I do not know why. But I am just as weird as I can be. I cannot stand seeing myself in shoes that “expose” a lot. HAHA… maybe its because I have been using sneakers/running shoes etc for too long a period of time that I feel so uncomfortable. =.=IMG_2664I really had fun shopping with them. Ok, more like catching up with them. Its been so longggggg… Seriously! I felt it was ages. I miss them a lot. =( IMG_2642IMG_2644IMG_2645After a very full dinner, we had desserts again. I was very full but insist on the desserts because I do not want to go home so soon. IMG_2648Not because I do not want to see my housemate. It is because I do not want to NOT see Yan Wan and Su Lyn so fast! Ok ok, I know, there are more chances! Haih…IMG_2660And you know what? My housemate now is so cute. She loves chocolates a lot and keep on giving me chocolates. So sweet right? However, she always gave me milk chocolate which I seldom eat. I eat dark chocolate most of the time. Hey, I am NOT complaining. I am very grateful indeed to have such nice housemate =)IMG_2651Oh yeah, sorry I diverged. We went to Honeymoon to have desserts. It was good. What I had lah but then hor the waiter so INFLEXIBLE lah. IMG_2656I just wanted to have the other type of taufufah instead of the normal one with my black sesame cream, yet he had to say NO! Sheesh! What service >< But still, it was good =)   IMG_2662 More times like this please,

The one who is very blessed to have such nice roommate/housemate the very first time she was away from home, in a foreign land!


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  1. 1

    su-lyn said,

    gimme the photos !! 🙂

    Without the watermarks!

  2. 3

    yumni said,

    eh eh mcm korean food saja.. mana ko makan ah? halal??? haha laparkan makanan korea… rindu restaurant kimchi di brunei 😦

    • 4

      CC said,

      CHEGO! I think its halal. we can go check next time. Mostly beef served here but its ok lah. Just i do not eat the beef part =P maybe we shud go try one evening! tell me when you free! We check whether its halal then if yes, we can eat rah sana 😉


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