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Three things…

Yeah, I have three things to address. First of all, sorry for the lack of updates. So unlike me, right? It is holiday some more, should have like ten posts per day! But my life is now filled with appointments and dramas. But I haven’t forgot my blog. I do know you all still come back and check, thank you for that support. =)

Secondly, I got rejected the second time by my uncle about my plan to go to USA. Some might not know about the USA work and travel program. But its a program where you can work and yet travel around USA. I planned to do it two years ago but my uncle was unhappy about it. I figured he let me go to Shanghai this time, he would allow me to go to USA. But also because some people was making me to try again. Sadly, he does not think this way still. VERY UNSAFE. So my graduation trip, I have no idea anymore. It was supposed to go to USA to see friends and cousins then to Canada. Oh well… re-plan! But go to the last point before thinking what my re-plan means =P

Last but not least, to address a matter… MASTERS. Yes, I am seriously considering it. And the planning start this year from the collaborating works of my lecturer now with a lecturer in home university. I am anticipating a great year 3 and a continuation of the studies. I might as well skip the graduation trip and start working. I am only a workaholic sound-alike cause I wanted to earn money faster to travel further and more! My aunt was correct when she said: “Why don’t you try to finish you studies faster and earn more money to go there for a true holiday?” Hmmmm…

Ok, till here then,

The one who plans to watch drama till sunrise! =D


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The fear lies within, not too deeply hidden. I am not trying to mask my fear. It is just that fear would not help me much and would not bring me far. I am trying to make the best out of everything. EVERYTHING.

I think am still a bit annoyed at the GP in Sun U Medical. How my case was not properly reviewed despite it being a private hospital where I pay. However, on further thinking, maybe I should be grateful I am born in Brunei. Getting the proper medical attention and attended to by SPECIALISTS (yeah two of them) than by just any GP. Free checkups. Free consultations. Free medicines.

I think there should be no time for fear. More for braveness. I am now symptomless. The specialists are really professional and this puts me at ease (mentally). But I am just still fearing a lot, including the next bout of attacks.

Embracing the future with hope,

The one who is trying to be very positive. =)

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Been eating non stop. OMG. As if it wasn’t enough. The food here is really damn expensive. My aunt’s annoyed at me for always comparing the prices in Brunei with those of Malaysia and China HAHAIMG_1331So far, I have had so much nice great meals 😉 Such is the nicest thing of being home.IMG_1320I last mentioned I had a nice dinner at Sheraton Utama?IMG_1319Its a welcome and farewell dinner for my aunt’s company. Buffet style. And I ate the mains really quickly.IMG_1324WHY? Because I love the desserts 😉 The orange cheesecake was superb. I had THREE small pieces of that HAHA.IMG_1326The fruit tart was just alright 😉 And I had another dessert in a small shot glass.IMG_1325It was very nice but I do not know what it was. Yeah got kiwi! No, I am still allergic to it. =( But it is good that as long as I do not eat/drink the fruit, then I would be fine 😉IMG_1340I went for steamboat at Berrywan too. Nothing really special but at least I can confirm the food is really fresh 😉IMG_1341I love the tau fu fah there. Not the smoothest I ever had but it was good 😉IMG_1343And had real dim sum at Lucky Restaurant! =) Other than food food food, I spent some time with Gi Gi and Wei Wei already too. Maybe going to spend more tomorrow.IMG_1336Plan to do some baking. I cannot do any part time or internship because I came back in the mid of Jan and mid of Feb, its CNY! And what makes it more unpredictable is the “Angkat Sumpah” ceremony and also the consecutive processes. Other than that, is the appointments with specialists – yeah not only one doctor =.= *stay brave* IMG_1348So with things here and there, I could not do much but to accompany my aunt to dinners, accompany my dad here and there, accompany my other aunt to shopping *CNY* yay!!! And watch dramas =) Once the semester starts, I would not be really able to slack like this and watch dramas. so forgive me for being a pig now.IMG_1349So yeah, been shopping. Bought two sets of clothes for CNY already. And feels so sad. I can still fit but then can feel I got much fatter =( With all those food in China and in Brunei, it would be crazy not to put on weight. I shall declare I want to go on diet for now *always say only – no one ever sees me on diet HAHA* It is also because of gastric lah!

So life now is at comfort level without much excitements. But I am happy for how it is like right now 😉

Staying positive,

The one who does not want the negative air to come near her! =D

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My heart…

I had a good meal just now at Sheraton Utama Hotel. Its a Welcome and Farewell dinner for the Total E&P Borneo. It was one of those company dinners where I accompany my aunt to.

But now… my heart is so dampen. My heart is so heavy now. I just do not know is it me or is it others? Or we have “destiny” to point to only? I just wanted to point out how childish people can be. Even me sometimes? But I think I am more mature than many others that I have met. Especially after year 2 where I see how people would just gullibly eat in others’ words without clarification.

Growing up in a pampered, yet not overly pampered family (if you all know what is NOT spoilt yet you can get what you want if its reasonable by your family’s means), I was always allowed to be my way.

That was my bossiness which my family said is tolerable only because they know who I am. But others would not think so. But I find my bossiness not a big deal since I survived Paris, part time work life, first year of uni and Shanghai. And not being boastful, people see me as nice and bubbly. Only the second year of uni. What and why? I am already not interested. I think I shall let words flow.

My family once said to not trust easily but I cannot help it. It is my nature. Since I was very young, my family already saw that but I never learn from my lessons and their wise words. I still insist sincerity is the way. If you dislike/like something, just make it clear. WHY WANT TO BE PRETENTIOUS?

Those who already judged me without knowing, its their problems. None of mine. Those who love to spread, just keep it going. Because what is true will stay true. What are lies will come through with people knowing what a pretentious liar you are. And I am glad some people see through those “words”. Hope I can stay as wise as, if not wiser than, those people. Cheers!

Learning to be wiser,

“If you judge people, you have no time to know them,” Mother Theresa.

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Getting wasted

I have been so tired that I figured once I step my foot on Brunei soil, I would do nothing but to enjoy life. Enjoy as in just sleep, watch dramas, sleep, eat, watch dramas. Before I go on, let me count my blessing. IMG_1299Ok, maybe just having landed in Brunei safely would be good enough. it was really a turbulent flight.   IMG_1300The weather was so bad! We had to fly rounds before landing because of the bad weather. IMG_1303We were so low yet the clouds were lower! IMG_1305I was not really worried until the Jordanian sitting beside me started questioning a lot about why and what’s. And what if the petrol ran out =.=IMG_1296Furthermore, we were sitting beside the emergency door… =S

I did not upload any pictures of Shanghai then. So now I have nearly two months worth of pictures to upload (or Chee Sian threaten to upload for me =.=) And I do not know what is wrong with using Facebook from Brunei. An album can fit 200 pictures but if you try to upload 200 pictures, it is ALWAYS fail =.= I have to upload maybe 50 by 50. Ok, stop complaining, it is better than uploading five by five. HAHAIMG_1267 So far, in this “real” holiday, I slept a lot already (but never enough to re-compensate the amount of time I slept when I am in Sunway haha) I think my baby sister is already bored of me =.= She used to come home and go into my room to sleep last few days. But not now anymore. I am not complaining lah. This means I do not have to sleep early (9pm is early to me) and wake up at 4.30am doing nothing =.=

And just less than a week, I managed to finish watching two long dramas 😉 Cheerios. But watched when multi-tasking 😉 Such are the powers of girls. But sad to say, I am not always a “girlie” girl… so maybe that is why I failed at times to multi-task! (HAHA!)IMG_1309What else? Oh! I managed to feed myself fatter. Been to Thai and Jap food. Pictures of the Thai food…IMG_1315IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1314Yeah Thai food again right after the lunch one with Khoo, Chee Sian, Sze Ling and Wen Hao. hehe I did not take any of the Jap because I have shown the pictures of those sushi and their likes so many a times haha… More good food to come because I am at home 😉

Getting fatter than fat,

The one who has been enjoying a little too way too much of food!

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Brunei <3

Yes, back in Brunei and enjoying everyday. Doing nothing much but trying to enjoy as much as possible because soon, it would be days where I would be like a family maker yet have to manage with my studies.

I am looking forward to the start of the new semester because I have a feeling that I would be able to focus on my studies, unlike the last semester. And I am very excited about friends who are coming back from Australia =D Undeniable, there is a little part of me not wanting to face what MIGHT happen in the new semester. I guess I have to stop thinking about those and brave my future.

Currently I am missing Shanghai. Chee Sian once said he would not miss much except for the dirt cheap food/things. I think that is kind of true for me too. But I do miss the times and people there. The cool weather especially! *Snap back into reality*

A random stop for this post. Will post about the turbulent flight home some other time =P I am still figuring why I cannot upload the pictures into Facebook for the N-th times! Grrrrr

Scratching head,

The one who is positive yet skeptical of the upcoming semester!

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Bye China! Hi Malaysia! Opps… In Brunei already! =D

So, after the day trip, we were lucky to got a place to stay. IMG_1198Not only that, we got the guy who sent us to the hotel to get us to the airport the very next day. IMG_1201Our flight would be at 2pm but we insist on going to the airport at 9am. That would be so early and the driver kept trying to persuade us to go only at 10am.    IMG_1209We insist to go at 9am and did not regret it. IMG_1210Our luggage were over weight and when we finished settled everything, it was already 11am. Not long after, we checked-in, went through the immigration and soon, boarded =) IMG_1213Five hours was painstaking. And in Airasia, you should know lah… everything needs money. But it was better than what I had in mind.IMG_1214Chee Sian, Khoo and I chatted using the touch-screen system and tried hard to spend all my RMB on snacks LOL. IMG_1227Von Yi was lost somewhere with Shaun then =P IMG_1228Landed at 7pm plus and got out of airport only after 8pm! Thanks so much to Von Yi, she insisted on sending me back to where I stay. Before that we went to eat dinner. I feel so paiseh lah! Her family send me back yet treat me to dinner again. It was already 9pm when we were at the dinner place. So quick!!!IMG_1232 IMG_1233When I reached my place it was nearly 10pm but I could not do anything to the new place. It was so dirty (as in the dust all over the place and over the floor) but I do not have brooms or mops. All I could do was wipe my study table and unpack. Go over to a friend’s place to move my things. I walked to and fro carrying my stuff FIVE times =S

Until it was nearly 1am in the morning I stopped. I cleared a little of my place and unpacked properly. Before I was to sleep, I suddenly realised my phone ran out of battery and I do NOT have the charger with me. I panicked and sms Sze Ling. And my phone then off itself. I felt lucky then cause I could at least send Sze Ling the sms. But at the same time, I was so worried that I could not wake up because I do not have any alarm. Well, in luck again, I woke up early enough to prepare and wait for others to come =) [and also to realise I have my charger with me =.=] Anyway how, the others were busy and got late. So we ended up going to a Thai restaurant to meet up with them for lunch =D So long that I did not have any Thai food =) IMG_1237 IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1244Not too bad and they brought me to buy what I need some more! They were just so nice. They even came to help me move my remaining stuff =) THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am really a lucky person because my surname is “Foo” mah (姓“符”=幸福)! HAHA

And we lingered in my unit for awhile before the next destination =DIMG_1267After that, we went to Khoo’s house! Eat eat eat. Always, if go to his house, its like a chocolate store. Not any store. Its those with FREE good chocolates LOL Yum yum~~IMG_1269We planned to have dinner at Murni because they all always brag about how nice but never bring me there. IMG_1271But plans changed and we went to have dinner with his mum and brother instead. Good meal again! Thanks so much =DIMG_1272 The bean curd was not too bad!IMG_1273 But this is nice. With salted egg yolk!!! (I forgot to tell my dad about this!)IMG_1274 IMG_1275 IMG_1276 Pork with watermelon!IMG_1277 yes! Watermelon balls =) YummyyyyyyIMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1280 Everything was so yummy and I love this crispy mini baby octopus =D (Just as if I am eating bug since it looks like bug and is crispy – but if it was a real bug, I won’t even go near it I think LOL)IMG_1281The next stop was to Chee Sian’s place and play with Larrie. I did not know his mom would be back already but then we did meet and his mom is so nice. Good hospitality =) But his dog does not like me =(IMG_1284She only does not bark at me when she is tired. I am going to keep a shirt I wear for one hundred days (without washing) in her cage. Next time when she see me, she is going to love me! HAHAHA…

And show you all one thing… IMG_1290This is *deng deng deng deng* Chee Sian’s room! HAHA… so many bears. And the light! LOOK! IMG_1291 And in his room, everything is green, this is SUPPOSED to be my room! LOL *tam sim*

After that, it was quite late already and they got me home. I continue packing to decide what is to leave in the unit itself and what to bring back to Brunei.IMG_1295And Meaghan was there to stay overnight =) We talked while I packed and slept. The very next morning, the taxi was waiting for me and I left for the airport while Meaghan went to the university to get some work done =D Bye, Malaysia~

Having real holiday,

The one who wants to only laze at home! =P

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