Very Kiasu Nature

Yes, its in me. HAHA… the day before Patricia flew back to Australia with Yun, they were going to have a yumcha session at KB. IMG_1980 Since I was at BSB, I felt so kiasu that I would not be able to join. As stubborn as I can be, I went down KB just to yumcha with them HAHA… thereafter met up with Shee Yunn and Justin.   IMG_1985 I was with Shee Yunn till nearly 4am in the morning and had to force myself up at 8am to go back up BSB. IMG_2001I tagged along Pat and her parents. They were sending her to the airport. I got to see her off =) Actually I never liked seeing people off, or people seeing me off because of the sad teary scene. IMG_1994My first time seeing people off once I got to understand things was when I was ten. I cried non-stop! o.O HAHAIMG_2008Anyway, in the airport, I met Jia Wei and Madam Boey. =) After Pat and Yun boarded, I went for a light breakfast with Patricia’s parents and to shop a little before they drop me at my dad’s place.IMG_2021Nothing much thereafter but to meet with my aunt. Had to prepare too for dinner. My belated birthday dinner =) At Escapade again.IMG_2028THREE GIGANTIC SCALLOPS! IMG_2030Tama Unagi IMG_2029MORE UNAGI. hehe.. It was simply good =D I had so much of Japanese meal when I am back in Brunei (as always) And it was also the seventh day of CNY. IMG_2039So here goes our yeesang. IMG_2034With raw salmon =)IMG_2042Blogging on air (4.00pm, 26.02.2010),

The one who had a hard time today.


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