5th December 2009

Shanghai Day 8

SATURDAY! =D It was a full day but not too tiring one. It was planned that we do our work during day time and enjoy the evening out =) However we got to know our tutor was to have an exam on tai chi! Yes! They have tai chi exam! IMG_3138 So we went to university’s sports field. Do not know exactly the name of the field but it was really big! Khoo was slightly off today. He wore his Crocs out o.O Nevermind, he was damn happy about it LOLIMG_3145Anyway how, cause I was camwhoring with Wang Ling (Another tutor but not teaching me =() and hence missed the chance to see my tutor do the tai chi!IMG_3146Khoo did make a video of her exam but I haven’t seen it yet. Will do so some other time. And my tutor got an A! =D Great right?IMG_3149Then we went on to more camwhoring with my tutor’s classmates. Got Korean, Thailand, Vietnamese, Russian and Japanese! People from everywhere! So cool right? Lovely diverse studying environment =)IMG_3159Right after that, we parted to leave for lunch. But changed our mind and joined the tutors to eat lunch at the cafeteria. Each of us got two dishes and shared amongst ourselves =) Super warm feeling!IMG_3155After that we really parted =( They had to attend classes and so we went back “home” to do our work. Essay time. Last night I did quite some paragraphs already.IMG_3170We were all very serious about doing our work but it was nice having good company to do work with. I think I irritated them the most by asking about the pinyins and how to form the sentence =P Chee Sian volunteered to cut us some apples. HIS FIRST EVER TIME! But look at what happened? Tsk tsk… at last Ming Xuan went to help him out HAHA IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3177At about 4pm, we left for Qi Pu Road. Translate it: Cheap Road. Some sort of like the China Town of Malaysia? But more livelier.IMG_3180 IMG_3184Pictures taken while in the Maglev:IMG_3178IMG_3189 IMG_3194 IMG_3197 When we reached, saw this! They were so tight with the security! o.OIMG_3198 When we got out of the station, we were greeted by a huge crowd and nice smell! Smell of food =) Most were barbecue stuff which does not really interest me even though they smell really good. I wanted more street like food and special ones. Special as in I never tried them ones =P And saw this.IMG_3205 Got four of them for RMB1. Taste wise, nothing to brag about but at least I can say I had it before =P Its “nuo mi gao”. Glutinous rice flour cake (direct translation!) =PIMG_3207Some pictures of the place I walked around today (before reaching Qi Pu Road): IMG_3223 IMG_3229 IMG_3230 IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3233IMG_3235IMG_3242While looking for that road, we passed by a street which is just like a market selling fruits, vege and meat.    IMG_3250IMG_3251 IMG_3253 IMG_3256IMG_3259 IMG_3261 Khoo bought an ear muff for RMB3. If he had bought earlier, it would have been RMB10! What a big difference!!!IMG_3258What I was more interested was street food! First saw a stall selling all sorts of pau. At first we thought its those pau with soup inside but to our disappointment, its not! =( Instead, loads of oil flow out!IMG_3244This is a vege one that Chee Sian tried. Something different from what I tried which is just basically meat in it.IMG_3247 Been trying a few stalls of smelly to fu. Today tried two different one. The first stall was by a couple and they were super friendly. Better than yesterday ones. IMG_3264 IMG_3265 Then later in the evening we got to near Qi Fu Road, saw another one. I reckon the second one was nicer (this also explains why it is more commercialised)IMG_3312There were quite some sundry shops selling dried foods.IMG_3270Still have not gotten to the Qi Pu Road after such long walking. It was not late yet but the sky already turn dark. WINTER!IMG_3273 IMG_3284 And finally!!! See all those clothes? This is Qi Pu Road! Where they sell clothes, bags etc. But as usual, I am not so interested. It is too packed anyway. But it was a good experience =)IMG_3293 IMG_3298 IMG_3306Then I saw food. Ming Xuan tried this “ji dan bing”. It is fried flour mixture of some egg with added minced pork (upon request).IMG_3315 The other three (Chee Sian especially) refuse street food. [But I am trying to influence him!! Muahahaha) So they went into a small shop…IMG_3322IMG_3317 IMG_3319After the dinner, I saw the sugar cane stall again. Was so tempted to buy and try. So, I got one. Its one WHOLE stick for RMB3 and they will chop them into inch long sticks. I did not eat right there because it would be messy.IMG_3323 On the way back, saw the stall selling “ji dan juan” which is egg rolls.IMG_3347But Ming Xuan felt like we were conned because it totally did not taste like it. Its like corn ones. But I think its alright anyway =)IMG_3338Then Khoo tried the “gung po bing” which was nice too.IMG_3342More pictures of the place when we were walking back =)IMG_3334 IMG_3335 Then from one of the newspaper/magazines stand, Chee Sian and Khoo got the English newspaper. IMG_3336FIRST EVER ENGLISH NEWSPAPER IN SHANGHAI!   IMG_3343 IMG_3344 After that we went back using the train. Got into a wrong line. HAHA… IMG_3346IMG_3355Anyway, we reached safely and walked to the “brandy milk tea” shop. I think its called Coco. Anyway, Von Yi had always wanted to try their milk tea which is really added with some brandy.IMG_3358 So we got there. It was hot but the brandy smell was not strong at all. Then while walking Chee Sian back to the SISU Guesthouse, we got to the “mian bao fang” of the university which is right beside the cafeteria. Got ICE CREAM.IMG_3361Ice cream on a cold windy night. Reliving Paris. I had a whole tub of ice cream during winter day in Paris. Freezing-ly crazy =P And I got diarrhea then. But this time I just had a stick of ice cream, nothing wrong =P

Money spent for Day 8:

Total spent = RMB16

Many homeworks!

The one who has yet to do homework! ><


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