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Ten things

1. Again, I have the urge to post about ten things. And the first one is to tell you I am now in staff lounge trying to work on my MBB report. To no avail.IMG_29852. I just found where I had read about the Lovely Bones. I have the soft copy of the novel saved LONG AGO as draft in my Gmail =.= and that was why my report did not progress much. I read about 30 A4 pages of the 171 pages already LOLIMG_28513. My dad is going to Thailand some time in May and I am hoping for some gifts *as usual* I called to remind him but he told me he is not going to the same place. But I made him promise to buy me anything and everything =DW1G4 - PCR amplification 180320104. I actually called to annoy my sister. LONG DISTANCE CALL. HAHA I am not bored. Just want her to get my dad to get me a new iPod or an iTouch 😉 heheIMG_28525. I am looking for more formal shoes. I want black, genuine leather and comfortable ones. And I have my eyes on a pair from Camel Active but it looks a tad bit old! =( I so hope I am back in Paris where I get tonnes of nice choice!W1G4 - gDNA extraction 100320106. I am enjoying my life a tad bit too much =( I should stop using the excuse of not wanting to stress out to stop working hard on my assignments, essays and reports =( IMG_28337. I so wish I am now back in Paris or Shanghai. I do not know why. I am never a person who can settle in a place long enough. Well, Brunei is a different case. Just to be honest, it is a similar different case. I would not want to stay there long just because there is not much activities/fun there. I would still stay cause there is something for me to hold on to.IMG_26308. I am currently missing someone terribly. I do not know if this is regret. This is really a time when I felt like I need you here with me. I really cherished the time we had together. The time when even when you are not beside me, you would still be accompanying me quietly on SKYPE. Those memories, never fly. IthinkImissyou.w1g4 - PCR amplification 230320109. I am sick of works and yet I want to get them all done. I am oblivious about the fact that it is already Tuesday. Report and literature review due this Friday.

10. Hence, I should not be blogging. DO WORK!

But it is time for dinner,

The one who is taking life a bit too easily =(


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Lovely Bones

Yeah, I watched it. In my memory, I seen that title some where few years ago. Never actually read the book. It was scary at some parts. I went with someone I do not really know, so I could just bite my own hand during the scary part =( Ok, stop laughing! Cannot be scared one meh? I cried in a few parts too. It was so sad =( But rather nice. IMG_1017And prior to movie was lunch. I just sort of figured that when she asked me out, it would be those Christianity stuff. I am not against this religion. I do go to church sometimes when I feel like it. But I do not like people pushing it into me. It should come naturally, should it not? She has two South African friends with her; Tebby and Hazel. Hazel is more soft spoken and could accept the fact that I have not yet embrace their god. However, Tebby spoke with a tinge of anger and sourness to me when she realised that for more than five years, I still have not yet open my heart to their god. I cannot stand people like Tebby. This is just me.IMG_1074Anyway, time to leave that behind. Just wanted to make it clear that I do not mind sharing views about religions. Just do not condemn my views or force me to take your god as everything.IMG_0468 Luckily I had other kind of conversation in between. There was this other girl from Cheras. She came to pick me up together with my friend and the two other South African. She was mentioning about how busy her life is. Although she stays in Cheras but she spend more time in Sunway then her home. Seven days a week, she will be in Sunway, without fail. And her mom remarked that having such busy life means she would not get a boyfriend.IMG_0842 Her response was “THANK YOU MOM!” LOL. And my friend asked her to get one in church yet to have her say no because most are younger than her. She does mind about the age but then in reality, it is more of a mentality thing. She said that guys nowadays, albeit being twenty five, still act like kids. It is somehow very true. Ever since coming out of the motherland to Malaysia, I seen so much of such guys. HAHA… no offence.

More updates soon,

The one who is not working hard enough on her work =(

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Yes, as busy as I sound, I still found the time to blog. This is the place for some therapeutic cure. HAHAIMG_2998I have been trying (note: trying) hard to work hard. Obviously, not hard enough. Not much work is done. Many are done with their MBB review, starting on their MBB lab report.

I am stuck here doing SCI presentation. At bit frustrated at how things are going but perhaps this is due to the lack of dynamics in forming a group with different people who have different realisation. Whatever it is, I am grateful to have a member who is such a perfectionist and trying to get as much done as possible within her means.IMG_2982So other that the three aforementioned works, I have GEN3030 report and essay to do. I am lucky that these two are only due RIGHT after the short break. I thought we would not have class on this Friday. Apparently, it is as such in Australia but NOT Malaysia. So, shorter than short breaks for Malaysian students. IMG_2992 I am looking forward to the break though. Cause I hope something fun come up. Those unrealised plans. Those places for me to unwind a little bit, getting closer to the nature. Time to de-stress. This is the only way to cope with my oh-so-unfortunate-illness anyway. Do not get too stressed up. But MAYBE I am using this I-cannot-stress-too-much excuse a bit too much until I am not working hard enough.

I now sleep at least five hours per day. I took the guilt sleep of eight hours today only. Too tired but it was a relatively happy day yesterday.  IMG_3021 I got to play badminton (which was planned way before the semester starts), got to eat chu yok fun in SS15 and Japanese food =D It has been a month since I had any Japanese food (the sushi I made does not count)IMG_3032There was one thing I felt really bad and sorry about was certainly Khoo’s car. People are so mean nowadays. Bright sunny day! Lots of people around. Yet they dare to try break into someone’s car. And I think the fault lies greatly in me. A laptop was in the car and that laptop IS mine =(khoo There was a few other things which was not so happy. I think I shall not mention it because they are best left forgotten =) Looking forward to the bright side with a tinge of guilt yet.

Sorry about the car,

The one who should start getting work done =(

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佛:在婚姻里她还拥有她对你的爱,而你在婚姻中已失去对她的爱, 因为你爱上了别人,正谓拥有的就是幸福的,失去的才是痛苦的,所以痛苦的人是你。


























Just wanted to share,

The one who should be doing her work! =(

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My plans

… did not really work out very well. My plans was to wake early and go to university and do work. Come home, nap a little while and continue with more works.

Yesterday was the very first day. Morning was good although I skyped with my sister for an hour or so. But when I came home! I.SLEPT.FROM.9.30PM.TILL.5AM.

EPIC FAIL. It was a planned half an hour nap. Ok, I know I can never nap for just half an hour. BUT TILL MORNING?! Absolutely crazy! SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS. I guess my everyday must have 50 hours. Or so, I wish =(

Time to prepare and go to university again!

The one who is really determined to do work =)

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Its really the time

No jokes. Its really the time to start working on my assignments.

I have tonnes of work but I am not doing much. BAD SIGN.

I have plan to go to university everyday (except weekends I think) VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING and work hard. Till I complete my work!

Should be back to doing work,

The one who thinks time waits for her when in fact, it never does =(

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Cheery cheery <3

Its not cherry cherry =P It was a long day indeed yesterday. I had always made a promise to go out with Heng Yan but never got to. I think at that time, if I had really gone there, there might be more speculations. However, it makes me wonder deeper why that person had to do a cover up front before anything was said. I know now I have always seen the wrong side of people =( *erase the past* =P IMG_2841Everything is all good now (because I choose to see it this way!). I am loving how it is now. Getting in touch with more people and going out is fun. But it is taking a toll on my studies. I am never a very study organised person anyway =P IMG_2863It was Sharron’s birthday not long ago =) Wasn’t a really fantastic surprise for her but I think it made her day, or perhaps days =P IMG_2874The very next day, Khoo gave me a ride to university and we discussed about the assignment for lab management. It was a productive discussion I think =)IMG_2881Thereafter, I went for a tutorial voluntarily and off to IKEA with Heng Yan. We once said to have Waffle World but it closed down before we get to go (Sunway Pyramid’s). So this time she suggested IKEA. I was more than willing to oblige =)IMG_2882It was a 45 minutes ride there. When we got there, the queue for food was LONG. Twenty minutes before I got to the counter. But I enjoyed the food while chatting with Heng Yan. =DIMG_2883We did not go shop around then. It was a great decision by Heng Yan. Or else I would not only have been late for five minutes for my class. I might be late for more than half an hour! IMG_2880Thanks Heng Yan. Thanks for putting up with the traffic jam =) It was a nice time spent together =)IMG_2905After the lecture, Wen Hao got me back to get some stuff and off I go to KL. In a rush, I forgot my camera =( *cries* When I got there, my uncle was not done with interviewing. I waited for him for one whole hour! I should have gone to get the room’s card from him!IMG_2904After that was Dragon-I =) We did not finish the food *yet again* And there was this one dish with long beans and potato and fish slices. DAMN YUCKY. Ok, its not yucky but it is not delicious. The fish was of more flour than fish slices =.= We did not touch that dish after one each. What a waste of money =(IMG_2903Then shopped around, looking for suitable formal shoes for me. More like a smart pair of shoes rather than the sneakers/running shoes I always wear! But it was so late that not much was to be seen. IMG_2900Thereafter we wanted to go back to the hotel. But it was raining hard! No taxis would take us too due to the short distance. UNLESS YOU PAY THEM IN GOLD =.= So we planned to take the monorail. It was jammed pack but the train never arrives. Sigh. Finally we asked for a refund and walked back to the hotel. Rain was tamed already then. Showered, online and slept. Finally. HOTEL = COMFORT + AIR COND! HAHA…IMG_2908I woke early and was forced by my uncle to have the hotel breakfast. EATING ALONE. I feel so odd =S Everyone was there in a big group. Holiday-ing. There were these people from Hong Kong *I think* who were like taking big platters of everything and placing it in front of their mom *I presume* and did not get any drinks. But there were mineral water on the table. The mom tried to open it but could not. The waiter came to help but the daughter started asking something. The waiter then place the bottled water back on the table and said in Tagalog “Do not want paid water” with an angry face =.= But he came back with two glasses of water for the mom. =( Its a holiday but the mood got spoilt just because the price of a bottle of water for mom (Yeah, I understand a tiny bit of Filipino tongues)IMG_2925I was eating way too slow and could not eat much too. Its morning =.= Ok, never bring me to buffet. I never eat till its worth the price. LOL. It was complimentary anyway =P The people beside me was staring at me eat and leave, comparing my table to their tableS lolIMG_2924Anyway, I got a taxi, traffic was smooth and got back safe and sound =) Rested a little and went to Monash for discussion =) AND McD for lunch =) Don’t know why. I was craving for the fries. Thanks to Mun Keat for getting it for us =)IMG_2915After that was SLEEP! I totally could not stand the tiredness. I slept well last night but was really tired =( Must be the medication I am on =( IMG_2892 IMG_2894 IMG_2895 IMG_2896And thereafter, dinner with Renee at Pyramid. It was really fun having her around. =D We walked around. Shopped and went to Sunway Lagoon even =) Wanted to go on rollercoaster ride but we were just too full from the meal. ANOTHER TIME IT SHALL BE =)

More good times please,

The one who dislikes unhappy moments =(

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