Been eating non stop. OMG. As if it wasn’t enough. The food here is really damn expensive. My aunt’s annoyed at me for always comparing the prices in Brunei with those of Malaysia and China HAHAIMG_1331So far, I have had so much nice great meals 😉 Such is the nicest thing of being home.IMG_1320I last mentioned I had a nice dinner at Sheraton Utama?IMG_1319Its a welcome and farewell dinner for my aunt’s company. Buffet style. And I ate the mains really quickly.IMG_1324WHY? Because I love the desserts 😉 The orange cheesecake was superb. I had THREE small pieces of that HAHA.IMG_1326The fruit tart was just alright 😉 And I had another dessert in a small shot glass.IMG_1325It was very nice but I do not know what it was. Yeah got kiwi! No, I am still allergic to it. =( But it is good that as long as I do not eat/drink the fruit, then I would be fine 😉IMG_1340I went for steamboat at Berrywan too. Nothing really special but at least I can confirm the food is really fresh 😉IMG_1341I love the tau fu fah there. Not the smoothest I ever had but it was good 😉IMG_1343And had real dim sum at Lucky Restaurant! =) Other than food food food, I spent some time with Gi Gi and Wei Wei already too. Maybe going to spend more tomorrow.IMG_1336Plan to do some baking. I cannot do any part time or internship because I came back in the mid of Jan and mid of Feb, its CNY! And what makes it more unpredictable is the “Angkat Sumpah” ceremony and also the consecutive processes. Other than that, is the appointments with specialists – yeah not only one doctor =.= *stay brave* IMG_1348So with things here and there, I could not do much but to accompany my aunt to dinners, accompany my dad here and there, accompany my other aunt to shopping *CNY* yay!!! And watch dramas =) Once the semester starts, I would not be really able to slack like this and watch dramas. so forgive me for being a pig now.IMG_1349So yeah, been shopping. Bought two sets of clothes for CNY already. And feels so sad. I can still fit but then can feel I got much fatter =( With all those food in China and in Brunei, it would be crazy not to put on weight. I shall declare I want to go on diet for now *always say only – no one ever sees me on diet HAHA* It is also because of gastric lah!

So life now is at comfort level without much excitements. But I am happy for how it is like right now 😉

Staying positive,

The one who does not want the negative air to come near her! =D


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  1. 1

    Melora said,

    I want to go there.

  2. 3

    Seth said,

    woah!! it’s nerunerunerune!! (the candy your cousin? little sister? has..) i ate all mine already… -.-‘

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