15th and 16th December 2009

Shanghai Day 18

Normal day again! Nothing much for today but still feel like jotting it down here. Basically just university and nothing else. Hehe… IMG_4309Went to the tutors’ dorms and tried to do work. But… yeah should have guessed it, I did not do any work other than teaching them how to go into Facebook using the software. HAHAHA…

I got some chocolates too. But shhh… the one who gave me says others should not know. Others should be the tutors, not my friends. Oh well, nevermind. Christie was there too because Wang Ling was helping her out with her Chinese which she need to complete for her presentation.IMG_4311Was busy preparing my presentation after coming back and though I finished early, I slept only at 4am because I was talking with another friend. Sometimes its sad to know that shit happens. But all we can do is not care too much. Time will prove everything as long as its not lies =D Not wanting to dig the past, I would just want to jot down things that ran in my mind not long ago. I am not depressed already and totally felt its the best decision ever that I come over to Shanghai. This is my second time having a room mate and she is awesome possum =D (The photo below is NOT my room mate =P)IMG_4315And the company I am getting here is totally awesome too =) We are being so open to one another. Ok, mainly is because I am a very open person. And its has been such a long time that I felt so at ease with people (non-family) who live so near me. I am also very happy that though we see one another so often, we do not fight or whatever. It is good being open and direct. Makes everyone happy =) Everyone here basically makes me smile, those who are living with me, opposite me, beside me and in the university. Even some of those friendly chaps along the streets! =D *happy*

Money spent for Day 18:

Total spent = RMB 38.00


Shanghai Day 19

It was supposed to snow today but it did not =( But its really way colder and windier now.

Oh, a random fact. I have been eating tong yuen =) Three days in a row already. First time I got one sesame, one red bean and one meatball (which I did not know it was – when I first saw it, I thought it was peanut but it turned out to be salty meat ball *yucks*) On second day I wanted to get two red bean and two sesame but they only had sesame. So I got four sesame. But tonight I got two red bean and two sesame =) YUMMMM… but I am still missing the plain ones in ginger sugary soup! =(

And this morning I suddenly felt a really sharp pain on my right hand ring finger =( Really bad pain and when I was at university already around noon time, I noticed that it turned blue black around the first finger joint. And I think a blood vessel there burst? Damn painful =(IMG_4330-edited Today we had presentation on the second seminar paper and I did worse than ever cause I did not get to present my things within five minutes. And apparently I could not memorise the things I want to say and hence it was more like I was reading =(

Nevermind (self comfort). Just concentrate on the exam. Final is on Friday and its basically studying all the six topics within one night =.= Wish me luck people =D

Money spent for Day 19:

Total spent = RMB 39.20

Playing way too much,

The one who should really stop playing =(


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