Another more to go!

In just a breeze, three papers already done. This semester, the papers were much tougher. I guess it was pretty much cause I do not have the mood to revise. With so much ongoing things, I just could not gather pieces of me to study as hard as I did last semester. Its nothing bad I figure, just back to how I was ever since long ago.

After today’s paper, which by far is the toughest, I do not feel like crying at all. During the ten minutes reading time, I was already pretty sure that I have more than enough time to complete everything that I know. I do not know how to do those questions. Seriously, not one bit. I hate that kind of feeling but what can I do except to just try and write whatever I can? This is very “Science” and “Facts” kind of thing. I could not simply stir up some story with logic.

Now, I figure I am so dead. I hope I can at least get a pass for this paper. If not, it means I have to re-sit. RM4.5K. I would seriously prefer to fly some where fun using that money than to re-sit this paper. I talked to my uncle just only but regarding more important matters than me going to waste his RM4.5K. Probably when he meet me this coming Sunday [yes he is in town!], then I shall break this “awesome” news to him. I think he would remain quiet and then somehow, let me know it does not matter. Those are words of comfort. I know for sure he would be disappointed.

I figure nobody would stress me about the money/grade consider my condition now. From what I know from my sister, he does not even have time to patiently listen/talk to her. But whenever it comes to talking to me on the phone, he is so patient and earful. Of course, when he is NOT in a meeting/interview lah! Whatever it was, he wanting to come meet me on Sunday rather than me going to meet him made me felt guilty. I think they are pretty worried about my condition. No worries, I still can walk =) I wish my honesty about tolerable pain worked. Hmmm.. ok probably it did not.

Anyway, I told him I have my last paper on Monday. He was insistent that he will come meet me on Sunday evening/night. But, we shall see. I hope not though. I would be flying back on Wednesday anyway. Hmmm…

Not wanting to part with the RM4.5K,

The one who never like the feeling of making people worried.


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