Dear Anais <3

No, this is not a declaration of love post. This is also not a birthday greeting post =P I just wanted to fulfill my promise to Anais.IMG_1678There were so many happenings back in Brunei albeit I always complained that it was really boring here. Haha… That is mainly because everyone is busy and could not find the time to go out and have fun with me. The company that you have makes a big difference!!!  IMG_1684 And there was this one of the many things that I did not blog about *due to time constraints* that I decided to blog now in order to fulfill my promise to Anais =) IMG_1685 So, here are the cheese burger and double cheese burger. LOLIMG_1687 It had been a long time, so I got Sendy to come out despite them (Sendy and Wei Kee) being so busy. It was planned that I were to meet with Ann and Yun and his friends. But Ann wanted McD while Yun and his friends wanted KFC, we went on our own. IMG_1688Met up thereafter only for a movie and Secret Recipe =D Its new in town but I had way too many in Sunway to say it extremely good =P Quality is maintained but lack of choices (comparatively speaking)

Fulfilled my promise,

The one who dislikes people who never keep their promises.


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    Anais said,

    Foo chan….. hehe thanks so much for the piccies XD Wah.. the fries and the burger looks so good… got me hungry already T.T

    Ann cut her hair looks so nice now!!!XD

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