Been drama-ing and so, MIA! Sorry!

Shanghai Day 29 (26th December 2009)

The day I received a card =D Made my day =)IMG_5059A day which I spent on watching dramas in the hotel only. WHOLE DAY =.= I am watching 败犬女王! While doing other stuffs like Facebooking lah… (And here is a picture of me enjoying – taken by the 无聊 Khoo!)IMG_5061And there is a Secret Recipe (食之密)but the cakes were more expensive. RMB18 each slice yet I got one the other day. IMG_5064I was too hungry from not having a proper lunch. So, I ate it =D Yummmsss =)IMG_5069Then Khoo came back with a burger for me. A very yummy burger just for RMB6! Real juicy meat, not the Ramley’s burger type ok! I know I am going to miss so many things in Shanghai =(     IMG_5071 And tomorrow would be Ash’s birthday. I planned to surprise him at midnight but then it was not possible as he would be out clubbing with friends. So had it done earlier =)IMG_5082And he was in the toilet preparing to go out =P

Money spent for Day 29:

Total spent = RMB 40


Shanghai Day 30 (27th December 2009)

Was snowing!!! Yes! It was snowing =)IMG_5088But it was not really strong so we could see it falling down but not on the ground itself. My camera also not high tech enough =PIMG_5089 My lunch… Lamb! But my instincts tell me its dog meat. =(IMG_5090 Ok, dog meat is not that cheap but then I do not know… I did not finish it up =( *yucks*IMG_5093 We went shopping and I burnt my pocket. RMB600 plus just on shopping itself. And nothing else to do… went manicure!IMG_5101 And we are in…IMG_5102 A TUK-TUK! Rainy/snowing day. Was legs were so cold and my hands were basically freezing =(IMG_5105 My dinner. Vegetables to counter the “dog” meat.IMG_5106 Had 7UP! In bottle! I am going to have another because its only here I get it =(IMG_5107 Went to Lilian Cake Shop! Get another cake because 28th would be my roomie’s birthday! =)IMG_5108 And they are famous for this!IMG_5109 Yummy egg tarts! =) I love them!!! Ok, everyone else does too HAHAIMG_5111 Ash and me =) Happy birthday! Yesterday did not eat the cake. So we had it near to 11pm. An hour before when his birthday is not his birthday anymore. LOLIMG_5116 Ming Xuan looking so cute here!!! ❤ And I look so much rounder =( Look at Ash’s face! HAHAIMG_5117 And I got another cake for Blaze birthday but the wrong candles =(IMG_5119 Trish came up with a great idea to make the “one” look like a normal candle. Using Ash’s swiss knife. Leaving a dent on the table LOLIMG_5121 IMG_5122 HAHA!! Trish is so cute her! What was she doing? LOLIMG_5125 I did not realise Blaze was biting Ash! hahaIMG_5127 IMG_5130 IMG_5132 Ash was craving for a beer. And check out how he opens it. It was damn painful. I could not get it open but he got it opened without much effort =.=IMG_5144 IMG_5145 IMG_5146

Money spent for Day 30:

Total spent = RMB 700 (More than RMB600 on shopping alone =.=)


Shanghai Day 30 (28th December 2009)

Normal day. I went to disturb Ash early in the morning!IMG_5148Have class today =) Presentation! Check out my teacher! HAHA! So cute right?IMG_5149 Oh… and these are home made chocolate cookies. Blaze got them for me for Christmas =)IMG_0008 I shared with some of them in class. Not too bad. More like butter cookies with chocolate chips and nuts =)

And we learned about “fate” in class…IMG_0009 Ok… we actually was learning about arranged marriage/blind date kind of thing! And here are the three of us girls with our teacher =)IMG_0010 And this is another friend of my tutor. Her name is 金喜红. Sounds like a Korean so much. HAHA… She is really cute =)IMG_0014 Oh… and Zoel came to class with us again. The second time and this time he stayed throughout. I forgot to snap a picture with him =( Next time I shall try to remember! He is a Spanish =)

Money spent for Day 31:

Total spent = RMB 50 (roughly, because I forgot what I had =.=)


Shanghai Day 32

Shared a lunch with Ming Xuan and ordered a soup. The wanton was wrapped like a “yuan bao” IMG_0020Had a normal class but with the other teacher. IMG_0026She comes in only on Tuesday and Friday. But mostly we have Fridays off because its public holiday! =) So we see very little of her.IMG_0029And did I tell you my tutor hand crafted some cards for each of us? And Each card took her near to an hour to make. It was so nice! And dinner time! Met Chee Sian’s room mate and invited him to sit with us =)IMG_0039So here is how he looks like! He aims to be a lawyer for a few years and then quit to become a teacher o.O

Money spent for Day 32:

Total spent = RMB 27

Enough of updates,

The one who is now going to continue watching drama instead of doing work 😉


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  1. 1

    Jess Kang said,

    Hey what kind of trip you are having? So many friends one from different countries?

    Ash is handsome.. lol

    • 2

      CC said,

      HAHAHA…I dunno eh. Its auto generated one lah! At least its green.. my fav colour =)

      Erm I am studying two electives in China =) And Ash is my gor gor! HAHA… he says thank you for the compliment! =D


  2. 3

    Jess Kang said,

    hey why is my displayed pic so ugly?

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