Really trying to find the time to update. Too many things to do yet so limited time. The taxi driver last reminded me that everyone has the same amount of time – 24 hours. Time is ALWAYS there, just how we actually manage it is another story. I am busy because I chose to. So, I can actually do not update this blog. Just because I want to, and also because I want to join in those other stuff, I should be happy. =D Here goes the entry…

19th November 2009. Very busy day indeed. I woke up just in time to go out to Gadong with my dad. Busied around the whole day to exchange RMB, to send some postcards and to do some shopping. Failed at shopping because my aunt was looking for me already then. You cannot believe how I spent the whole morning just doing those two things!IMG_1777Soon after, went with my aunt to Jangsak house to get Gi Gi. She got some unsightly red spot over her left eye lid so we were to bring her to the clinic. There was a sudden large downpour and the plan cancelled. Just wasted time around in the restaurant till evening.IMG_1776Had dinner with my sister and Ann. It is my last dinner! In Brunei! For 2009! My aunt said it sounds like a bad omen. That was why I separated them into three different parts =P But guess it made no difference eh?IMG_1768Anyway, had the dinner at Cheeze Box. My very first time there although I known of its existence for more than a year or two already LOL.IMG_1765Food was good. I had snacks only while Ann and my sis had proper dinner. Not on diet, it is just that I have been eating 247 minus the sleeping time LOLIMG_1786Teriyaki chicken and Japanese noodle with soup. The chicken was awesome. Soup was too salty although my sister insist it USED to be not so salty.IMG_1795Ann’s chicken chop or something? Not totally awesome but good 😉 Psst… my dad makes better one I think =PIMG_1783I had their squid box and prawn wanton in some kind of spicy sauce (really long name lah =.=)IMG_1790The squid was alright. Quite juicy and not too salty. Would prefer this to those of Manhattan Fish Market anytime! =)IMG_1802The wanton was AWESOME. ONE WHOLE PRAWN IN EACH 😉IMG_1807Totally fresh and juicy =)IMG_1782We were all too full for dessert. Ok, only I was too full for dessert. My sis and Ann ordered a volcano something. Sorry, camera battery flat. No picture =( It was basically fried ice cream ball with fruit salad. My mom makes better fruit salad =P The ice cream ball was just so-so for me because I remember eating something nicer.IMG_1766Anyway how, the service was really good. They have a high tech waiter service system where you just press a small button, EVERYONE will come to your service. Ok, exaggerated! Three waiters came then. And two different waiters got us the SAME thing. They should probably improvise the system. 😉 Overall its really good.IMG_1779The place was with good ambience. Lots of magazine to read while waiting for food or even for when you want to just waste time 😉IMG_1811Got internet. It claims to have high speed internet which is 7 times more than normal one of Brunei (which is 512kbps) Whatever, those numbers make no sense to me anyway =P

Ohhh, I met Hakim with his gf while there. Brunei is really small =P I knew hakim in Malaysia and bumped into him in Brunei. Last holiday when I was in Brunei, I also bumped into Wan Theng whom I knew in Malaysia. HAHA… cool right? *you all must be rolling eyes! Nevermind* hahaIMG_1814After the heavy “snack”, we went shopping. I finally got the Extra mints! Been seeing lots of adverts in the blogosphere and recent TV. Chose the blue one instead of the pink/purple one =) And got Dequadin. Yeah, sore throat =( And also toothpaste 😉 My family still does not think China toothpaste is safe LOL. My aunt insist that I come back to get what I got.IMG_1812Got more stuff *private* cannot tell! LOL. Got the two pairs of shoes for FREE. Serious! LEATHER SOME MORE =D But I also got this! =DIMG_1813Been wanting to get it but considered so long because I am just left with one year studies =S Since it is cheaper than Malaysia by a few ringgit, I got them =) Hope I will put them to good use =) My sister went to arcade too =S Beginners luck, I won her many tickets =) She collected more than a thousand tickets already O.O [No pictures because camera battery died]IMG_1836Notice: From here, most pictures are random pictures with my baby sis and cousin ❤

IMG_1825We then got home and rest =) Well, it is supposed to be packing time for me! Sighhh… I am always so good at procrastination. Give me HD for that, no exams required!IMG_1828Anyway, my sister car got repaired (My brother got into an accident) and sent to us at around evening. Ten minutes before midnight, we went to the airport.IMG_1839Just within ten minutes, my uncle is out. The flight was really on time and check out was swift 😉   IMG_1840I was not supposed to go as I haven’t even started packing my luggage by then TT But I tagged along so I could talk to my uncle and ask more about Shanghai. Things are not as expensive as I thought/made to think. I shall survive fine 😉IMG_1833I finally finished packing at about 3am. While playing Fishville. I fell asleep ten minutes before the fish was to reach age 4. SO I WOKE UP TO SEE THEM ALL DEAD TTIMG_1826Ok, it is just virtual! *trying hard to get over it* My family thinks I am crazy too just because of all these virtual pets. LOL

IMG_1821I woke up to another normal day except that today I will be leaving for Malaysia. Went out to the restaurant for breakfast. Finally, my dad’s kolomee. No picture. Should have taken a pic of it! =SIMG_1829Two hours later, made a booking to go Escapade. Because ever since I came back this time, never had it. Sorry no pictures too. No time for slow picture taking lah. Had a long chat with my aunt over the meal and finally left for Jangsak house.IMG_1856My baby sister tagged along =) She loves basketball and does not mind playing under the scorching sun all the time =SIMG_1864Ok ok, maybe it is just me =( No sports cells. LOLIMG_1868[The forest right beside our house MIGHT not be cleared. They are going to make a large drain to get all the water flowing =D Say hello to the monkeys once again. And no, no mangoes! HAHA]

At about 3pm, got my baby cousins to Alliance Francaise and we went shopping again! GROCERY SHOP AT SUPA SAVE. Yes, damn lame. I love grocery shopping. haha

Went back to shower and leave for the restaurant. Actually, I want to go to the airport earlier but my uncle was insisting that we leave only when he does. He would be going to KB with my brother on Ann’s car =) It was near to 5.30pm already and I know for sure I would not get a window seat if the flight is full =(

What bad luck. FULL FLIGHT. Last time was just 20 people ok? TT Anyway, I met up with Ratna, even jus for less than half an hour. It is nice catching up with her. But I did not get to see Rachel =( Oh well, another time. I really do make time for people dear to me. Trust me! We shall meet soon =)

I was given an aisle seat (luckily not in the middle seat) Yet, I feel so uncomfortable. I only like window seat TT So, I end up not taking much pictures and also not blogging (as intended) in the aeroplane =( I read the newspaper though.IMG_1869And saw this French guy I eyed during the opening of the French Film Festival last Tuesday. His name is Guillaume! Hehe =)

The flight and everything went well. I hate luggage waiting. Usually mine comes out early. This time I waited impatiently for a whole thirty five minutes TT Yeah, hate waiting. Got on the Limo taxi at a price of RM63.80. This is the actual price. I did not know that when you called them from home, you will get a discounted rate! =) So nice! I shall book one for Shanghai trip =) Hehe…

Got home real tired and just rested rather than packing. Did laundry though =) And now, I am packing. Things really messy. And I am allergic to dust =( Been sneezing non stop and hence popped a Piriton. Got better gradually but the nose bleed just could not wait TT

Hope packing would be done and over with soon,

The one who can’t wait to go to Shanghai =D


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