11th December 2009

Shanghai Day 12

Classes and tutorial only. Nothing much today. Life is getting mundane eh? Nah… I do not think so. But it is undeniable that today everyone is super tired. I have good explanations myself but the others? Not sure =S IMG_3937 IMG_3935Assignments, seminar paper, presentation and essay make our life “lively”. I motivate myself by all the places/trips that I can go during the weekends =)

And my tutor is really superb. Always looking forward to tutorial. =) I did not get to have my work done last night because I was doing that super long blog post. So this shall be a really (comparatively) short one.

Blaze is out of town and I am having the room to myself this weekend. But I won’t be in the room alone much I think since I have to go do work with the others. Hopefully tomorrow I get to explore the other part of this town near the Hong Kou Football Stadium =)

Then Sunday I plan to go to Lu Xun Park again and spend the afternoon learning how to knit. Yes! KNIT! Been ages I wanted to learn it. Now I have the chance =D

So the deal for wanting to enjoy is to get real and do work. Before that, let me share some pictures =)IMG_3939Today in class we talked about three phrases. to differentiate them, the teacher told a story…IMG_3940I love that story. Its funny =P Those who cannot read Chinese, get someone to help you out =P Or you can post a comment there and I shall reply =DIMG_3929My lunch. They use peanuts instead of cashew nuts because cashew nuts are more expensive here in China. =( I miss cashew nuts with chicken =(IMG_3942My dinner. Healthy big portion. ITS DUCK. My first duck dish in Shanghai =)IMG_3949Look at the wax covering the apple in China. Please do scrap the fruits before eating them (I still think having the skin is good and is better for health even though there is wax!)

Saw cute RABBITS in cages! White ones for RMB35 while the black one for RMB60. The black one would not grow big!! Suddenly wish to have it but then I would not be able to bring it back. I do not even know if I would take care of it well or not =PIMG_3931 Oh! And do you know? They have COLA flavoured Mentos here!!! Not too bad but I do not take much candies daily anyway. Just today I feel so sleepy =.= IMG_3932 And what a waste of resources. They packed double layers! =SIMG_3933Money spent for Day 12:

Total spent = RMB 34.00

Must do work,

The one who is really determined to do her work tonight =D


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  1. 1

    Jasmine said,

    cc, it’s act got cola flavoured mentos in m’sia…hahaha…

    • 2

      CC said,

      yeah meh? paisehhhhh… but this prove i am not a girl who eats candy all the time lo =P but seriously always in Jusco never see one???


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