On a not so random note…

Foremost, must congratulate Ms Ann Yong on her new job. Her very first one indeed. This means we are that much closer to our dreams of saving to travel! Emily is already working. Patricia, no worries, she can travel! HAHA.. and just wait for me to graduate!~ And with good timing, we would all be on the airplanes or cruise or whatever! =D

Good luck on you new job which ultimately includes Facebook-ing (I think most jobs in Brunei has that as that under their job scope lah =P) Hope you will find that job not too exhausting and move up the ladder well =) I know you will do well actually. Not too much of a worries. Just scared you become workaholic and ignore me when I go back Brunei HAHAHA

Oh, another one embarking on new journey! Mr Tan, all the best with your new job too =D Actually eager to hear about his job because he is going to be a Greenie Officer or something. Sounds so cool right? Like an Eco Warrior! haha cannot “haha” He dislikes that ==”

And now its about 2.30am and I am still up and about. Actually down with a flu because I was under the rain for a while before dinner =( Will be well soon for the first paper on the 3rd November *fingers crossed* Should hit the sack soon since I am going to university later at 7am! (Yeah, should be fast asleep like NOW?) Nevermind, I should not be sleeping already and should really get into study mode TT

Anyway, my exams starting on Orange’s birthday! I just realised and went to his Facebook and left a post telling him I do not want to greet him for his birthday which so unluckily fall on my first exam paper. HAHAHA… Just joking, I think he know I will at least give him a long distance call as usual! =)

Ok, stop all my crap…

Good night morning,

The one who is trying to revise but failed constantly! =(


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