Another day closer to Shanghai

Ok, my title is so optimistic. Can you sense it? But, its not the case! =( Another not-so-good news from home. Sigh.. =( When can all these end? As if life is not tired enough! Just hope things will breeze by soon. I will be home soon. Hope to see everyone back to tip toe shape and happy =D *praying hard* Stay optimistic! At least my po po is out of hospital and getting back on track! =)

Owh… uncle is constantly flying. Tomorrow will be in KL again. I wonder if I can be the one who is flying around and not just stay here only. I know its so stupid to say all these because with his constant flying, he has big work responsibilities other than being tired and always having to readjust to the environment and time.

Had my first paper. All I can say: Farewell to good marks! =( I must admit, the paper was easy had you just focused on the practice exam and not the WHOLE lectures! =( I basically did not study hard too. Could you imagine fifteen minutes of Facebook-ing and 30 minutes of blog reading right after one lecture? Or was it half a lecture? Tsk tsk… myself to blame.

Nevermind! Time to get some eye shut and wake up to revise for an early paper tomorrow. Crop Science. Another memorising subject. I oh-so-hate-exams. Can’t there be better ways to assess us? TT

Signing off at 8.20pm (3rd November 2009),

The one who is frustrated that the internet is always down =(


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