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Very Kiasu Nature

Yes, its in me. HAHA… the day before Patricia flew back to Australia with Yun, they were going to have a yumcha session at KB. IMG_1980 Since I was at BSB, I felt so kiasu that I would not be able to join. As stubborn as I can be, I went down KB just to yumcha with them HAHA… thereafter met up with Shee Yunn and Justin.   IMG_1985 I was with Shee Yunn till nearly 4am in the morning and had to force myself up at 8am to go back up BSB. IMG_2001I tagged along Pat and her parents. They were sending her to the airport. I got to see her off =) Actually I never liked seeing people off, or people seeing me off because of the sad teary scene. IMG_1994My first time seeing people off once I got to understand things was when I was ten. I cried non-stop! o.O HAHAIMG_2008Anyway, in the airport, I met Jia Wei and Madam Boey. =) After Pat and Yun boarded, I went for a light breakfast with Patricia’s parents and to shop a little before they drop me at my dad’s place.IMG_2021Nothing much thereafter but to meet with my aunt. Had to prepare too for dinner. My belated birthday dinner =) At Escapade again.IMG_2028THREE GIGANTIC SCALLOPS! IMG_2030Tama Unagi IMG_2029MORE UNAGI. hehe.. It was simply good =D I had so much of Japanese meal when I am back in Brunei (as always) And it was also the seventh day of CNY. IMG_2039So here goes our yeesang. IMG_2034With raw salmon =)IMG_2042Blogging on air (4.00pm, 26.02.2010),

The one who had a hard time today.


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忙了很多天,也病了很多天。连续跟亲朋好友见面聚餐。忙着去医院。忙着办 open house。这些“忙”可能是借口吧。或许因为想尽兴的享受也想要避免自己去想那些有的没的。






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Did I tell you about my baby sister AGAIN? Oh please!! Do not close this page. Just read. She is oh-so-cute! The other day, she put on her interchangeable fisherman hat, a cute one in orange hue on one side and floral prints on the other side. Took a pink chopstick and tied a shoe string onto it loosely. She climbed up on the bamboo baby chair placed in a corner and started…


Seriously, she is so cute =D And this morning I got her one of the Japanese do-it-yourself candies where you make takoyaki-taste-alike gummies set. I promised her last night that if she slept early, she would get it. And this morning, her mood was so good. She showered and came to me for it. I told her to wait for me before opening the package but she could not wait.

She got it opened and ate up all the decoration/seasoning bits! HAHAHA Oh well, such is kid.

I ❤ her,

The one who is very blessed indeed 😉

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I want goodness only =D

Seems like I am always sick. When I was a baby till right before teenage years, I have always been a healthy one. But my grandmother deemed me unhealthy and started feeding me with cod liver oil to fatten me up. I could never gain weight then =S Ever since then, I always get nose bleed, bad coughs, flu and tonsillitis. They come few times a year not once a few years =.=IMG_2018But it is not that bad actually because its normal sickness. This time, CNY! Easiest period for ANYONE to fall sick because of the GOOD food LOL But weird enough, I do not have sore throat! Only slight flu and cough. And bad bouts of nausea. I get dizzy and headaches till I need rest. Once I am up, I would be fine for less than one hour =.= But if I force myself, I could still work about things for a longer period. But no matter what, I am still good 😉IMG_1923I have seen the specialists concerning my persisting arthritic pain and apparently they hope my condition is a one time thing. Meaning there are chances of re-occurrences but they hope it won’t. Those arthritic pain apparently can happen when you have a bout of virus infection or when you are under great stress. I hope it was due to stress that such thing happened to me.IMG_1988They would not want to diagnose me with a lifetime disease just because of some very indefinite signs. I would not be doing the skin biopsy just yet. Would probably get an allergic patch test when I come back the next time due to insufficient time. IMG_1919Skin condition worsened, that was why. I was prescribed with a very expensive medicine that the hospital never keep stock of. BND120 (Nearly RM300) for a very tiny tube =S They are ordering it for me. Yes, free of charge as Brunei is so good. Just that, I need to wait while they apply and continue with the procedures to specially order the medicine for me. Meanwhile, I stick to old medications until next appointment.IMG_1928It was a bit paiseh when I was at the pharmacy. Mostly older people get large bags of medications. So when it was my turn to get my medications, the pharmacist had to ask who those medicine was for. She could not believe it was mine LOL But really thank God I was born in Brunei, or else, I do not know how much money would be spent just seeing doctors and buying medicines. I must be very diligent in the daily regime and I promise to get better. Only better =D   IMG_2001  I am very grateful indeed,

The one who is blessed =)

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Another Visit to UBD

Since I am back dating, might as well post a few other posts 😉IMG_1629Here goes, it was the 10th of February and Yumni and I met up at UBD. Faezah was there too, which I did not expect as Yumni told me Faezah would be busy. IMG_1630 Wei Kee brought us around despite the busyness and tiredness. She had a full schedule some more. We visited the library which I did not expect to be so high tech and big. Its really big. IMG_1634Faezah is always for UBD but I am always for Monash *loyal bah* HAHA However, I really could not deny that the UBD has a better collection of books. Even those which are in very bad conditions and placed in special bookcase in a plastic bag. For those, you need to write in to borrow them. There are also rare collectible books which are not widely published. IMG_1637There were not only books, but newspaper archives, video and audio tapes. In the library itself, there are a few flat screen TV, VCR players, DVD players. I was totally amazed.IMG_1639Never expected my home university to have such good facilities. They even have a digitizing room where those library media could be digitized with sophisticated machines. COOL IMG_1638They even have lots of discussion rooms. Some are even called solo rooms as they are smaller and fit one to four persons comfortably.IMG_1646 But this is still a Muslim country. No couples are allowed to be on their on. As a rule, no two persons can be alone in the room. I am not sure about two boys. But I am definite no two girls or a couple are allowed. THREE if the safe number. hahaIMG_1647After the UBD visit, went to the girls’ hostel. It was a tiny room which I think is quite cheap and apt. But, I do not think I can stay in such small space for long period of time. I am too spoilt for space =(IMG_1673Thereafter, we went to Charmy. Wei Kee did not come along as she had to give tuition at a tuition centre later that evening. Woah… people here get allowances from attending university and still go earn money. I should be more hardworking!

That was a visit to the UBD with the Amin sisters. Oh, did I mention that they went to a surau which is way better than the ones in Malaysia? Haha… really magnificent mosques in Brunei. Its worth a visit even if you are not a Muslim. I want to. Waiting for the chance ;)   

Proud of UBD,

The one who is still sick… =(

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Dear Anais <3

No, this is not a declaration of love post. This is also not a birthday greeting post =P I just wanted to fulfill my promise to Anais.IMG_1678There were so many happenings back in Brunei albeit I always complained that it was really boring here. Haha… That is mainly because everyone is busy and could not find the time to go out and have fun with me. The company that you have makes a big difference!!!  IMG_1684 And there was this one of the many things that I did not blog about *due to time constraints* that I decided to blog now in order to fulfill my promise to Anais =) IMG_1685 So, here are the cheese burger and double cheese burger. LOLIMG_1687 It had been a long time, so I got Sendy to come out despite them (Sendy and Wei Kee) being so busy. It was planned that I were to meet with Ann and Yun and his friends. But Ann wanted McD while Yun and his friends wanted KFC, we went on our own. IMG_1688Met up thereafter only for a movie and Secret Recipe =D Its new in town but I had way too many in Sunway to say it extremely good =P Quality is maintained but lack of choices (comparatively speaking)

Fulfilled my promise,

The one who dislikes people who never keep their promises.

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I cannot tell you how great Facebook has been. Be it for finding people, keeping in touch, randomly hitting on people or simply to give people another means of piling on gossips.

Well, yeah, there are so much gossips to dig. Sadly I never had much time other than to trail a few people’s profiles. Do not be excited… just yet. Cause I mostly just hit on Ann, Emily and Anais’s =P But when I do have the time and am bored, I would usually rather blog or watch dramas =P But to say I do not dig gossips, its not exactly real. If the gossip pops up on my homepage, and I read it. No accident. And there you go, I know =P

But so far so good. I haven’t found out any big conspiracy. However, tonight I found that my A level Maths teacher, who is also my group tutor, HIGHLY related to me! Ok, I exaggerated. But here I close in on a point: BRUNEI IS SO DAMN SMALL. Someone is someone’s someone who is also someone’s someone. You get what I mean? LOL

I would certainly want to start calling Mr Chan, UNCLE CHAN! But he sounded scary when he say not to call him that HAHA… Anyway, I let him go and still call him as Mr Chan or sir!

On the part on people doing random adds… Seriously, if I never seen you personally or talked to you, I would NEVER add 😉 I find it pointless. Or at least if you come up with a personal message that says more than “Hi” or “Hello” or something, I might consider 😉

There was even one who saw my home page and said it to my face that I am a bitch. Just because I refuse to add those people. Why not ignore? Believe me, there are really desperate people who would just add you again and again =.= Why not give them the chance? Well, I messaged initially and never get response =.=”

I find it more funny to see this:- stupid invites A few close friends is better than a hoard of so-called friends,

The one who loves her true friends <3<3<3

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