at Continue packing a little. Actually more of taking care of my fishes in Fishville. *addicted* I slept only at 4am! HAHA I woke up to find my phone battery died and thus no alarm TT Woke at 10.14am. Met my friend and moved my things very swiftly and efficiently at 10.30am. Around 11.15am, everything was done =) Thanks so much!!!

I was starting to relax a bit and chat/Skype/Facebook with Ann and Anais ❤ Always as crazy hahaha… Then went to pack my things into the luggage for Shanghai trip. Most of the things and realise I could not fit everything in TT Overpacked. But I do not want to bring jus a few shirts TT And I realise it was because I do not have a hand carry >< So I have to call my friend again to ask if I can get back my hand luggage HAHAHA…

I planned to go to Pyramid at about 2pm. Thanks to James Ong Chee Kang (Spoonie), I went out only at 4.30pm. Ok, I have myself to blame cause it takes two hands to clap! Oh well… I had fun too lah and went down to get a taxi. Prior to that, I was looking for the taxi driver who last brought me to Sunway Medical but I haven’t paid up yet because I did not have small notes then. But none of them know who so I just paid one of the uncle there and got a taxi to Pyramid. No matter the money got to the right person or not, as long as I paid, I can live with clear conscience =)IMG_1926 I went to Pyramid to get some stuff. Have to start using sunblock for face. So got a whole set of toner, scrub, facial wash [Simple] etc Got the sunblock for face (Banana Boat) when I was in Brunei. Was contemplating to get the cleanser (it is different from facial wash) since I will be using sunblock. Then at last did not get it because I am not a diligent person in face washing and toning. Still use cleanser? LOL. Oh well, wait till I firmly follow the regime of face wash then I shall get it =)

Also went because I need some name stickers. yes, childish. Whatever. It is just so cute. I actually still got many left from what Tee Yee helped me made at Penang but I packed them and moved into my friend’s place already =( So went to get another set done!IMG_1925The girl who tends the stall actually knows me because I went there so many times and made so many stamps. For myself, my baby sisters and baby cousins. CUTE! HeheIMG_1912I went to get some snacks too. Go wandered into a shop which sells all sort of snacks. I got some organic Brazilian nuts.IMG_1923It was just about a handful or a little more. And it cost me so much.IMG_1924Oh well, it was not too bad anyway. Still prefer macadamia and almond though HAHA… peanuts are not bad too. Been more than five years I did not eat peanuts until last week. =) There are loads of food that I have not been eating for quite some years. Do not know why. Haha

I was hungry and so decided to find some food. Nothing heavy so I headed to Asia Avenue for the Taiwan street food corner. Shilin, I think its called that. Last time, I did not get to try the oyster mee sua and hence got that.IMG_1913Totally horrible but I think its famous there =.= I never liked oyster anyway. Someone once said it is an acquired taste. I agree totally. Ewwww… I was just going to eat the noodle only but then I saw this Malay lady sitting in front of me wiping off her menstrual blood from the chair and left. Got a bit nauseous so I decided to just leave =.=IMG_1914 Yeah, with this much left. First time I leave so much food uneaten on a hungry stomach.IMG_1916Two weeks away, Pyramid changed. Christmas feel =) There was one part which reminds me lightly of winter villages in Paris.IMG_1918But it is far from the looks and feel of it. I just miss Paris maybe! =( I wish to go to UK soon. Saving =) Anais! Wait for me and Ann. We will be there in no time 😉IMG_1917Came back and went to get my hand luggage and re-packed. My life now is like constant packing packing packing. HAHAHAHA… but I find my day here rather boring. I do not know what to do other than packing. Need to go out. But I do not know do what! HAHAHA

Nevermind. Maybe I am too used to busy times that few hours of being in the house doing nothing equates boredom. Today is Monday and I think I am going to let myself stay home and do some mask 😉

Time to relax and take things at a slower pace,

The one who is trying to be really positive about life.

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Really trying to find the time to update. Too many things to do yet so limited time. The taxi driver last reminded me that everyone has the same amount of time – 24 hours. Time is ALWAYS there, just how we actually manage it is another story. I am busy because I chose to. So, I can actually do not update this blog. Just because I want to, and also because I want to join in those other stuff, I should be happy. =D Here goes the entry…

19th November 2009. Very busy day indeed. I woke up just in time to go out to Gadong with my dad. Busied around the whole day to exchange RMB, to send some postcards and to do some shopping. Failed at shopping because my aunt was looking for me already then. You cannot believe how I spent the whole morning just doing those two things!IMG_1777Soon after, went with my aunt to Jangsak house to get Gi Gi. She got some unsightly red spot over her left eye lid so we were to bring her to the clinic. There was a sudden large downpour and the plan cancelled. Just wasted time around in the restaurant till evening.IMG_1776Had dinner with my sister and Ann. It is my last dinner! In Brunei! For 2009! My aunt said it sounds like a bad omen. That was why I separated them into three different parts =P But guess it made no difference eh?IMG_1768Anyway, had the dinner at Cheeze Box. My very first time there although I known of its existence for more than a year or two already LOL.IMG_1765Food was good. I had snacks only while Ann and my sis had proper dinner. Not on diet, it is just that I have been eating 247 minus the sleeping time LOLIMG_1786Teriyaki chicken and Japanese noodle with soup. The chicken was awesome. Soup was too salty although my sister insist it USED to be not so salty.IMG_1795Ann’s chicken chop or something? Not totally awesome but good 😉 Psst… my dad makes better one I think =PIMG_1783I had their squid box and prawn wanton in some kind of spicy sauce (really long name lah =.=)IMG_1790The squid was alright. Quite juicy and not too salty. Would prefer this to those of Manhattan Fish Market anytime! =)IMG_1802The wanton was AWESOME. ONE WHOLE PRAWN IN EACH 😉IMG_1807Totally fresh and juicy =)IMG_1782We were all too full for dessert. Ok, only I was too full for dessert. My sis and Ann ordered a volcano something. Sorry, camera battery flat. No picture =( It was basically fried ice cream ball with fruit salad. My mom makes better fruit salad =P The ice cream ball was just so-so for me because I remember eating something nicer.IMG_1766Anyway how, the service was really good. They have a high tech waiter service system where you just press a small button, EVERYONE will come to your service. Ok, exaggerated! Three waiters came then. And two different waiters got us the SAME thing. They should probably improvise the system. 😉 Overall its really good.IMG_1779The place was with good ambience. Lots of magazine to read while waiting for food or even for when you want to just waste time 😉IMG_1811Got internet. It claims to have high speed internet which is 7 times more than normal one of Brunei (which is 512kbps) Whatever, those numbers make no sense to me anyway =P

Ohhh, I met Hakim with his gf while there. Brunei is really small =P I knew hakim in Malaysia and bumped into him in Brunei. Last holiday when I was in Brunei, I also bumped into Wan Theng whom I knew in Malaysia. HAHA… cool right? *you all must be rolling eyes! Nevermind* hahaIMG_1814After the heavy “snack”, we went shopping. I finally got the Extra mints! Been seeing lots of adverts in the blogosphere and recent TV. Chose the blue one instead of the pink/purple one =) And got Dequadin. Yeah, sore throat =( And also toothpaste 😉 My family still does not think China toothpaste is safe LOL. My aunt insist that I come back to get what I got.IMG_1812Got more stuff *private* cannot tell! LOL. Got the two pairs of shoes for FREE. Serious! LEATHER SOME MORE =D But I also got this! =DIMG_1813Been wanting to get it but considered so long because I am just left with one year studies =S Since it is cheaper than Malaysia by a few ringgit, I got them =) Hope I will put them to good use =) My sister went to arcade too =S Beginners luck, I won her many tickets =) She collected more than a thousand tickets already O.O [No pictures because camera battery died]IMG_1836Notice: From here, most pictures are random pictures with my baby sis and cousin ❤

IMG_1825We then got home and rest =) Well, it is supposed to be packing time for me! Sighhh… I am always so good at procrastination. Give me HD for that, no exams required!IMG_1828Anyway, my sister car got repaired (My brother got into an accident) and sent to us at around evening. Ten minutes before midnight, we went to the airport.IMG_1839Just within ten minutes, my uncle is out. The flight was really on time and check out was swift 😉   IMG_1840I was not supposed to go as I haven’t even started packing my luggage by then TT But I tagged along so I could talk to my uncle and ask more about Shanghai. Things are not as expensive as I thought/made to think. I shall survive fine 😉IMG_1833I finally finished packing at about 3am. While playing Fishville. I fell asleep ten minutes before the fish was to reach age 4. SO I WOKE UP TO SEE THEM ALL DEAD TTIMG_1826Ok, it is just virtual! *trying hard to get over it* My family thinks I am crazy too just because of all these virtual pets. LOL

IMG_1821I woke up to another normal day except that today I will be leaving for Malaysia. Went out to the restaurant for breakfast. Finally, my dad’s kolomee. No picture. Should have taken a pic of it! =SIMG_1829Two hours later, made a booking to go Escapade. Because ever since I came back this time, never had it. Sorry no pictures too. No time for slow picture taking lah. Had a long chat with my aunt over the meal and finally left for Jangsak house.IMG_1856My baby sister tagged along =) She loves basketball and does not mind playing under the scorching sun all the time =SIMG_1864Ok ok, maybe it is just me =( No sports cells. LOLIMG_1868[The forest right beside our house MIGHT not be cleared. They are going to make a large drain to get all the water flowing =D Say hello to the monkeys once again. And no, no mangoes! HAHA]

At about 3pm, got my baby cousins to Alliance Francaise and we went shopping again! GROCERY SHOP AT SUPA SAVE. Yes, damn lame. I love grocery shopping. haha

Went back to shower and leave for the restaurant. Actually, I want to go to the airport earlier but my uncle was insisting that we leave only when he does. He would be going to KB with my brother on Ann’s car =) It was near to 5.30pm already and I know for sure I would not get a window seat if the flight is full =(

What bad luck. FULL FLIGHT. Last time was just 20 people ok? TT Anyway, I met up with Ratna, even jus for less than half an hour. It is nice catching up with her. But I did not get to see Rachel =( Oh well, another time. I really do make time for people dear to me. Trust me! We shall meet soon =)

I was given an aisle seat (luckily not in the middle seat) Yet, I feel so uncomfortable. I only like window seat TT So, I end up not taking much pictures and also not blogging (as intended) in the aeroplane =( I read the newspaper though.IMG_1869And saw this French guy I eyed during the opening of the French Film Festival last Tuesday. His name is Guillaume! Hehe =)

The flight and everything went well. I hate luggage waiting. Usually mine comes out early. This time I waited impatiently for a whole thirty five minutes TT Yeah, hate waiting. Got on the Limo taxi at a price of RM63.80. This is the actual price. I did not know that when you called them from home, you will get a discounted rate! =) So nice! I shall book one for Shanghai trip =) Hehe…

Got home real tired and just rested rather than packing. Did laundry though =) And now, I am packing. Things really messy. And I am allergic to dust =( Been sneezing non stop and hence popped a Piriton. Got better gradually but the nose bleed just could not wait TT

Hope packing would be done and over with soon,

The one who can’t wait to go to Shanghai =D

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18th November 2009

Was the day I woke up to pain in my throat TT Well, the night before, I already felt it but my sorethroat is usually too painful to even have the pain existence until the throat is too dry (for example when I just woke up)

My aunt had a morning shift. She was preparing to leave and checked on me. I called out through the window to say bye. She came back in with effervescent Vitamin C and more water.

I have all the symptoms of H1N1 + nausea + heavy headedness – fever. I checked my temperature like thrice at different times of the day (including yesterday). It was stable at 36.7 degree Celcius.IMG_1745 Oh! And I have my own thermometer. Yeah lah! Cheap one from Guardian but sounds nice to have a personal thermometer! =D Hope its not H1N1. Muscle pain persists from the jab. The pain from blood test was undetectable already =)IMG_1751I finally woke two hours later at 8am. In about less than two hours, my baby cousins all woke too. Having them around is nice ❤ Gi Gi had to drag me out to have lunch. She refused to have lunch if I do not eat with her. She is so damn cute.IMG_1753 There were some land surveyors around. They would develop the remaining forest right beside Jangsak house. The animals are losing their house TT Brunei is sure a whole load of forest and requiring some development. We will have no monkeys coming to steal the mangoes anymore. But why does it not sound like its a happy thing? =(

The land surveyors came into our compound and asked for some leaves in our backyard =.= Why would they need to collect leaves from our backyard? We refused and gave them my uncle’s wife number to ask for permission. We quickly get the controller and get the gate snapped shut! LOL

Uncle is not in! He is now in Shanghai. No, he is not there for me. No, I am not meeting him there. He checked the place and says its cold. 5 degree Celcius. Paris was about those temperature and even lower. Hope I can cope =) Food in BIG (do not know how big) restaurants with drink is roughly BND6 (RM15). Considerably cheaper in relative to prices in Brunei but similar to those in Malaysia, I think? Will talk to him tomorrow if he gets to see me off at the airport. He will be arriving later at midnight.

I went out to the restaurant in the evening with my aunt and had a meal by my dad. My mom cooked sinigang =) Sinigang is a kind of Filipino soup =) One of my favourite =) Not long after, went home to get my rest again =) I am still not feeling better. I woke up to search for my tongue-numbing throat medicine. Just sucked on one but the pain persists =(

Oh! Another news! My brother finally crashed! Yeah… he rammed into another car, which is something we knew might happen. Total damage is BND2000. You did not read it wrongly. THREE zeroes! I was asking my sister who is to pay that. She just laugh it off. And I told her, “Luckily I am NOT working!” And she replied, “Your brother also not working!” Her car but my brother’s fault. She pay! (I think) or my dad? Perhaps my uncle or aunt even! Don’t know!

Looking forward to tonight’s last dinner of 2009 in Brunei,

The one who should be packing her luggage already to leave Brunei =(

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16th and 17th November 2009

It is NOT because there were nothing to update on. It was just because I had too many things running. I am now resting at Jangsak house. In the mini theatre room online-ing actually LOL

Anyway how, back to my daily diary jots. My memory failing me TT So many things to do and everything jumbled up. I was still in KB house on the 16th I think. Lately been waking up at ungodly time of 4am or 5am. =.=

I just spend my time online. Many could not comprehend what/why I spend my time on in front of the computer. Please, there is just so much to look up on. Many new terms/things/conditions that I have been introduced upon. There are still a few things I have to search on. *Start making mental note*

At 8am sharp, I got a call from the clinic to get blood test. BUT I AM IN KB TT *panicky* I asked if they could let me get it at SSB Hospital but they say the forms required are with them. And I won’t be up at bandar till evening. So no choice, have to do it tomorrow early morning.

IMG_1695 Not long after, its 9am. Time to shower and get ready to go out for breakfast with Wei’s po po.IMG_1694 Kolomee. Erm… I reckon my dad’s way nicer =P

After the breakfast, we then went shopping a little at Seria town. It has been so many years I was there to walk around. Still, nothing much. We left just after a short while. I requested to go home and have a nap and also to accompany my own grandmother. Wei was so reluctant. Nonetheless, I went home to sleep while Wei went to his po po place.IMG_1701 At 1pm sharp, my mom called me to ask whether I would love some crabs. At the same time, Wei and his po po came to pick me for lunch =.= I really wanted to accompany my grandmother but I was stuck in between TT Nevermind, I told my grandmother to go up bandar if she can so we could spend time together. I reminded her many times I am leaving on Friday! But I think she won’t make it up because of her leg. =(

After lunch, we went home straight away to pack. My uncle is coming back soon and we have to leave for bandar. Dropped by Jerudong to get fresh fish. I do not like wet markets!! =( But I do not know why I went down too LOL.IMG_1714 We were lucky… we got some wild tuna! Yellow fin tuna which is fished three hours away from the coast. Damn expensive but hope it is nice =) After fish shopping, we went back to Jangsak house. Had dinner there yet to receive a call from my mom to ask if I still want crabs. I said NO since I had a full day of food =.= But not long after, she called to say CRABS ARE READY. IMG_1715 So forced to go out and eat. Got home late and sleep late but woke early. Prepare to go clinic. I was damn scared! I was one of the earliest to avoid waiting. But they MISPLACED my file TT I waited for an hour to have them relocate my file and get TWO tubes of blood TT Ok, I did not cry. *deserves more chocolates* I actually just do not want my family to be worried.

Then off to the China embassy! Wheeeee~~ FIFTY DAYS instead of the normal 30 days granted =) Thereafter went shopping at Yayasan with my baby sister tagging along. She is really cute! After that shopping, it is back to clinic time. Doctor wanted to see me again! =S It was a quick one because they made an appointment for me.

And then went around to banks/money changers to get the best exchange rate! AND loads of shopping again. With my aunt, she always bring me shopping. And recently I drank some milk tea. Serious.  IMG_1716Prague milk tea is not too strong and just nice. Tibetan milk tea is very light with more milky taste. Not too bad 😉IMG_1744 Thereafter went back to my dad’s restaurant. More food =.= They specially ordered me glutinous rice dumplings. Those with red bean paste inside? Not sure how you call that thing! But I rarely eat them… been more than three years I did not have them I think hahaIMG_1729Then off to Jangsak house to get my much deserved nap! Soon, showered and went to Empire Hotel and Country Club! It was supposed to be a smart casual function but I was not told earlier =P I love my casualness more anyway =PIMG_1730It was for the French Film Festival. TOTAL was one of the largest sponsor and thus my aunt got invited. I was allowed to tag along =)IMG_1737Loads of mingling around but I knew very little people there. Most are very “ATAS” people whom brag of their father =.= ok, only one woman did so. Really put people off! Anyway, I saw a really handsome French guy!IMG_1735Yes, I am attracted to Caucasians only. Say all you like =P Sorry really blur picture. He is the one who is looking into the DSLR held by the other girl. The guy in green shirt behind is my aunt’s and my baby cousins’ French teacher called Florence! (Please do not simply try to pronounce the name… its in French so it does not sound girly at all!)IMG_1717IMG_1733And I was enjoying the instruments =) Awesomely nice! The came the speech by the new directress of Alliance Francaise.IMG_1720She is so pretty too =)And sorry for the blur picture too. No DSLR bah! haha After all those speeches, time for food! There were loads but I just took some!IMG_1727Most were awesome but I think the drinks served did not go well with all those French food =( Not long after, its time to go into the cinema!IMG_1740We get complimentary popcorns and drinks. I just chose the mineral water. My aunt got the popcorn which she ended up not eating much because it was too sweet! Oh yeah! Before I went into the cinema for the cartoon, I got a picture with HIM =)IMG_1738He is the director of the short film “Paul Rondin est paul Rondin” MUST WATCH. I tried looking in Youtube but could not find it. If anyone has it, please share! Its really nice!!! Owh.. and his name is Frederic Vin (Again, do not simply pronounce =P) I think it is pronounced as “Frehhhhh-dehhhhhh-rekkkkkkkk Vonnnnnnn” HAHAHA Ok, it is not funny. But really this guy’s work is really good! =)

The following cartoon which got so many awards was damn boring. Sorry I do not know how to enjoy that but it was really boring =( Some parts were funny but … I do not know haha…

Hoping to get well soon!

The one who is now down with all the symptoms of H1N1 except fever. =(

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15th November 2009

I was looking back at the pictures for November and noticed there were 85% pictures of food. I have been overeating TT Well, I think this is the normal case when you just finish exams, you treat yourself to a great meal. Ok, great lunch and dinner! HAHAHA And when you go home (as in you stay away from home then return once a while), everyone would bring you eat out!emcc1 Anyway, yesterday was another full day. I woke super early. After some a lot of dilly dallying, its time to meet Emily. AND I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA TT I placed it along with my purse and phone yet to forget about it =( Felt extremely sad. [Pictures from Emily’s iPhone – she made me want an iPhone too! I myself want Blackberry. I want EVERY gadgets! So STOP! Be satisfied!]emcc2 It was a brunch for me but a breakfast for Emily. I had fish and chips. The fish was kind of too thin but it was alright. Nicoise salad was very disappointing. The first one I ever had was in Paris. And yesterday was the very second one! I also had tiramisu ice blended. With some coffee inside and I finished it! SERIOUS! =) *sounds like a milestone =P*emcc3 We catch up with one another until near to noon and she got me home. I decided to nap a little before going out again at 2pm. Wei’s po po came early and so we went to Pheonix to let Wei get his haircut.IMG_1677 Thereafter, OGDC =)  There shall be a whole stretch of pictures for you all to enjoy! =PIMG_1628 IMG_1602 IMG_1622 IMG_1624 IMG_1564 The earthquake house! I am a little disappointed that it is temporarily closed. =(IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1587 IMG_1596This is kind of cool. You see the still images of a boy. When you spin the container and look through the slits, the boy would be running. I have got the video. Shall see if I can upload it into Facebook to share. Kind of lazy now =PIMG_1599The human gyroscope. I have got a video on it but lazy to upload. =P Its basically you get strapped there and they turn you 360 degree all around!IMG_1604 The tornado cubicle!IMG_1613 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 Generating energy by cycling!IMG_1620 IMG_1621

And we went to have a little snack while feeding the fish and turtles. IMG_1634IMG_1640Then to the miniature park outside to walk a little before heading to the beach. All the buildings were those found in Belait District. Included a school which I attended for A Levels. =) IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1642 IMG_1645 IMG_1651 IMG_1654 IMG_1666 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 After the short walk around miniature park, we got to the beach alright, but there were no parkings due to inconsiderate people who double parked TTIMG_1679 Lucky enough, we got people going out! SCORE! We walked for a little less than five minutes, it started raining quite heavily. TT It has been such a long time I did not get to go to the beach yet to have it rain =(IMG_1681 IMG_1684 IMG_1686 We have no choice and hence went home right away. After an hour, we all went out for dinner. Wei’s grandparents and my grandmother, with the two of us!IMG_1693 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 The dinner was a short one but a warm one. It was all medium dishes. And we could not finish any of those. Should have ordered the small portion! And no fish =( Sold out! Nevermind, I enjoyed! =) Gi Gi even called us! Ok, it was my aunt who called and Gi Gi talked to us the most! I think she miss us terribly and felt left out. Oh well, she had the rehearsal! Speaking of the rehearsal, guess what? I am leaving on the 20th, Wei’s recital is on the 21st and Gi’s recital is on the 22nd. I am going to miss out so much =(

I think I should now go and get some rest. Going out at 10am later!

Feeling the itch around the jab area (left hand),

The one who does not like the feeling of missing out on things!

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14th November 2009

Am back in Brunei for a few days already and feeling how limited my time is. Yesterday was a really packed day and I sort of ticked off right before dinner time.IMG_1472 Morning started with two jabs at Ong Sum Ping Healthcare Centre. My uncle dropped me and my aunt there while he went to get some grocery shopping done at Supasave (Mabohai). I was supposed to be one only – Seasonal flu jab. My aunt figured since I have a weak stomach, its much better to get a typhoid jab too TT I was really scared but then I am determined to lessen worries and troubles for others. So, I braved through both the jabs.

I was alone and the injections were swift. My eyes were closed through out. Felt the alcohol swabs go over my skin and some pain. Right arm (seasonal flu jab) first then my left (typhoid jab). I did NOT cry/shout ok! 😉 *deserves some chocolate*

Then went to the Airport. Just for baguettes! HAHA… Delifrance is only there so we had to go there to get the baguettes. Damn expensive! Four for BND14 =.= We could get much nicer ones for 0.85 Euro in Paris alright!IMG_1476 Then went to Supasave (Gadong) to buy some stuff. My uncle did not manage to get shopping done at the other Supasave. Forgot the reason. lazy to recall. Aunt is getting mozarella for making pizza! yum yum!

And back to Jangsak house 😉 They have got things awaiting me! =) My aunt (my uncle’s wife) and Wei Wei just got back from Paris and they brought back PICARD FOOD! Hahaha… I miss Paris a lot! We got frozen escargot. You can never have these around in Malaysia or Brunei. These escargot are the best =) [Those shown in pictures are STILL frozen]IMG_1478 They even got frozen baguettes from Paris! It was way more delicious than Delifrance! And the moist chocolate cake! I was just so happy to see all those familiar food again! Yeah, I thrive on high quality frozen food when I was in Paris but they were all good albeit expensive. VARIOUS CHOICES! *hungry*IMG_1480 I had some home made pasta with sundried tomatoes paste. Have to learn that recipe. Will go to pester Aunt Jane soon! =P Will share the recipe if anyone wants it 😉 It is really good! And OLIVES. From Neuilly Sur Seine’s market. They did not get the one with nuts stuffed inside but it was all good =) With Australian tomatoes, all good! *hungrier*IMG_1479 Talking about the market, the old woman still remembers us! YES. And she was so damn nice! She sells foie gras. Sorry, I dislike foie gras. My family all love them but not me. HAHAHA… So happy. But I bet everyone there remembers me. I am pretty sure they do; for something good, not bad ok! =P And yay! Finally got to have the brie and compte. For those unacknowledged, those are cheese. Stinky cheese but tolerable. *more hungryyyyy*

And there after… ice cream from The Philippines. Been a LONG time I did not have them because there was a few years we kept on having them. My uncle just got them when he was back from Manila earlier.

[OMG.. sorry for all those lack of pictures. I was having a great surprise French feast from them. And my hands were sore from the jabs. Made up with some random shots by my cousins. The one of me and my two baby cousins was a self timer shot.]

I really had a great feast. OMG… escargot. I know, I usually just eat the normal seafood, pork, chicken and vegetables. It is also a surprise as to why I eat escargot. Probably when you all tried it, then you would comprehend why? Had my first time not been those in Paris, I might NOT even eat them =P But foie gras, I can feel the liver taste so I do not eat them. They know I do not eat internal organs and tricked me into eating it. Still the same, I do NOT eat them =PIMG_1495 There after my aunt made pizza. It was supposed to be for the lunch too. However, time was so limited! Everywhere you go, you meet some long lost friend/strangers you sort of know/colleagues you did not keep in touch with/etc… (you get what I mean) and resulted in the more “limited time”.IMG_1516 I was supposed to go meet Emily and Ann who specially came up from Kuala Belait to see me. I felt so terribly sorry. The French feast was sort of random for me but you all should know how family matters more right? Anyway how, I am just so sorry. I got to meet them in time to watch 2012. It was… very touching at the end too. Yeah, I cried.IMG_1525 After the movie, Emily said it was so true that she would meet me for only ten minutes [She had to get back to Kuala Belait early and preferably starts the 1.5 hours journey by 6pm] It hurts to hear that because I seriously tried to made time for everyone. We could have watched the movie other time then? Anyway how, it was over.IMG_1508 I truly enjoyed the movie but could have enjoyed it more had it not been the constant calls/smses. I forgot I was supposed to make a booking for 10 persons at 7pm at Misato! TT Luckily I got my sister to help me out.IMG_1527 After the movie, I got very little time to talk to Emily. I think they were pretty upset I did not get there earlier and was pretty reluctant to listen to my explanation. By that time, I was feeling slightly feverish and flu was full blown. Everyone cared about how late rather than why I am late. TT I felt so terrible myself. I was again, going to be late for dinner at Misato. I walked under the rain rather than having Emily sending me because I did not want them to see me crying.IMG_1520 I knew it was a bad idea because I was sick already. I got back and get into a row with my brother because I could not get in contact with him. I felt more worse. Now, Brunei mobile services suck! You have to have credit in order to receive calls. My hand was sore and full of things, so I did not get to SMS him. And I was angry. And Ann had to add in “Nah, do not want to bring your bag lah!” I was already rushing to the cinema and could not carry my laptop bag. My hands ARE sore. No explanation needed I guess. TT I got more sad. Met with the said brother whom I could never contact! End of story.IMG_1534 I made it to Misato. Late. Nevermind. I readjusted myself and ordered.IMG_1538 UNAGI! Like, finally! HAHAHA… It has been so long.IMG_1542I got unagi kabayaki bento…IMG_1546 and TAMAGO! And ate some  other sushi.IMG_1539 IMG_1540I also had some others which was with cheese. The sushis here are different from those you can get from Malaysia. They have more new and unique varieties! =D And how can you miss out this!IMG_1528 Yum yum! And sorry, that was half the portion. HAHAHAIMG_1537 I really had a whole day of food! =.= It is always like this when you are overseas and just got back home. Not that I am complaining anyway. GOOD FOOD =P

It was during the dinner that I suddenly decided to go back to Kuala Belait. Quickly went Mata Mata house to pack and showered at Jangsak house. Downed Actifed pill with effervescent Vitamin C. Slept through out the 1.5 hours ride back and continued sleeping once I got to Kuala Belait house. Woke at 4am. Figured it was too early. HAHAHAHA… Continued sleeping till 5.30am when I heard my uncle. He left again for *somewhere* Forgot where already!

And so, now I am here, enjoying the OSIM foot massage and online using USB modem. I shall have a light breakfast with my grandmother later and prepare myself to go for breakfast with Emily. Yeah, I came partially also so I can spend some time with Emily! I will still be meeting Ann back in Gadong but not Emily. It sucks TT

Trying to make time,

The one who dislikes being LATE and the inability of others to understand her situation.

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