I never felt so good back in Brunei. These few years have been mainly overseas and never missing home. Maybe what happened recently (year 2009) brought me back to my sane mind. No matter how much I love travelling, home will always be home.

For those who do not know still, I am not healthy actually. I am getting on pretty well for now. Accepting what is becoming of my health and how it might turn out to be. My family is very worried… but I guess there is nothing much to do if it were to happen. It will surely deteriorate and its a debilitating case. I am taking it slowly and in a positive manner. No worries alright? =D

Once back, my parents were so busy that I did not get to see them. My dad got some time off and cooked dinner for me. My “home-cooked” dinner is always not the same as those really home-cooked because my dad is a magnificent cook =P Be jealous =P

Sorry, no pictures because I lost misplaced my camera. My dad was kind of angry. “See? It happened already once and you never learn your lesson yada yada yada” Alright, I shall learn soon enough.

Anyway, Ann was with me =) Thanks for making it although I did not get to spend much time with you. I had to talk to my grandmother, my aunt, meet Izzah etc. Went to take passport sized pictures. Went to see my cousin at work. Went to buy some vegetables for dinner. Went to do all sort of random things. HAHA I will be in Brunei for such short time but then loads to do. So trying to squeeze in more time. Nevermind, tonight we shall have authentic Korean dinner together =)

I fell asleep in my parents room and woke at 4am once. Went on Facebook awhile and fell back to sleep. Woke at 5am to see a few chat windows. Got very alert and chat my way away! LOL Had an early breakfast with my sister before she went to work. No pictures again, so sorry. Kind of lazy to take picture =P

Owh! And I had milk TEA! Serious. Prague milk tea. Was nice =) yum yum. Next time I will consider drinking those teh tarik etc… Or even bubble milk tea 😉 More updates soon. I have loads to do today.

In a cheery mood,

The one who is happy to be home for once to make her family feel at ease =)


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