Some people just think its so easy to blurt out something. I would always love to say: “If the problem can be solved by money, then it is not a problem”. But, in reality, is that really the case? Most probably I chose to magnify all those “problems” unnecessarily. But seriously, money is NOT really the main concern to a great extent.

You all might find me boastful saying this but seriously, think about things that happened and the fact that you are in Monash (or for the others, where you are in instead of sleeping under the bridge?), I bet more than half of your decisions were not made based on the (lack of) money factor! Had it been because of money, tell me why are you in Monash, or even, reading this post? Sorry to put it so bluntly, obviously, you/your family could afford one of the most expensive university in Malaysia, just as my family did.

For now, it is truly not because of money. It is a matter of chance that I did NOT get to get what I have in mind yet. If I keep searching, I would surely get it but then the timing? And also the fact of where I am? You will not have a hectic three months(plus fun =P) and be away from this place. It might be so easy for you. Have you ever thought of where and what I will be doing?

So, there were two disgusting pervert stalkers just now. And something terrible by “them” again. I shared NOT to have you tell me that I would die the very next moment such thing happens again. You think you do not meet with dangers in any other places? Bet you did not know the places you deemed safe got rape cases right?

In Sunway, which place itself have you not heard of robbery, rape and murder cases? It is a case of luck, self vigilant and awareness most of the time! I must agree with you that had my family seen the place I am staying at now, they would be dumb-struck. But I have already “acclimatized”!

I am already trying so hard. The very next thing that I want is NOT having people shower me with more disappointing words. That was just as if telling me: “You did not try hard enough. This is very bad! DO IT AGAIN!” If things are as easy said, why don’t you try and see how it actually is like?

With much disappointment,

The one who is still constantly trying hard.


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