First day of real holiday =)

We started the morning waking up in Shanghai but spent the day in Jiang Su. Chee Sian, Ming Xuan and her grandmother joined a day trip to Zhou Zhuang.IMG_0812I had so much fun ❤ And thanks to Ming Xuan’s uncle (refer to as uncle though her relationship a bit more complicated =P) Her relatives are a whole bunch of nice people and always treat us. Its such a warm feeling ❤IMG_0709Anyway, officially the real holiday and we spent it in Zhou Zhuang. Pictures time =)  IMG_0712 Zhou Zhuang itself was a very nice scenic place. I enjoyed the views there a lot and had lots of fun strolling around =)IMG_0735I felt that the tour guide gave just the right amount of time for us to look around. She was even telling us the best place to snap pics.IMG_0806I am so lucky that my tour guide does not sound sad or monotonous. We heard another tour guide who was so unenthusiastic! LUCKY US! =) IMG_0722This village is very quiet and most people were made to move to other places. They just have some left here and I somehow thinks the government must have paid them or what to have them let their houses be opened to tourists. There are even places where the people were making their livelihoods by doing what they are good at as souvenirs. Unique =)  But only old people live here.IMG_0718Not many teenagers or so. And they mostly still spit =(  We saw the women were washing by the river where they spit at o.O IMG_0915 IMG_0916 IMG_0917 IMG_0920 IMG_0927 IMG_0830Anyway, after the Zhou Zhuang we had lunch at somewhere around there too. The tea there was free and shockingly nice.IMG_0839It was all so different from those of Shanghai one. Probably is because of the water. And Chee Sian had to remind me that the water was full of spit =.=IMG_0795Before we left for the lunch place we bought some pork leg. It was the famous “San Wan Ti” but I think my grandmother make better ones!IMG_0831 This is the pork leg after they cut (using scissor) them up and it was a treat from Ming Xuan’s uncle. So nice =) And here are our lunch dishes =)IMG_0832 Brinjal is always a must. I think we mostly have brinjal in our meals all the time HAHAIMG_0833 This fried egg looks simple and its ordered by Ming Xuan’s grandma but was so delicious. My favourite dish although it was a little bit salty.IMG_0834 The salt should be free and that is why it was like having salted vege here =(IMG_0835 I was enjoying the soup very much =) Chicken with some pork balls. I do not actually know whether it is or not. It was chewy (not the nice chewy type though) and filled with the soup itself I think. Its nothing really special I think just that the soup is flavourful =) IMG_0838And our tour guide showed us this fish. It is alive.IMG_0837Breathing using its lungs when out of water.IMG_0937When it is in the water it would not be as cute as that HAHA  IMG_0840And when we were all very full… we suddenly remembered Khoo! You know why? Cause we had so much leftovers HAHA… he would be able to clean all the platters. *See? We missed you!* HAHA And during the dinner we heard someone talking about Monash and we talked to them.IMG_0864Ming Xuan started first with a hi and finger pointing at me LOL Shy mah but we made friends ^^ We went on the boat together =) Can only have eight on one for RMB100. IMG_0856So we planned to go on the boat together. All six of us. But we met another girl who wants to go on it but she is alone so I offered her to join us and here we are all in one boat =)IMG_0855   There was this woman who was rowing the boat faces us and was so desperately wanting to sing for us. She offered to sing two songs for RMB20 but we refused. Thereafter she asked again but RMB10 for two songs. In the end we just let her sing and she sang about three or four tunes for us =)IMG_0874 Here are us =) All seven of us. I hope I haven’t lost their email contacts! Its on a lil piece of paper!IMG_0894After the boat trip we walked our ways. We still had some free time so we went strolling around. IMG_0928And also went to find the peanut biscuits again. They are totally awesome possum. IMG_0932We had the tau fu fa and it was horrible. All watery yet not sweet at all. IMG_0934So the clever me put the peanut crumbs into it and enjoyed =) *faster praise me* Self praise is not praise mah    IMG_0936After that the Zhou Zhuang is over. We went to some other places. IMG_0938Do not really know where those places are but its like silk factory and temple again (typical of Chinese tours =.=)  IMG_0941 IMG_0943 When we reached, we went to the Raffles City to enjoy some egg tart. Lilian’s! Thanks to Ming Xuan’s uncle again =) It was so nice of him. Though he was not in the trip with us but he still treat us to nice food =)IMG_0956After that we met up with my tutors. My tutor herself is leaving for her hometown so we have a dinner together. It was kind of rush but I am glad we had the dinner together =)  IMG_0957 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0961 IMG_0962IMG_0969

Money spent for the day (Day 43 in China)

Total = 390 RMB (roughly)

Feeling the motion sickness,

The one who is blogging in flight =)


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