23rd – 25th November 2009

On 23rd November 2009 (Monday), I was really bored to death. Doing nothing but online-ing. Finally just remembered I could actually stream some dramas to watch 😉 Spent whole afternoon watching drama and doing mask 😉   IMG_1941Woke up the very next day feeling extremely happy as I got to DO something. I got a taxi booked at 1pm and went to KLCC =) Went shopping around to get new ear phones =) Got the universal adaptor and some other random stuff 😉IMG_1945Finally, met up with Yumni, Rasyid, May Li, Daryl, Jasmine and her cousin, Sharon.IMG_1943We chat for sometime and camwhored 😉 Typical! And went to the cinema for Christmas Carol. Not too bad 😉IMG_1966Everyone ditched May Li, Yumni, Rasyid and I for free popcorn tasting TT HAHAHAHA Oh well, they went into a room and there were few popcorns to be tasted. After the survey, they got complimentary ticket passes =)IMG_1972After the movie, we walked around and went into the Petronas gallery.IMG_1967The arts were quite unique. Did not expect such things there =)IMG_1974Went for dinner at Chili’s. Been wanting to go there long ago but never got anyone to go with.IMG_1986May Li and others are angels to make the trip there and have an awesome dinner with us.IMG_1988Was hoping Tse Yuen and Sue Peng could join us but they were at Pavillion and refused to come over and have dinner with all of us.IMG_2036However, Yong joined us as he just finished his conference (work related).IMG_2040Enjoyed the dinner a lot and had nice time with them all 😉 But were late for an event that I wanted to attend. Yong and May Li were going with me tagging along. Used the taxi to get there and saw Tse Yuen and Sue Peng.IMG_2047But they left way before the short talk was given. The talk was a big disappointment to me anyway.IMG_2045Went home and tried to sort out the things for the very next day. Was preparing for another fun filled day 😉

However I kept waking up at odd hours since 6am although I slept only at 2am ++ Thanks to flu, fever and sore throat =( I finally woke up at 10am to prepare to go out. Had piriton and sucked on some troche. Felt way better and went out with Jasmine to Pyramid. It was planned to buy Wen Hao’s birthday present. There was a surprise going on 😉 By the time this is posted, I suppose the surprise is ongoing already or already over =P  The present was bought swiftly after Khoo came to meet up with us =) I left for Monash University to meet up with Meaghan and Suja.IMG_2070Khoo, Jasmine and the others went for lunch and movie – 2012. I went to Kajang. I just realised I have not eaten satay for more than two years!IMG_2061Yes, TWO years! And Kajang is really famous for its satay.IMG_2050Suja brought us there to enjoy them.IMG_2049They were really fantastic. The peanut sauce is totally awesome! =)IMG_2060IMG_2063We camwhored a lot and Suja even brought us to walk around the towns to have a look at how older, run down buildings of Malaysia.IMG_2096It was nice. An indescribable nostalgic kind of feeling.IMG_2089After that Suja dropped me off the Pyramid to meet up with Wen Hao, Jasmine and Khoo.IMG_2084Thanks so much to Suja for bringing me and Meaghan around. We should have more of such trips 😉 <3<3<3IMG_2075I tagged along Wen Hao’s car and reached Monash. Meet with Jasmine and Sze Ling who just done with her alternate days of internship and also Khoo. Sze Ling and I in Jasmine’s car, following Khoo’s car with Wen Hao in his car. I fell asleep in hte more than an hour’s car ride to Setia Alam. To have dinner.IMG_2102Eating the zhu hun geng again! ❤ Maybe because it is something I rarely get to eat, I think it is really nice =P It looks like any other noodle dishes but seriously, it tastes way different and does not make you feel bloated =)IMG_2105IMG_2106Khoo’s favourite the-oilier-the-better dish served with mantou.IMG_2108Potato leaves (Am I correct? First time having this vegetable)IMG_2111Omelette with oyster.

We added another order of the noodle and another vegetable =) Yum yum.IMG_2113IMG_2119Had a great and very full dinner =) And too happy till I dropped my camera in the restaurant =( Nearly lose my camera again! Haih. I must really be more careful. Only realised I lost it when I was already in the car, on the way back to Sunway. Luckily Khoo’s parents called the restaurant and could get back my camera. Khoo kept it safe for me =) Thanks so much.IMG_2123Also must thank Wen Hao and Jasmine for being so funny in the car until Sze Ling and I laughed like hell. Wanted to record it down but that was also when I find out I lost my camera =( Oh well, now it is found, I am relieved. I think I am very lucky 😉IMG_2128Wen Hao and Sze Ling then accompanied me to do some important stuff. Along with Yong =) Thanks a lot people. I really feel I am the luckiest person in the world for meeting so many angels in disguise. Gratitude could never be fully represented well with words. But, I do not think I need those words to show my gratitude. Me living positively would be a way I show my greatest gratitude to everyone, especially my family. =D

Feeling blessed.

The one who is learning about gratitude.


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    Anais said,

    foo chaaan..so long never facebok wan! haih.. hehe, i wanna ask, where the box at the side of your blog people normally comment on?

    • 2

      CC said,

      Hello. i could online for quite sometime already but then in China, they banned a lot of websites. Initially i could not get in my blog. Yesterday I could. So ecstatic that i posted up all the blog posts. hehe.. hopefully i can use facebook successfully =D


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