My heart…

I had a good meal just now at Sheraton Utama Hotel. Its a Welcome and Farewell dinner for the Total E&P Borneo. It was one of those company dinners where I accompany my aunt to.

But now… my heart is so dampen. My heart is so heavy now. I just do not know is it me or is it others? Or we have “destiny” to point to only? I just wanted to point out how childish people can be. Even me sometimes? But I think I am more mature than many others that I have met. Especially after year 2 where I see how people would just gullibly eat in others’ words without clarification.

Growing up in a pampered, yet not overly pampered family (if you all know what is NOT spoilt yet you can get what you want if its reasonable by your family’s means), I was always allowed to be my way.

That was my bossiness which my family said is tolerable only because they know who I am. But others would not think so. But I find my bossiness not a big deal since I survived Paris, part time work life, first year of uni and Shanghai. And not being boastful, people see me as nice and bubbly. Only the second year of uni. What and why? I am already not interested. I think I shall let words flow.

My family once said to not trust easily but I cannot help it. It is my nature. Since I was very young, my family already saw that but I never learn from my lessons and their wise words. I still insist sincerity is the way. If you dislike/like something, just make it clear. WHY WANT TO BE PRETENTIOUS?

Those who already judged me without knowing, its their problems. None of mine. Those who love to spread, just keep it going. Because what is true will stay true. What are lies will come through with people knowing what a pretentious liar you are. And I am glad some people see through those “words”. Hope I can stay as wise as, if not wiser than, those people. Cheers!

Learning to be wiser,

“If you judge people, you have no time to know them,” Mother Theresa.


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