17th and 18th December 2009

Shanghai Day 20

My lunch… a new type of jian bing (Beijing type which I think was not so nice? and it was slightly more expensiveeeee =() IMG_4350 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4354 My tutor suddenly wanted to take pictures…IMG_4359 IMG_4365 SISU 60th Anniversary. The campus was nice and the fountain was lighted =) [Colour coordination something wrong but then its lighted =D]IMG_4368Exams was going to be tomorrow and we damn stress. Ok it was only me and Von Yi more stressed. So was Chee Sian. There was translation for the exams but damn, I totally could not make it one lo =( But luckily with the good relations of my tutor, we found a very good translator. She helped us so much! *hearts*IMG_4370 IMG_4373 Was so sorry towards Chee Sian cause he had to wait for us for dinner. He finished his oral exams already then and waited for our class to finish. But after class we had to do a translation thing. So we made him sit in a corner eating his dinner alone =(IMG_4369We planned to go to the library to study since we made the student card. And remember how I said everything in China needs money? TT We have to pay again despite the student card we made (RMB20 paid for the card and have to pay like RMB25 half a year?) DAMN!IMG_4377So we asked Chee Sian to just go back to the hotel to study while we go for our dinner. After then went back to hotel and study hard *teary eyed* Hope I get good results. Pray for me alright? =)

Money spent for Day 20:

Total spent = RMB 18.50


Shanghai Day 21


I used up the whole two hours of writing time. Actually left with the last ten minutes. But I checked to find so many mistakes. So basically I used up the whole writing time. IMG_4379 After the exams I was totally hungryyyyyy =( We went for the skewers. IMG_4383 IMG_4386 I so love the mantou skewer. So cheap yet so nice. Really filling. I also got the sausage one which was really good too. IMG_4387 Chee Sian so sat lai lah… look at his tam chiak face =P IMG_4391 Ming Xuan more neutral look. But she also liked it lah hahaha… something I do not mind going back for =) Its damn cheap too =)IMG_4393After the lunch we accompanied Chee Sian to a recording studio! Yeah.. He made Malaysia proud lahIMG_4400 The place was really professional albeit a bit run down. It should have been running for loads of years I think!IMG_4401This is Xu Lao Shi ( Hope I got his name right) He is damn nice =) Does not look scary some more.IMG_4405 People do study Bahasa Malaysia one lo… and Chee Sian got paid doing this =) MORE POCKET MONEY FOR HANGZHOU TRIP! =DIMG_4416 Not long after we all left while Von Yi stayed to help with checking. Her duty is to make sure they read correctly with good time spacing and intonation =) We walked around and tried to ask our tutor to come out to play with us. They are free because SISU is having their 69th anniversary. The place became so nice. All the balloons and flowers ❤IMG_4418 IMG_4396IMG_4398IMG_4420 IMG_4421 And it is now so cold that I am forced to wear gloves. I regret not bringing any of my gloves.IMG_4425I have got loads of them since I was at Paris but never love gloves cause they make me feel like I lost my hands =(IMG_4426I thought Shanghai would be like Paris so I did not bring them. I figured I won’t be using them  anyway! So I am wrong =( The temperature here almost same like Paris. At night also same like Paris but during day time the wind is so strong that you will get chills =( But I still like the coolness =) No sweat! =P And I am adapting well =)

So we went back to hotel to get our laundry done and met up with our tutor. Went to jalan-jalan and eat =)IMG_4427 IMG_4430 IMG_4432 IMG_4434 After dinner and all, sent tutor back to her place and then went to find Chee Sian and Von Yi again. They were so quick with the recording. GOOD JOB =) After that we camwhored =P *as usual*IMG_4436 IMG_4437 IMG_4440 IMG_4443 IMG_4444 IMG_4446By the time when everything was done, it was very late already. We walked Chee Sian back to the Guesthouse and then back to the Hotel =) Feeling very good! =D

Money spent for Day 21:

Total spent = RMB 72.90


The one who is learning how to knit =D


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