Ten things about HER

So here I go again about TEN. Ten seems to be a number that symbolises perfection I guess. It is now 3.33am in the morning. Chinese New Year Eve. I have been trying to get to sleep for the past two hours yet, here I am, wide awake. Hence I decided to blog.

I guess it is also about time that I blogged. I have been sick, not terribly though; down with flu and throbbing headaches. I am never a pill popper but the flu was bad that I forced myself to down the daily dose of medicine that I am SUPPOSED to eat. But two nights of the medicine was enough; flu ceased and I slept throughout the day. I refuse to take it the third time and hence, here I am wide awake =S

Ok, enough about that, time to talk about someone I cherish. Nothing new like I suddenly became a lesbian or bisexual eh? HAHA… its about my baby sister yet again =P Sorry, no time for pictures because laptop battery is running low and my laptop charger died on me. So please bear with me =P

1) QiQi was so cute! Terribly cute. She would still call me and say I love you, I miss you. Her words always melt my heard ❤

2) Upon my request, she would still allow me to bite her arm. But when her mood is not there, she would refuse and run away. Maybe she just wanted me to play with her, chasing around.

3) My baby sister remembers a “brother” through the laptop when I skype with a friend. The 坏蛋哥哥 (naughty brother)! HAHA… and she will side me in an argument with a laptop LOL

4) My elder sister was playing PS2 the other day and my baby sister managed to dig out an old badminton racquet and start strumming on it like she would a guitar! LOL Maybe most of you do not know, she would take bowls and soup ladle and put herself into the role of Tom and Jerry playing GOLF! She USED to do that. HAHA

5) There was a few nights she would bring her blanket and pillow to my room and sleep with me. So sweet. But most of the time my dad just could not sleep without her. So, she would end up being forced to go back to my dad’s room.

6) Last two night, my baby sister came with her blanket and some toys. I got my dad to reconnect the TV (the one which my baby sister blanco-ed all over and my maid had a hard time scraping and cleaning the TV screen! HAHA) and the DVD player. My baby sister wanted to watch a DVD about Jacky Chan and Louis Koo kidnapping a baby. It was just because of the baby that my baby sister wanted to watch it. She got pretty excited just seeing the baby but she did not finish because my dad got her to sleep. HAHA. But she is so sweet ❤

7) My baby sister used to dread school a lot. That made us thought she was bullied at school. Teacher said otherwise and we could never find a reason as to why. When it is time for school, she would always LOOK sick and holds her tummy tight with both hands and say 痛痛 (painful). HAHA

8) She is somewhat like me, very naughty. And also dislike drinking water at times. HAHA… My dad got her water to bring to school daily and one day, my dad noticed she did not drink her water. She got reprimanded. That very evening when her classes ended already, I went with my dad to pick her up. Once in the car, she took out her water bottle and ask us to see. She finished her water! HAHA… she was just looking for praises! CHEEKY!

9) I had my hair done the other day and when my baby sister saw me with the new hair cut, she was obviously jealous! She smelt my hair and started to strode off! LOL

10) I was putting on new nail polish colour. Preparation for CNY =) My baby sister saw it and albeit it was pink in colour, she demanded me to make her nails rainbow-like! HAHA… she got the same pink as I do but with an extra glitter coat which makes it rainbow-like as light reflects them! =D

Ok, I think I can give a bonus read…

My baby sister has been singing CNY songs since one week ago! And in the car, she would demand my dad to get the screen down (the mini TV in the car) so she can sing yet see the girls dance. But my parents were in a conversation so they lowered down the volume. I told my baby sister to sayang sayang (pat) the monitor so the volume will be back up again. In fact, I asked my dad to increase the volume. My baby sister was too engrossed in singing that she did not realise it was a trick. The next moment when the volume went down, she went to pat the little monitor again! HAHAHA… such are the days when I can still bully her! LOL




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  1. 1

    faezah said,

    you bully people too much, CC!!!!! hahaha like you did to me when i thot i was caught as a monash intruder.. hahaha tsk. poor your cute lil sis, now the victim 😛 .

    btw, found your blog ehehe.

    • 2

      CC said,

      HAHA.. this is for future good memories u see!? Now, looking back, you have something to talk about ur visit to Monash right? HAHA =P


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