30th November 2009

Shanghai Day 3

Today is the very first day of class. And it was extremely cold in comparison to the last two days that we were here. Had the Portuguese egg tart I bought last night for breakfast with some instant black sesame. I also had drinkable yoghurt. The yoghurt is DAMN NICE! =) We all agreed on that. Its not yoghurt drink but yoghurt those we can “suck” using straw! =)IMG_2745After that we walked to the SISU guesthouse where Chee Sian stays. We gathered at the lobby for the orientation but yesterday we already seen all the places. I basically did not know much new people. So anti social right? Nah. Just joking. Need more time. I am slowly getting to know people =)IMG_2747Our university here actually got their own publishing house which is quite well known.IMG_2755After the tour, we were to go into a conference room for the open ceremony.IMG_2752After the orientation, we all gathered for a huge picture taking session. They were so particular and fussy.IMG_2750Took ages just to snap the pictures. After more than what seem like ages of arranging us, the cameraman said his camera ran out of battery =.=IMG_2751But he got a spare and asked us to wait for a little.IMG_2763Right after that we went for lunch at the cafeteria where we had to buy the coupons.IMG_2764I only got some sweet and savoury biscuits for lunch.IMG_2759This because I would not want to be late for class.P1010181My teacher is quite young and friendly.P1010183The class was a bit too long. Starts from 12.30pm and should never be late as this is a respect to the teacher in China. I just find the classes a bit too lengthy and boring. I kept falling asleep. It was nice to have short breaks of ten minutes in between twice. Classes finish only at 4.30pm.

After 4.30pm, we would have an hour tutorial. There will be students (something like our lab demos) to come into class and do a three to one tutoring. I was grouped with Christie (an Australian who went back early) and Khoo! So happy that Khoo is with me =) Ming Xuan and Von Yi were lucky to be grouped together too =)P1020001 My tutor is superbly nice! Seriously, I think I have got the best tutor! =D She even gave us some Chinese tidbits and helped us with my assignment. I know! So nice right? ❤ her! Yeah..assignment. The very first day of classes, we have already got an assignment which we need to hand in the very next day =( It was an interview type of assignment where we would be required to interview someone and write the interview down to be handed in.

Right after the tutorial, we went to eat dinner.IMG_2766I got some “siew mai” to be brought into the restaurant to eat while waiting for the food to be ordered and prepared. The inside was totally different from what I expected. It was some savoury glutinous rice! It is basically wrapped lo mai kai!IMG_2767Tried a new place but the service was terrible.P1010187P1010190My food came first and after I finished, Von Yi’s came. When Von Yi finished, the other three orders had not come yet. We just went to pay and left for yesterday’s place for the other three to eat. The boss felt bad and refused to accept the money. I insisted. I ate it willingly and should duly pay for them. They are making a living too anyway =)

After Khoo, Chee Sian and Ming Xuan finished their dinner, Chee Sian left for his place while the other three of us walked swiftly home. It was too cold… Brrr… brr…

Money spent for Day 3:

Total spent = RMB29

Weather getting colder and colder,

The one who is happy to be in Shanghai =)


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