Year 2

Is over! But not official till I get my results. That time, I should be in Shanghai. I hope I do not get F’s or waht. Or I will end up like how I was when I received my A levels results in Paris TT

Had my last paper just now. I SLEPT WHILE WRITING MY PAPER. My writing just trail off. And what the heck in an instrumental analysis paper, I wrote words like “CROP”, “PROBABILITY”, “LAH” ==” And many more unreadable words! Went to toilet three times or more ==” That was not actually because I slept very little. It was because I really do not know how to do the paper. Out of 180, I do not even know how to do 30 marks of it. Luckily my internal is high! Had I not know my internal is good, maybe I would have studied harder. Oh well…

I know now is not the time to rant about the results because holiday is officially here. I have some sort of decided to go to hospital for the check up. Been always a selfish brat. My health and family matters more! Just to give them the assurance, I shall go to the hospital later! After exams, my left hand hurts a lil bit and my right leg is weak. But it is ok. Tolerable =)

And Wednesday I shall be flying off to Brunei. Using RBA this time. MAS and Airasia are not bad but when compared to RBA, RBA just wins hand down! =P *patriotic* Some more, RBA’s food is really nice. We get Mars bar or Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Ok that ice cream is rare but the dessert served is always NICE! =)

Waiting for dinner and pondering about hospital visit,

The one who always forgot her family and health are her main priorities. =(


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