Happy Happy!

I do not know. Just since November last year, I have already made up my mind to be happy. Stay positive. Do not let the negative side of things bring me down. I think till now, I have done a very great job. Yeah, of course there were times I still break down. NO matter what, till now, I am still very proud of what I am maintaining it like 😉 IMG_1611Erm, other than bringing that point out, I also want to mention my birthday. I very seldom mention about my own birthdays because I do not really like the notion of birthday. It is like growing old BY YEAR instead of mentality. I just want to make a point, people should act their age but there is no specific “frame” to which characterise how a certain someone should act in a specific age! Ok, maybe I am not very clear in expressing that. If people get it, then they get it lah! =PIMG_1609Anyway, I would not blog much about my birthday but would really LOVE to thank my bunch of girlfriends. We should gather again soon before we separate again! HAHA No shots for me please. Even one small drink is enough to make me swoon! HAHAIMG_1467So, I actually went to stay in KB house for the weekend and had no access to internet at all. I LOST MY CIVILISATION. That was why there was no updates! For Thursday, I was a good girl. IMG_1466I accompanied my dad to Tasek Lama where he went hiking. With my health conditions, I am not up to it. I brought my book there to read  and waited for him in the playground ;)I even helped him make lo mai kai! Do not ask me for recipes because I seriously do not know.IMG_1469I helped him to put the chicken, mushroom etc pieces in and learn some techniques in how to make them look presentable! HAHA IMG_1470Then we had steamboat for dinner. I did not take much picture *lazy!* IMG_1471For weekends, as mentioned, I went back to KB tagging Ann! =) I slept pretty “early” at 5am HAHA Woke to have lunch with Ann and Wei Kee. IMG_1475We had lots to catch up and really did. I would love to sit there talk non stop but I think we sat for a tad bit too long! We left only at 3pm HAHA I went back to rest a while before going to dinner. Food again! IMG_1481 IMG_1482 This beancurd is TOTALLY awesome! It is with MACADAMIA nuts! YUMMERS!IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1487 Then went to see LION DANCE! And dragon dance 😉IMG_1527Ok, CNY is not here yet. It is just the opening ceremony for the LIONS. And I actually took the time to revisit my old school. Been a long time! =DIMG_1502 IMG_1506 IMG_1508IMG_1516 Then chilling at my place 😉 I just love gathering with close friends only. I do not feel odd, out of place! hehe… IMG_1583Then I total lost my conscious. Felt like vomiting but could not bring myself to walk. Just like that, I slept till morning, and even ignored my dad’s call! LOL IMG_1585 The very next day… went to lunch with Emily at Lee Looi Fatt. KB ROJAK =D I did not expect others. But I was glad to get to know a few other people. =D Yeah, I am always keen to meet people! IMG_1595And one of the guys actually “heard” about me. The story goes like this –> My uncle gave a talk about career in his company. And mentioned about his nieces and nephew involving in a car accident. And one of the guy was there. Guess what? I am one of the nieces! HAHAIMG_1605After that, I hang out at Emily’s and went up BSB with Wei Kee. Siew Chee was in the car too. Forgot to take picture. Sigh! Ever since back in Brunei, I do not take as much pictures as I do overseas (except Miri HAHA)IMG_1621Entertain you all with my baby sister’s pictures. CNY coming. TRYING ON NEW CLOTHES 😉IMG_1624 IMG_1625Sorry for the messy hair. but indulge in her cuteness for now. Soon, she is going to be a naughty brat and a rebellious teenager.

Tired but not sleepy,

The one who is eager to start working in BRUNEI! $$$


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