I cannot tell you how great Facebook has been. Be it for finding people, keeping in touch, randomly hitting on people or simply to give people another means of piling on gossips.

Well, yeah, there are so much gossips to dig. Sadly I never had much time other than to trail a few people’s profiles. Do not be excited… just yet. Cause I mostly just hit on Ann, Emily and Anais’s =P But when I do have the time and am bored, I would usually rather blog or watch dramas =P But to say I do not dig gossips, its not exactly real. If the gossip pops up on my homepage, and I read it. No accident. And there you go, I know =P

But so far so good. I haven’t found out any big conspiracy. However, tonight I found that my A level Maths teacher, who is also my group tutor, HIGHLY related to me! Ok, I exaggerated. But here I close in on a point: BRUNEI IS SO DAMN SMALL. Someone is someone’s someone who is also someone’s someone. You get what I mean? LOL

I would certainly want to start calling Mr Chan, UNCLE CHAN! But he sounded scary when he say not to call him that HAHA… Anyway, I let him go and still call him as Mr Chan or sir!

On the part on people doing random adds… Seriously, if I never seen you personally or talked to you, I would NEVER add 😉 I find it pointless. Or at least if you come up with a personal message that says more than “Hi” or “Hello” or something, I might consider 😉

There was even one who saw my home page and said it to my face that I am a bitch. Just because I refuse to add those people. Why not ignore? Believe me, there are really desperate people who would just add you again and again =.= Why not give them the chance? Well, I messaged initially and never get response =.=”

I find it more funny to see this:- stupid invites A few close friends is better than a hoard of so-called friends,

The one who loves her true friends <3<3<3


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