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Self reflection

This post cannot be said as a self reflection post. It at least is not totally one. I used to do self reflection a lot more but when I came over to Shanghai, I was overwhelmed with things to do. Settling into a new place, having fun exploring a new city, packed time table, etc… all took up my time!IMG_4399 It has certainly been a really long time (at least to me) that I haven’t post up anything from my own thoughts and heart. Not to say all those previous posts were done up hastily.IMG_4481 I remember I stopped posting about self reflection post (not consciously) when someone asked me whether I did really change after the constant self reflection. I wanted to scold that person but I could not muster up any courage because she is such a nice girl. But to be honest, self reflection is all about growing up emotionally.IMG_4654 There were so many things that happened and I constantly do the change but other things might have been blinded as to what has changed. Whatever it was. Maybe it is not important anymore. And if change is so easy, the world would have been heaven! When nothing is seen as a change, the effort to change is always condemned as no change. This is reality that I know of. But whatever it is, I have no one to account to as to what kind of life I want. I changed for myself, only myself. IMG_4782 I had a good talk with someone the other night regarding friends and relationships and some other stuff. I just remember that I still think it is the right thing to give 100% mark sheet for any new acquaintances I met. No matter how I would get hurt and then whine and rant, I still want to do that. Be it because I trust in karma too much or because I am stupid or whatever, I just think if you cannot give our sincerity and heart to one you just met, how would you get to know the person without being judgmental? IMG_0021But to those who thinks I use money to buy friendships, if you think that way, you might as well be a prostitute/gigolo in search of friendship and love *sorry to be so blunt but that ticked me off, even up till now*IMG_7498 Anyway, I did not put up any heartfelt posts for a long time does not mean I put up some random daily posts to entertain people. I sincerely wanted to share the nice pictures and beautiful things in life, wholly with my heart. Not only to update my friends (those who care enough to know) about what is going on but also to a mother (Hello Auntie! =D *that is if you read till here*) who would wish to get more details about her son’s life in Shanghai.IMG_7563 The past two months have been the happiest ones in 2009. I would love to say that it has been the best choice I made for 2009 (referring to coming over to Shanghai) With the disappointment of how people could have get to know me personally and yet chose to judge me through other’s words… With the uncertainty in how I would get out of the mess I ran into (ran instead of walked because it all happen in such a short time span)… With a heavy decision to let go of friends I have made… [“Let go” is not exactly a good way of putting it… I think I just some how chose to leave “them” aside first.] I came to Shanghai and got to know a certain few people better. Albeit not enough to fully understand them but enough to make me understand that everyone is a human being after all.IMG_7595 Ming Xuan once told me that many are just friends, one lesser or more makes no difference. I was not offended but totally feel that it is just so wrong. Every friends count (at least to me)! I never wanted to lose any friends but then I think I cared too much. I would carry all the people I truly care and those who reciprocate deep in my heart. Those who chose to hurt me, may you live a happy life still.IMG_7088 “Ignore” is a word that I found it hard to pick up especially when I am physically so close to the things that made me insecure. With heaps of insecurity and anger, I chose to ignore finally. That made me a happier person when I embarked on a new journey, starting out in Shanghai. In Shanghai itself, I learnt that my sincerity still works.IMG_6362 I made heaps of nice friends. Got a nice room mate. Mingled well with everyone. This obviously showed that first year of university was not a constant dream I had, it was a real year. Just it was way too different from year two of university. I just guess when things turn sour, I put too much blame on myself and on others. I always believe when things fail, both parties are at wrong! But I forgot, sometimes shit happens. The smell lingers to make people get more worked up. Shanghai has been the can of air freshener that cleared my mind and make me want to get everything totally out and over with =)IMG_0968 And thank you to each and every one of the person who helped me walked through the mess of 2009. I am leaving 2009 behind soon. Whatever that happened, I am grateful 2009 was here and leave me a great life lesson. And I have one big change that I am looking forward to. In myself. I will hold that tightly in my heart and make it run in my blood!

2010! Here I come,

The one who never like to turn back time and change history even if given the chance!


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Been drama-ing and so, MIA! Sorry!

Shanghai Day 29 (26th December 2009)

The day I received a card =D Made my day =)IMG_5059A day which I spent on watching dramas in the hotel only. WHOLE DAY =.= I am watching 败犬女王! While doing other stuffs like Facebooking lah… (And here is a picture of me enjoying – taken by the 无聊 Khoo!)IMG_5061And there is a Secret Recipe (食之密)but the cakes were more expensive. RMB18 each slice yet I got one the other day. IMG_5064I was too hungry from not having a proper lunch. So, I ate it =D Yummmsss =)IMG_5069Then Khoo came back with a burger for me. A very yummy burger just for RMB6! Real juicy meat, not the Ramley’s burger type ok! I know I am going to miss so many things in Shanghai =(     IMG_5071 And tomorrow would be Ash’s birthday. I planned to surprise him at midnight but then it was not possible as he would be out clubbing with friends. So had it done earlier =)IMG_5082And he was in the toilet preparing to go out =P

Money spent for Day 29:

Total spent = RMB 40


Shanghai Day 30 (27th December 2009)

Was snowing!!! Yes! It was snowing =)IMG_5088But it was not really strong so we could see it falling down but not on the ground itself. My camera also not high tech enough =PIMG_5089 My lunch… Lamb! But my instincts tell me its dog meat. =(IMG_5090 Ok, dog meat is not that cheap but then I do not know… I did not finish it up =( *yucks*IMG_5093 We went shopping and I burnt my pocket. RMB600 plus just on shopping itself. And nothing else to do… went manicure!IMG_5101 And we are in…IMG_5102 A TUK-TUK! Rainy/snowing day. Was legs were so cold and my hands were basically freezing =(IMG_5105 My dinner. Vegetables to counter the “dog” meat.IMG_5106 Had 7UP! In bottle! I am going to have another because its only here I get it =(IMG_5107 Went to Lilian Cake Shop! Get another cake because 28th would be my roomie’s birthday! =)IMG_5108 And they are famous for this!IMG_5109 Yummy egg tarts! =) I love them!!! Ok, everyone else does too HAHAIMG_5111 Ash and me =) Happy birthday! Yesterday did not eat the cake. So we had it near to 11pm. An hour before when his birthday is not his birthday anymore. LOLIMG_5116 Ming Xuan looking so cute here!!! ❤ And I look so much rounder =( Look at Ash’s face! HAHAIMG_5117 And I got another cake for Blaze birthday but the wrong candles =(IMG_5119 Trish came up with a great idea to make the “one” look like a normal candle. Using Ash’s swiss knife. Leaving a dent on the table LOLIMG_5121 IMG_5122 HAHA!! Trish is so cute her! What was she doing? LOLIMG_5125 I did not realise Blaze was biting Ash! hahaIMG_5127 IMG_5130 IMG_5132 Ash was craving for a beer. And check out how he opens it. It was damn painful. I could not get it open but he got it opened without much effort =.=IMG_5144 IMG_5145 IMG_5146

Money spent for Day 30:

Total spent = RMB 700 (More than RMB600 on shopping alone =.=)


Shanghai Day 30 (28th December 2009)

Normal day. I went to disturb Ash early in the morning!IMG_5148Have class today =) Presentation! Check out my teacher! HAHA! So cute right?IMG_5149 Oh… and these are home made chocolate cookies. Blaze got them for me for Christmas =)IMG_0008 I shared with some of them in class. Not too bad. More like butter cookies with chocolate chips and nuts =)

And we learned about “fate” in class…IMG_0009 Ok… we actually was learning about arranged marriage/blind date kind of thing! And here are the three of us girls with our teacher =)IMG_0010 And this is another friend of my tutor. Her name is 金喜红. Sounds like a Korean so much. HAHA… She is really cute =)IMG_0014 Oh… and Zoel came to class with us again. The second time and this time he stayed throughout. I forgot to snap a picture with him =( Next time I shall try to remember! He is a Spanish =)

Money spent for Day 31:

Total spent = RMB 50 (roughly, because I forgot what I had =.=)


Shanghai Day 32

Shared a lunch with Ming Xuan and ordered a soup. The wanton was wrapped like a “yuan bao” IMG_0020Had a normal class but with the other teacher. IMG_0026She comes in only on Tuesday and Friday. But mostly we have Fridays off because its public holiday! =) So we see very little of her.IMG_0029And did I tell you my tutor hand crafted some cards for each of us? And Each card took her near to an hour to make. It was so nice! And dinner time! Met Chee Sian’s room mate and invited him to sit with us =)IMG_0039So here is how he looks like! He aims to be a lawyer for a few years and then quit to become a teacher o.O

Money spent for Day 32:

Total spent = RMB 27

Enough of updates,

The one who is now going to continue watching drama instead of doing work 😉

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Shanghai Day 27IMG_4733Christmas Eve. This is my second time having Christmas away from home.  Though we are not Christians but we do celebrate it.      IMG_4740 Its a season of giving that makes me feel happy. I think it makes everyone happy =D As soon as I could afford to buy gifts, I started giving out Christmas gifts. Without fail. But this year I did not shop too much. I used more on buying souvenirs =DIMG_4742I simply love shopping for others. Most of the time, if I go holiday or overseas, I buy more things for others than I would for myself. I do not know. It is just very nice to give people presents =) IMG_4743Sometimes people say giving gifts require no reason. But I always have had enough of the time when people would just misunderstood thinking that I have a crush on them or whatsoever… So I stopped giving gifts just like that =( Christmas is the best time to give people you care some things, other than on their birthdays of course! IMG_4744And for this Christmas eve, I cannot say it is the dullest because I do enjoy walking around Shanghai streets at night with a certain few whom I hang out with daily now. It still feels very warm. And the night itself was unusually warm =( I want snow!!!IMG_4749We went out in search of Xin Tian Di because Ming Xuan’s tutor said there might be something nice around. We got off at the wrong station but decided to just walk to that place.IMG_4769I actually wanted to just get lost in the streets itself and enjoy the night lights and ambience. IMG_4770But… with Khoo, it is impossible to get lost. He is always with his map and Chee Sian would be there helping him too. IMG_4775Ming Xuan and I would rather go ask people for directions LOL. Difference between girls and guys! EGO =.=IMG_4777 Ok, I do not think it is all about ego lah cause I am sometimes like that too. But now I take the chance as being able to practice some good Chinese… teehee IMG_4790I am actually very grateful for the presence of Khoo and Chee Sian cause I really do not have a sense of direction =(IMG_4811Anyway, the pictures you see above are the pictures of Shanghai streets. Sorry. No pro cameras *DSLR* and it was misty so no great awesome pictures. Just make do with what I have alright? =PIMG_4817That was us on the metro and where is Chee Sian? Sorry, we do not know him…IMG_4820JUST JOKING! HAHA…IMG_4720Oh and did I tell you? My teacher got us some little snacks. I quite love it.IMG_4721I actually bought it before and the second time I got it was today. Who knows the teacher also brought it for us =)IMG_4725 Our teacher is just so sweet =) Thanks! *hugs* And oh yeah, we had McD ice cream again.IMG_4764This particular branch only have vanilla but not chocolate. The last one just had chocolate but not vanilla. HAHA So cute.IMG_4760And you know the deliveries here mostly are by bicycles? Hehe…IMG_4753

And another bonus picture =) Khoo said he looked very professional. So I put it up LOLIMG_4724Money spent for Day 27:

Total spent = RMB 45 (Around there. Forgot the exact amount.)


Shanghai Day 28 IMG_4826MADAME TUSSAUDS! Thanks Chee Sian for making it there with me =D Yeah it was only me and him so please bear with it if he is all over this post =P IMG_4829We had a good time, I hope he did because I sure did =D It was totally awesome because I get to camwhore =P IMG_4830 Later in the afternoon, Ming Xuan and Khoo came to join us and we had lunch together (despite me eating McD already =.=) I got conned again. IMG_4831First (as in which I ever realised) was last night when I was getting something in All Days (something similar to 7/11) where the women charged me for something I did not buy. She refused to give me the receipt and was going to throw the receipt away. I insist for it and checked. She did charge me something extra and I went back in to tell her. Without looking at the receipt, she got me the exact amount overcharged. THAT IS SO OBVIOUS!IMG_5024And the McD thing was a shame. I got in to try pork burger. The lunch offer starts at 11am. It was a minute away and I got to the counter to ask about it. But they told me it is RMB21.50. Thereafter they (two cashiers) charged me RMB21 only. And did NOT give me the receipt. I think they would just key in RMB15 (the real proce of the set meal) and then took the RMB6 for themselves =( It was a set meal and so I would actually get the fries and drinks. They had to just ASK me if I want the fries too =.= Its so obvious! But I was not in a mood to be petty or complain, so I just left. And I realised it only after I left actually. I think I am in the high risk group of being conned =((IMG_4832Anyway, the day was great. Show you all more pictures of Chee Sian and I in Madame Tussauds! IMG_4834 I flew to Hong Kong for a few minutes =PIMG_4837 Chee Sian was mesmerised by her LOLIMG_4838 My tycoon dad… Lee Ka Shing!IMG_4845 The photographer is also a wax sculpture! I kept on thinking it was a real person there =.=IMG_4866 IMG_4869 IMG_4874 IMG_4887 IMG_4892  Khoo’s signature speech style LOLIMG_4903 Eiyer…so tall! =(IMG_4913 IMG_4927 IMG_4931 Wrestling game. I won too! FIRST TIME EVER WIN A FIGHT =DIMG_4942 I really buay paiseh lo… keep on posing saja saja and snap pics HAHAIMG_4952 There was Beckham in his newest attire too but lazy to post. See this sajalahIMG_4971 Another interactive game… SOCCER! (I missed the penalty shot =()IMG_4974 Another interactive game. Wei Qi.IMG_4978 Look! Yao Ming and my foot. DAMN BIG OK?IMG_4990 Golf with Tiger!IMG_4992 Collaboration with PepsiIMG_5004 The Beckhams!IMG_5011 Sharing a chat with Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieIMG_5015 I look weird =( With Audrey Hepburn…IMG_5022 I went into the dark maze but Chee Sian *scaredy cat* did not dare too HAHAHAIMG_5023Shanghai streets. They love cabbages! See this flower decor? It is all designer cabbages. We saw these last night too. Walls and walls of them. The walls all plastered on with these and they are live ones, with soil =.=IMG_5026 IMG_5028 IMG_5042 Oh, we had McD ice cream again! This time I had the chocolate one as I never tried it before. Ok, I did had a lick of Khoo’s one the other day when I was sick. The chocolate one was more awesome than Malaysia’s! Serious. Its like the Cadbury hot chocolate drink taste? Yum yum =D And the others have the mixed one (which the previous two we went to do NOT have) Hehe…IMG_5043 IMG_5044 IMG_5046 IMG_5047 And someone got an over priced snack TSK TSK IMG_5052And that clever person is KHOO CHONG YAN! Ok lah, not too bad =DIMG_5055 Ok, that is all! MERRY CHRISTMAS =D

Money spent for Day 28:

Total spent = RMB 327

Enjoying enjoying enjoying…

The one who forgot to have her work done! Should do now! =(

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MIA Willingly

No, it is not that life is getting boring. It is just that this is the first week of a new unit. No, not busy at all. but we are expected to get busier for the next two weeks! Oh well, that is life! =P So I have not been updating about the past three days. Basically not much going on… =P

Shanghai Day 24 (21st December 2009)

Monday. The start of another new three weeks unit. Nothing much but I feel I got the hang of how things will be proceeding at. Was supposed to know my grade for the last unit but … NO! =( Nevermind, I can wait. I think I did not do poorly =PIMG_4693IMG_4691Dinner with my tutor and Huang Ling ❤IMG_4696 The water fountain outside the SISU Hotel.IMG_4698Notice anything?IMG_4697 Look properly! Did I ever mention that the water at the fountain froze? It was that cold =)

Money spent for Day 24:

Total spent = RMB 30 (rough figure because I forgot =.=)


Shanghai Day 25 (22nd December 2009)

IMG_4702 IMG_4703We had a better dinner. I don’t know but I think people do look forward to something nice once in a while. Especially when you are away from home.IMG_4699IMG_4700Or maybe I am just the person who loves to enjoy. I was very happy to have a good dinner =) RMB20 for a nice dinner is affordable to me! I was actually expecting each meal here to be RMB30.IMG_4704Now that I spend so much more little on food, I can actually shop a lot more. Yet can still afford to eat a lot more =P And on a related note, the corn in China are soft sticky, not crunchy and juicy. But I tasted the juicy ones first time ever as a dish shown in the picture =)IMG_4706My favourite dish of the night. I do not know the brinjals here are nice =) And sorry for the blur picture. I could not wait to eat them bah HAHA

Money spent for Day 25:

Total spent = RMB 36.80


Shanghai Day 26 (23rd December 2009)

Another not so happening day but Blaze is sick =( She did not go to classes. FOOD POISONING! I am lucky to not have any yet till now *fingers crossed* If I ever have any food poisoning, usually need to go hospital due to the gastric problem. Though I got loads of gastric tablets with me… I do not know how if I got food poisoning here =.= Get well soon, Blaze! IMG_4711 And we have a guest today =) Haven’t got any picture with him. I do not know even if he (OR SHE!) fancies it or not =P Hehe… But we have another good dinner. IMG_4712 This is a wrong order. Thank goodness that we did not dig into it right when it was served. Ok its thanks to the fussy me who NEEDS to take picture of every dish ;PIMG_4713 IMG_4715 IMG_4716 IMG_4717IMG_4718 The food is not bad =) Will be another good place for dinner =) And I have got some chocolates which I cannot eat just yet still. SICK still but manageable type =DIMG_4719 Oh yeah… Christmas decors all up. And in our hotel, the Christmas sign is terbalik! HOW CHINESE!

Money spent for Day 26:

Total spent = RMB 21.50


The one who is still wishing for a white Christmas but it seems like its not going to be =((

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20th December 2009

Shanghai Day 23

Whoaaaa~~ I thought yesterday I spent a lot. Who knows today I spent more than double of yesterday’s! salute to me!! But really thanks to Ming Xuan’s relatives =) IMG_4628 IMG_4630 IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4639 IMG_4640We went out early using the train to find Ming Xuan and her relative. A certain place at Hong Qiao. Very nice place indeed =) We had homemade tong yuen and chit chatted till noon.  IMG_4642 IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4652 IMG_4653Had a home delivery of Singaporean/Malaysian food =) It was a nice reminder of Malaysian food. Been such a long time.IMG_4667Thanks so much to Ming Xuan’s relative. We helped in washing and clearing after the lunch and went out. SHOPPING! I thought of capturing the surroundings and all. Turn out that… everyone was busy shopping. LOL Not much pictures sorry! Ok, actually is NO pictures =( Boohoo but I got my loot =PIMG_4685 IMG_4668 IMG_4674 IMG_4678 IMG_4679 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4683 IMG_4684 We then left and got some dinner. Nothing much already. But am glad I bought so many things =) This coming weekend, I hope to go to Madame Tussauds! May my Christmas wish come true =) Now have to rajin belajar. Another unit and to Hangzhou =)

Money spent for Day 23:

Total spent = RMB 535

Till now for now,

The one who wants to knit and revise for tomorrow’s class =D

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19th December 2009

Shanghai Day 22

SPENT A LOT OF MONEY TODAY but really happy =DIMG_4578 And I seriously cannot believe I am here for a little over three weeks already! Time flies =( Ming Xuan was asking if I would miss the place once we are back. I already started telling her what I am missing at the time in point when she was talking to me!!!IMG_4419 I am having such good company with them. I never figured they were such funny people. I must say, they are the people who would always agree to disagree yet not hold grudges. Chee Sian even at one time asked if we would argue about time. Cause Malaysian time is always something that is prevalent =PIMG_4467 I think his question actually reminds us that we should try to make an effort to be on time yet its nothing too big till it will break our friendships. I love this kind of openness where people put things clearly and talk about them =) Thanks Chee Sian!IMG_4481 Ok, I diverged a lot I think. I was supposed to blog about today. Hmmm where should I start? This blog is always about me… I wonder if people get bored LOL. But I love how I am jotting down my daily life. If I ever get Alzheimer’s, I hope I never forget my blogs =( If I ever do, please show me my own blog =(IMG_4450 IMG_4447 Ok, today! This morning Chee Sian came early and the boys and I went to the post office again =P I love post office. =P Then got some breakfast. A very quick one, then went to the knitting place opposite our hotel. LEARN KNITTING. I used two hours to learn how to knit that pattern! IMG_4451 I should have asked her to teach me something simple and easy. The basics. I asked her what is the easiest for beginners and she said all would be the same =.= IMG_4453Luckily another aunty came to my rescue and continue to teach me the pattern from scratch! IMG_4452I used to be really good with handicrafts and all. The first aunty who taught me made me feel so bad =( When I go back to Brunei… no one can help me with it already =( In Malaysia, all the shops also not near where I stay! Hope to learn more also cannot lah too ambitious =(

Then Von Yi came not long after. She already know how to knit so it was alright. Khoo and Chee Sian then came to meet up with us to leave for Nan Jing Road =) I just love weekends where we can go play non stop =) But its cold.

We went to Nan Jing Road – Pedestrian Street =D IMG_4505And there, I met with the love of my life =D IMG_4510 IMG_4511 More pictures =) The station was huge! And more modern =)IMG_4461 Countdown to Expo 2010IMG_4463 Once out of the station…IMG_4470IMG_4474 A map to locate TOILET! Showed how the people here simply pee! I saw a few times already =( *trauma* ExaggerateIMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4482 IMG_4484 IMG_4485 IMG_4486 IMG_4487 IMG_4492 IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4504 IMG_4506 IMG_4508 We all had sacha noodle with spring roll for lunch! Not bad =)IMG_4518 Then, they have McD ice cream! I did not =( Still sick =(IMG_4525 Apparently it was really good. I tried some from Khoo’s =)IMG_4526 Its really milky and tastes absolutely different from the one in Malaysia and Brunei. Luckily there is a McD near where we stay. I am gonna eat it soon =)IMG_4528 More buildings… sorry not so many people pictures =(IMG_4531 IMG_4538 Me having a Subway cookie =) <3<3<3IMG_4540 Banana Leaf and Curry House!! So Malaysia right? =)IMG_4542 The Christmas tree! =D  IMG_4546LOOK! Its made up of all the Heineken beer bottles! =)IMG_4549 The “legendary” toothpick. Belongs to Khoo. tsk tskIMG_4551 Sunset…IMG_4554 IMG_4555 Observatory elevators =)IMG_4557 Six of them but ALL FULLY PACKED =(IMG_4559Night views… Or rather when it was dark!IMG_4602 IMG_4582 IMG_4584 IMG_4587 IMG_4590 IMG_4593 Did not go into the wax museum! Will do so next week or next next week =) Student get special price with the entrance to ALL the wax displaysss =D MUST VISIT! We shall see if Ming Xuan wants to go or not. And to fully charge our cameras first. Not forgetting to bring extra memory cards =P CAMWHORE LOADSIMG_4562IMG_4561IMG_4563 IMG_4565 IMG_4568 IMG_4569 IMG_4571 IMG_4574We tried Pizza Hut for dinner. The menu was really different. Even the drinks seem much nicer =) But then I got a rice for dinner. Nothing really special but I did not expect that in a Chinese place =P Should be more westernised but oh well…IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4605 IMG_4609 IMG_4614 IMG_4616 IMG_4617 IMG_4618 IMG_4621 Money spent for Day 22:

Total spent = RMB 245.10

Another fun day tomorrow,

The one who always love having fun =D

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17th and 18th December 2009

Shanghai Day 20

My lunch… a new type of jian bing (Beijing type which I think was not so nice? and it was slightly more expensiveeeee =() IMG_4350 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4354 My tutor suddenly wanted to take pictures…IMG_4359 IMG_4365 SISU 60th Anniversary. The campus was nice and the fountain was lighted =) [Colour coordination something wrong but then its lighted =D]IMG_4368Exams was going to be tomorrow and we damn stress. Ok it was only me and Von Yi more stressed. So was Chee Sian. There was translation for the exams but damn, I totally could not make it one lo =( But luckily with the good relations of my tutor, we found a very good translator. She helped us so much! *hearts*IMG_4370 IMG_4373 Was so sorry towards Chee Sian cause he had to wait for us for dinner. He finished his oral exams already then and waited for our class to finish. But after class we had to do a translation thing. So we made him sit in a corner eating his dinner alone =(IMG_4369We planned to go to the library to study since we made the student card. And remember how I said everything in China needs money? TT We have to pay again despite the student card we made (RMB20 paid for the card and have to pay like RMB25 half a year?) DAMN!IMG_4377So we asked Chee Sian to just go back to the hotel to study while we go for our dinner. After then went back to hotel and study hard *teary eyed* Hope I get good results. Pray for me alright? =)

Money spent for Day 20:

Total spent = RMB 18.50


Shanghai Day 21


I used up the whole two hours of writing time. Actually left with the last ten minutes. But I checked to find so many mistakes. So basically I used up the whole writing time. IMG_4379 After the exams I was totally hungryyyyyy =( We went for the skewers. IMG_4383 IMG_4386 I so love the mantou skewer. So cheap yet so nice. Really filling. I also got the sausage one which was really good too. IMG_4387 Chee Sian so sat lai lah… look at his tam chiak face =P IMG_4391 Ming Xuan more neutral look. But she also liked it lah hahaha… something I do not mind going back for =) Its damn cheap too =)IMG_4393After the lunch we accompanied Chee Sian to a recording studio! Yeah.. He made Malaysia proud lahIMG_4400 The place was really professional albeit a bit run down. It should have been running for loads of years I think!IMG_4401This is Xu Lao Shi ( Hope I got his name right) He is damn nice =) Does not look scary some more.IMG_4405 People do study Bahasa Malaysia one lo… and Chee Sian got paid doing this =) MORE POCKET MONEY FOR HANGZHOU TRIP! =DIMG_4416 Not long after we all left while Von Yi stayed to help with checking. Her duty is to make sure they read correctly with good time spacing and intonation =) We walked around and tried to ask our tutor to come out to play with us. They are free because SISU is having their 69th anniversary. The place became so nice. All the balloons and flowers ❤IMG_4418 IMG_4396IMG_4398IMG_4420 IMG_4421 And it is now so cold that I am forced to wear gloves. I regret not bringing any of my gloves.IMG_4425I have got loads of them since I was at Paris but never love gloves cause they make me feel like I lost my hands =(IMG_4426I thought Shanghai would be like Paris so I did not bring them. I figured I won’t be using them  anyway! So I am wrong =( The temperature here almost same like Paris. At night also same like Paris but during day time the wind is so strong that you will get chills =( But I still like the coolness =) No sweat! =P And I am adapting well =)

So we went back to hotel to get our laundry done and met up with our tutor. Went to jalan-jalan and eat =)IMG_4427 IMG_4430 IMG_4432 IMG_4434 After dinner and all, sent tutor back to her place and then went to find Chee Sian and Von Yi again. They were so quick with the recording. GOOD JOB =) After that we camwhored =P *as usual*IMG_4436 IMG_4437 IMG_4440 IMG_4443 IMG_4444 IMG_4446By the time when everything was done, it was very late already. We walked Chee Sian back to the Guesthouse and then back to the Hotel =) Feeling very good! =D

Money spent for Day 21:

Total spent = RMB 72.90


The one who is learning how to knit =D

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