Been Lazy!

Sorry been a bit lazy. Supposed to go to a propaganda thingy (exhibition) with Blaze but she is still sleeping. So the plan is cancelled. I could have blogged yesterday or the day before but I am  dreading it because I see how many days I have been here and how soon it will be before I go back =(

Oh well, I believe only leaving will make me try to remember more happy memories. I am already thinking what I will miss and always eat them rather than a proper meal HAHA

Shanghai Day 37 (3rd January 2010) IMG_0190Guess what?! We went back to Cheng Huang Miao! LOL. This time with five Koreans. IMG_0155They speak some Chinese and English but it is still hard to communicate without body language. I must have looked funny when I tried to talk to them. HAHAIMG_0156 And on the way there, we met with some Shanghainese. And this auntie here is very nice. IMG_0157She led me and Chee Sian to the entrance of Cheng Huang Miao, which is different from the one we used the other day. Cheng Huang Miao has four entrances if I am not mistaken =D

And I saw this! IMG_0177MUST try. Wanted to try since long ago (actually after Ming Xuan had her one but then I did not want the hawberry one.)IMG_0178 I got the strawberry one! IMG_0182YUMMY =D

I had it while walking around. We haven’t yet entered Cheng Huang Miao then. We did not know it was so lively in this other side of this entrance. IMG_0183Saw this little boy and he was so cute. I asked him to pose and he did so with a thinking pose!!!

And then there was another little boy with his dad. He saw these paintings and point at them, saying: “Papa! See those naughty girls!” LOL (in Chinese lah of course!) The dad felt so ashamed and just left. =.=IMG_0184IMG_0185 And then we were finally into Cheng Huang Miao. We spent some time out there haha…IMG_0193 We walked and I took some pictures. Lazy to post up =P Its nothing much anyway 😉 And I realised the time and we still have not yet gone to the Shanghai Museum!!! We rushed to the Nanjing Road, Pedestrian Street using a tuk tuk.IMG_0220 Walked around to try and find the museum. IMG_0229 IMG_0234 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 But we were late by FIVE MINUTES TTIMG_0246 So sad but cannot do anything other than camwhoring out there! =.=IMG_0247 IMG_0250 It was an invincible Kai Ee that was sitting in between us LOLIMG_0251 IMG_0253 IMG_0254 IMG_0256 IMG_0257 IMG_0258 IMG_0268IMG_0270And after that, Ming Xuan and Von Yi went back first while Chee Sian and I went to look for the tour agency. We get every info required and left for home (not until I bought a set of KFC meal. It was RMB 24 but the taste was not as nice as the RMB12 one that I had HAHA)

Accompanied them to have dinner at Zhong Yuan Shao Kao. Blaze came along too. My room mate ❤

Money spent for Day 37:

Total spent = RMB 50 (roughly)


Shanghai Day 38 (4th January 2010)

Its already the fourth day! Time sure flies! =( I am so not ready to leave Shanghai but the day will come very soon! IMG_0283 Anyway this is the RMb12 burger set (the extra burger is Chee Sian’s) It was good compared to that of the KFC haha… Ok, the comment varies =PIMG_0284 And today! My package arrived! =D Thanks Khoo =)IMG_0285 I just got two books only =) Dirt cheap! China China China! HAHA

Oh, and let me introduce you to two of my classmates. Seth and Jim. Seth is a really nice guy and he knows Japanese. So cool! Not so clear about Jim. Anyway, they were making some Takoyaki.IMG_0286 You know what is takoyaki? The fishball like thingy with octopus in it? I believe most of you all would know.IMG_0288 Yeah, they made it themselves in the class! See how Japanese are so innovative.IMG_0289 They made it and can even put the seasoning! I would have loved to get some back for my baby sisters and baby cousins! But the price is crazy. One is like RMB50! Made of gold meh!IMG_0296 And it is actually candy LOL But still, it is D.I.Y. candy. So fun! I should have grown up in Japan! HAHAIMG_0302 Oh and here is one tutor and she looks a lot like another lab demo we had in Sunway campus. Kit Yee. Well, its not obvious here but then from many other angles, she looked a lot like Kit Yee. But from here, she looks more prettier than Kit Yee lah =P (Sorry Mr Huang Qin Yuan, hope this did not break your heart LOL)IMG_0306 After class, we stayed to help make a video. If there is a chance, I might post it up in facebook. Or let Khoo do it hehe… After that, we had dinner! =)IMG_0314And that girl is Lisa. She is a very very nice and sweet girl. I love to listen to her presentation. I always see her effort in them =)

Money spent for Day 38:

Total spent = RMB 30

Time to prepare to go for lunch,

The one who thinks it is still not the time to leave Shanghai =(


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