I think its so weird that when in Brunei, I would be able to sleep so much. Well, I was sick then and need the sleep immensely. Ok, not really. Just cause I was home and had nothing to do.

But NOW?! I am still recovering from my gastric but its not really that bad already =) Still, I cannot sleep as well. Its only 5.45am? What am I doing awake especially when I only slept at 11.10pm (to be precise)!?

I rolled around the bed for half an hour before I hear the mosque singing. So, here I am… AWAKE!

Not long after… decided to make these. IMG_2242 Been spending too much on groceries but never really cook. Yes, I do know how to. =) just plain lazy…

Wants to sleep MORE,

The one who thinks she would not have a chance to sleep anymore when the semester gets hectic.


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