3rd December 2009

Shanghai Day 6

Woke up very early so we all could go to the university to do the student ID card which allows us access into the library and borrow books. Till today, I just have to tell you that every little thing in China needs money. You pay for every little thing! =( Oh well, this is life here I guess?IMG_3082 IMG_3085 After making the ID, which was really quick and with UGLY photo on them, we all went to the cafeteria for food. Very first time have rice in the campus cafeteria…IMG_3087 Because I want to try this… IMG_3089I actually woke up extra early to do my work. All others always complete their work earlier than me. I guess I am just always so lazy =( Do not know how to change. As I am blogging now, they are all doing the homework to be handed in tomorrow.

I am actually very ecstatic because I can blog finally today. I have been trying to but WordPress is actually banned in China. However, just like a miracle to comfort me (you shall know why later), I got access and could post my blog posts =D So that is why you all can see those mass blogging =)

As to why I am sad? Today is the day when we can actually check our Monash results. I actually did not remember till in the evening when Von Yi mentioned about it =( I just knew my results would be bad but I did not know it would be this bad. Anyway how, as long as I passed all, I shall be alright then =(IMG_3102Today basically just like a normal day but we had a larger group of people to have dinner with.IMG_3090IMG_3097We ordered five dishes and had rice =) The rice here is actually like the Australian Calrose rice or the Japanese type of short grain rice used for sushi. I simply love those rice. Been having loads of them. And especially with vinegar!!! Here, its all vinegar and salt that were provided as seasonings rather than soy sauce. And seriously, I am loving vinegar in all my rice HAHAHA… Yummerssss! ❤IMG_3096IMG_3098IMG_3099IMG_3100IMG_3101After the dinner, Von Yi, Khoo and I went to Carrefour to get sour milk =) Its actually drinkable yoghurt. My favourite for now. I am all for plain yoghurt so I got the plain one =) I tried out the aleo vera one this time and its almost the same as the plain one. Yummersss! ❤IMG_3104Oh! Oh! Did I mention I saw a black PSP dropped along the street? I placed it resting on a tree trunk and left. When we were on our way back from Carrefour, it was gone already. Its either the owner took it back or someone took it away. But I think its most probably some one else who stole it =( I remember losing my camera. The owner must be very sad now =(

Money spent for Day 6:

Total spent = RMB59.40

Its late now,

The one who is yet to do homework when others have already completed them! =(


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    Z3nX3Rn said,

    take the PSP n give it to me maaa….

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