4th December 2009

Shanghai Day 7

Officially one week in Shanghai already. I still can’t believe that I am actually in Shanghai. Or, more of the fact that I am coming home to a hotel. Its not a five star luxurious hotel but still quite a decent one. People would say it is three star but I would not know exactly because I *think* I never been in one?

But it was not too bad. Just the bathroom is a bit small. Otherwise its a nice hotel =) Since we pay a cheaper rate than the tourists, we were required to get our own toiletries. That is alright. There is actually a water dispenser. No reason not to remain hydrated. Ok, I still pretty much drink a lot lesser than others.

I have been having fun trying out new food and all. Having good times and building bright memories. I just realised life here can be so hectic that I would not really miss internet much. I have been without internet constantly for a week and I am still surviving. I have been trying to get internet past few days but they could not get it working for me. I returned again just now to ask but they say I have to go back on Monday to get a working account. Here, they do not have wi-fi. So have to get a matching account username and password. Too bad many are broken =( But I consider it rather cheap at RMB80 per month.IMG_3105Anyway, about today. As usual, going to uni late morning to have lunch in cafeteria. =) As always, we will see beggars. Its sad to see them but I would not want to help them and result in them always expecting something from me every time I pass by. Just like in Paris, I was always advised against it. =(IMG_3107I got something from the street instead of eating with the others in the cafeteria. IMG_3108Something like roti canai but the smell just seems different.IMG_3112The taste is a bit similar but with the seasoning and all, its different yet again!IMG_3113Today in tutorial class, we got to do some “jian zi” (paper cuttings).IMG_3119My tutor taught us =) So nice right? Others did not! =P So happy.IMG_3122I love my tutor a lot. And she added us in MSN and force us to type in Chinese with her. This is to help us improve in our Chinese recognising and pinyin skills =) I do not think others got the same chance and great tutor like me and Khoo’s! =DIMG_3123I was to make a snow flake but then because of wrong folding, I got a weird like thing.IMG_3124Christie cut the “xi” word and it turn out nice (for a first timer its a very great job! =D)IMG_3126Then went to have dinner. But tried out “chou dou fu” first. Smelly bean curd.IMG_3128It was totally not smelly. I think this is not authentic but its was not bad. I love the sweet sauce a lot =DIMG_3132Then had dinner at Kui Lin Mi Fen =) so so but the portion was really big.IMG_3130Not much for today. Weekend is here but then we have two essays and one presentation to prepare for =( Argh! Nevermind, will still try to find time to go out =)

Money spent for Day 7:

Total spent = RMB24.80

Still loving the cold weather,

The one who is now having a more painful right knee pain but not complaining =)


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  1. 1

    Ann said,

    lol…. haven’t read the rest of ur post tho… nways seem like ur fine healthy over there!!! lol nways… do text ya when ur free… lol kesian internet deprived … me tooo la… 😛

    • 2

      CC said,

      haha its ok. no time for internet too. usually i blog then post. seldom dapat chat pun. everyday finish classes at 5.30pm. after dinner pun 8pm. rush back do homework loooo..everyday got one. this weekend got two essays and one presentation some more haha… but i am enjoying life here =D how u all doing? feel so not in touch with u all lah! =(

    • 4

      CC said,

      Anais got good news for me? Ask her come to my blog and tell me!!! hehehee how is things going?

  2. 5

    Aki said,

    looks like someone’s really enjoying herself huh 😛
    BTW… i’m goin china soon too. but not shanghai haha.

    • 6

      CC said,

      hehe yeahhh really nice here… =D but weather getting too cold. skin is not tolerating it. but my mood is =P which part of China u coming to? TAIWAN??? COME SHANGHAI LAHHHHHH hahahahaa =D

  3. 7

    Aki said,

    ahem. fyi, taiwan is not in china 😛
    hahhaha. thx for ur wish! *hugs*

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