27th November 2009

I was supposed to rest and prepare for 28th of November!!! But, seriously, being me, I just could not resist going out. I went out around noon to meet Meaghan for lunch.IMG_2325 She coincidentally saw her friends and thus got them to sign her flag. A reporter saw it and took few snaps of what we were doing.IMG_2327 Thereafter, we proceed for Lebanese lunch.IMG_2328 My very first time but it was really good. I had mango lassi again!IMG_2344 This time it is ten times the price! o.O But oh well given the restaurant ambience and all, the price should be reasonable =)IMG_2356 IMG_2349 IMG_2350 IMG_2352 IMG_2353 IMG_2355 We walked around and went into Tutti Frutti to have frozen yoghurt! It was really good =)IMG_2365 IMG_2366 IMG_2359 IMG_2360 IMG_2361IMG_2362 We went shopping a little bit and I went home. Washed up and packed. Planned to sleep early but I could not =( I was not even excited or what. Just could not fall asleep. Finally fell asleep only at 2am =(

Sorry for the late post,

The one who is trying to keep track of time. =)


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