On a jet plane…

Yup! Flying back to Brunei. Yesterday morning I got my doctor’s referral letter. It was really prompt. Was really lucky he is on shift. He checked my wrist again. And further checked my knee. Same diagnosis. Getting worse =( My family got me prepared mentally. I know what to expect. Will get the specialist appointment ASAP. Hope things will be well =)IMG_1374 All packed and ready to board! With a long to-do-list, I will have a busy and tiring time back. But, I know I will enjoy! =) It has been some time. I never missed my family as much as I do this year. There were apparent reasons as to why. Not important to state them out. What’s important is I cherish my family much more than ever now =) It is good! =D

Will update more on the trip to KLIA when I am free =) Shall see how! Cheerios everyone! Those still having exams, best of luck. Those who are having holidays, wheeee~ ENJOY! The others who are not in both group? Errrr… stay happy then =P

Posting from KLIA,

The one who is eager to meet her family soon! =D


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