21st and 22nd November 2009

Packing packing packing. Very little sleep. Then went to ACTS for B.I.G. Campus Party.IMG_1874Wen Hao went with me.            IMG_1899Brian brought along his friend, Andrew Lim. [Forgot to take picture =(]IMG_1903Michelle was there with her friend, Zi Hui (hope I got her name right) =DIMG_1894Not much pictures. Except for the emcees and the pastor (called as pastor right?) They were all damn cute and funny! I felt this church is worth my blogging time more than City Harvest. No offence alright? Just I felt in ACTS, its not so concert-y and more like a fun church =) Would not mind going there to listen if I am not tired =)IMG_1897The emcees and pastor were totally awesome possum! I was tired but I was kept awake 98% of the time =D The emcees – Joel and Samantha.IMG_1884Joel was totally awesome. Very chatty and lively. Samantha was more quiet. IMG_1892Dave Yeow was speaking and he was totally witty. He made mistakes and could turn it around so quickly. Like when he said treach accidentally when he tried to say teach? He said its a new word –- “teach and preach” LOLIMG_1886Were standing for quite some time. I know some sat down but I felt like standing despite the sore knees. I find the people a bit rude for disturbing their friends when they are praising (is that the right word?) and listening to the teachings. Maybe it is just me. Oh well…IMG_1904Then we got free gifts. I only cared about the dark chocs HAHAHAHA I got Wen Hao’s share even =P And then we went to SS15 for dinner.IMG_1909Yeah. Dinner near midnight. But its actually really great time shared with Michelle and Wen Hao =)IMG_1908IMG_1907Then got home but went out not long after to Bintang Lima. Missing the times I would return real late during Year 1. I do not know, I think I would rather have loads to do and be tired than to sit at home getting wasted. HAHAHA… I think I got home only at 2am.fish Continue packing a little. Actually more of taking care of my fishes in Fishville. *addicted* I slept only at 4am! HAHA I woke up to find my phone battery died and thus no alarm TT Woke at 10.14am. Met my friend and moved my things very swiftly and efficiently at 10.30am. Around 11.15am, everything was done =) Thanks so much!!!

I was starting to relax a bit and chat/Skype/Facebook with Ann and Anais ❤ Always as crazy hahaha… Then went to pack my things into the luggage for Shanghai trip. Most of the things and realise I could not fit everything in TT Overpacked. But I do not want to bring jus a few shirts TT And I realise it was because I do not have a hand carry >< So I have to call my friend again to ask if I can get back my hand luggage HAHAHA…

I planned to go to Pyramid at about 2pm. Thanks to James Ong Chee Kang (Spoonie), I went out only at 4.30pm. Ok, I have myself to blame cause it takes two hands to clap! Oh well… I had fun too lah and went down to get a taxi. Prior to that, I was looking for the taxi driver who last brought me to Sunway Medical but I haven’t paid up yet because I did not have small notes then. But none of them know who so I just paid one of the uncle there and got a taxi to Pyramid. No matter the money got to the right person or not, as long as I paid, I can live with clear conscience =)IMG_1926 I went to Pyramid to get some stuff. Have to start using sunblock for face. So got a whole set of toner, scrub, facial wash [Simple] etc Got the sunblock for face (Banana Boat) when I was in Brunei. Was contemplating to get the cleanser (it is different from facial wash) since I will be using sunblock. Then at last did not get it because I am not a diligent person in face washing and toning. Still use cleanser? LOL. Oh well, wait till I firmly follow the regime of face wash then I shall get it =)

Also went because I need some name stickers. yes, childish. Whatever. It is just so cute. I actually still got many left from what Tee Yee helped me made at Penang but I packed them and moved into my friend’s place already =( So went to get another set done!IMG_1925The girl who tends the stall actually knows me because I went there so many times and made so many stamps. For myself, my baby sisters and baby cousins. CUTE! HeheIMG_1912I went to get some snacks too. Go wandered into a shop which sells all sort of snacks. I got some organic Brazilian nuts.IMG_1923It was just about a handful or a little more. And it cost me so much.IMG_1924Oh well, it was not too bad anyway. Still prefer macadamia and almond though HAHA… peanuts are not bad too. Been more than five years I did not eat peanuts until last week. =) There are loads of food that I have not been eating for quite some years. Do not know why. Haha

I was hungry and so decided to find some food. Nothing heavy so I headed to Asia Avenue for the Taiwan street food corner. Shilin, I think its called that. Last time, I did not get to try the oyster mee sua and hence got that.IMG_1913Totally horrible but I think its famous there =.= I never liked oyster anyway. Someone once said it is an acquired taste. I agree totally. Ewwww… I was just going to eat the noodle only but then I saw this Malay lady sitting in front of me wiping off her menstrual blood from the chair and left. Got a bit nauseous so I decided to just leave =.=IMG_1914 Yeah, with this much left. First time I leave so much food uneaten on a hungry stomach.IMG_1916Two weeks away, Pyramid changed. Christmas feel =) There was one part which reminds me lightly of winter villages in Paris.IMG_1918But it is far from the looks and feel of it. I just miss Paris maybe! =( I wish to go to UK soon. Saving =) Anais! Wait for me and Ann. We will be there in no time 😉IMG_1917Came back and went to get my hand luggage and re-packed. My life now is like constant packing packing packing. HAHAHAHA… but I find my day here rather boring. I do not know what to do other than packing. Need to go out. But I do not know do what! HAHAHA

Nevermind. Maybe I am too used to busy times that few hours of being in the house doing nothing equates boredom. Today is Monday and I think I am going to let myself stay home and do some mask 😉

Time to relax and take things at a slower pace,

The one who is trying to be really positive about life.


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