Do you feel cranky when you get too little sleep? HA! That is me!

Yesterday I had a nap and woke up. I felt compelled because I asked Khoo to wake me. Instead of the intended twenty minutes, I slept thirty minutes and got up. My nap usually needs at least an hour. Otherwise, I will be so cranky! =(

It took me more than two hours to get out of that mood! LOL I should have just slept more =P Eating the sweet trifle, drinking some sweet squash and chatting with my sister helped =) And even the thought of the little sushi set that Renee (my housemate, IF you all still did not make it out =P) bought for me got me right on track.

Work got done, I lingered a little longer till 3am to sleep =.= (Chee Sian is so going to tell me this is unhealthy! HAHA) I will sleep earlier next time πŸ˜‰ I woke at 7am, not to blog but to shower and get out of the crankiness, as if I have a night sleep, it needs to be at least five hours long. But oh well, the need in me to get work done made me promise to meet Chee Sian in university, and let that hardworking boy motivate me a little πŸ˜‰

Not so cranky anymore! =D And I will try to find the time to blog about a field trip I went on last Saturday =)

Oh blog-therapy!

The one who will sleep earlier tonight πŸ˜‰


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