15th November 2009

I was looking back at the pictures for November and noticed there were 85% pictures of food. I have been overeating TT Well, I think this is the normal case when you just finish exams, you treat yourself to a great meal. Ok, great lunch and dinner! HAHAHA And when you go home (as in you stay away from home then return once a while), everyone would bring you eat out!emcc1 Anyway, yesterday was another full day. I woke super early. After some a lot of dilly dallying, its time to meet Emily. AND I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA TT I placed it along with my purse and phone yet to forget about it =( Felt extremely sad. [Pictures from Emily’s iPhone – she made me want an iPhone too! I myself want Blackberry. I want EVERY gadgets! So STOP! Be satisfied!]emcc2 It was a brunch for me but a breakfast for Emily. I had fish and chips. The fish was kind of too thin but it was alright. Nicoise salad was very disappointing. The first one I ever had was in Paris. And yesterday was the very second one! I also had tiramisu ice blended. With some coffee inside and I finished it! SERIOUS! =) *sounds like a milestone =P*emcc3 We catch up with one another until near to noon and she got me home. I decided to nap a little before going out again at 2pm. Wei’s po po came early and so we went to Pheonix to let Wei get his haircut.IMG_1677 Thereafter, OGDC =)  There shall be a whole stretch of pictures for you all to enjoy! =PIMG_1628 IMG_1602 IMG_1622 IMG_1624 IMG_1564 The earthquake house! I am a little disappointed that it is temporarily closed. =(IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1587 IMG_1596This is kind of cool. You see the still images of a boy. When you spin the container and look through the slits, the boy would be running. I have got the video. Shall see if I can upload it into Facebook to share. Kind of lazy now =PIMG_1599The human gyroscope. I have got a video on it but lazy to upload. =P Its basically you get strapped there and they turn you 360 degree all around!IMG_1604 The tornado cubicle!IMG_1613 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 Generating energy by cycling!IMG_1620 IMG_1621

And we went to have a little snack while feeding the fish and turtles. IMG_1634IMG_1640Then to the miniature park outside to walk a little before heading to the beach. All the buildings were those found in Belait District. Included a school which I attended for A Levels. =) IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1642 IMG_1645 IMG_1651 IMG_1654 IMG_1666 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 After the short walk around miniature park, we got to the beach alright, but there were no parkings due to inconsiderate people who double parked TTIMG_1679 Lucky enough, we got people going out! SCORE! We walked for a little less than five minutes, it started raining quite heavily. TT It has been such a long time I did not get to go to the beach yet to have it rain =(IMG_1681 IMG_1684 IMG_1686 We have no choice and hence went home right away. After an hour, we all went out for dinner. Wei’s grandparents and my grandmother, with the two of us!IMG_1693 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 The dinner was a short one but a warm one. It was all medium dishes. And we could not finish any of those. Should have ordered the small portion! And no fish =( Sold out! Nevermind, I enjoyed! =) Gi Gi even called us! Ok, it was my aunt who called and Gi Gi talked to us the most! I think she miss us terribly and felt left out. Oh well, she had the rehearsal! Speaking of the rehearsal, guess what? I am leaving on the 20th, Wei’s recital is on the 21st and Gi’s recital is on the 22nd. I am going to miss out so much =(

I think I should now go and get some rest. Going out at 10am later!

Feeling the itch around the jab area (left hand),

The one who does not like the feeling of missing out on things!


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