The Time Traveller’s Wife and Zen 10.11.2009

The Time Traveller’s Wife is a book I fell in love with in 2007. At that time, I was still in Paris. My aunt got me that book, together with Life of Pi (which is also very fantastic) from London. Could have gotten them in Paris but at that time, I still did not know of the existence of W.H.Smith in Paris!

When I heard that Time Traveller’s Wife would be adopted into a movie, I felt like watching it. I just figured it would not be as awesome as the book itself so I anticipated it without great hopes. Guess what? The movie turn out awesome too. I cried throughout the end of the movie. The movie is pretty awesome. I shall re-read that book again during my flight to Kuala Lumpur/Shanghai! And for those who haven’t watch it. Please do so and read the book too!

Currently, I want to read P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. I know! The book was out like so long ago and the movie too! But I did not watch the movie just yet. I shall buy a copy (Christmas is coming! *hint hint* LOL) and if I feel like it, I would see how the movie is like =)

Anyway, I shopped again! More Marks and Spencer. My family just could never run away from English stuff! Oh well, the quality made up for the price I guess. Got more biscuits. Seriously, try their biscuits! I love most of them =) And had to get some Auntie Anne’s pretzel dog! SOLD OUT! So I got the one and only cheese dog and its now freezing in the freezer.IMG_1372 When I get it back, should be good enough to be re-heated and enjoyed by my aunt. Sorry to the others, they do not get to have them =P Maybe I shall try looking for something in KLIA for them?

Got more stuff they wanted. It is actually fun shopping for others. I love buying things for other people =) But I just dislike it when they tell me to get them things last minute? Oh well, at least I still manage to get them =) Checked the shopping list and then went to dinner with Meaghan.IMG_1334 At Zen! My very first time there. It is not very expensive actually for the massive portion they serve. The food was not too bad.IMG_1346 Edamame! I never wanted to try it then because it seems so much like petai? I never tried petai but I heard how smelly it was. And I refused to eat it till NOW! And probably FOREVER! Haha… IMG_1352 Then there was once my sister ordered so much food together with my aunt in Escapade (The MOST popular ever sushi place in Brunei). That was because I just got back from Malaysia. (Envy me! When you are overseas and get back home, you get really nice treats to different restaurants =P) And a whole big plate of Edamame was left and I was forced to eat them by my sister. That was when I start liking it =) But the one served here is a bit too salty. Nonetheless, I enjoyed! =)IMG_1361 Mine. I always either get something with Unagi or cold Soba. But in Malaysia, I got very disappointed a few times over the quality of unagi served, so I never order them anymore. Always opted for my other favourite! *yum yum* The portion is more than half of Sushi King’s and Sakae’s!IMG_1368 And tamago! Always a favourite of mine too =D It is a bit more pricey here cause one is RM2! I find it a tad bit too sweet. Still prefer Escapade’s!IMG_1355 Meaghan’s! Her second time to a Japanese restaurant! Her one was really a big set! I would probably need to share that with another person (who is a big eater) HAHAHA…IMG_1359 Food was enjoyable. I could not finish mine but we sat for like about two hours? I slowly got them into my stomach! Thereafter we walked around and shop more. Till all the shop closed! =P

Time to sleep now (1.36am 11.11.2009)

The one who finds it annoying that Streamyx is not working again!


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