Lovely Bones

Yeah, I watched it. In my memory, I seen that title some where few years ago. Never actually read the book. It was scary at some parts. I went with someone I do not really know, so I could just bite my own hand during the scary part =( Ok, stop laughing! Cannot be scared one meh? I cried in a few parts too. It was so sad =( But rather nice. IMG_1017And prior to movie was lunch. I just sort of figured that when she asked me out, it would be those Christianity stuff. I am not against this religion. I do go to church sometimes when I feel like it. But I do not like people pushing it into me. It should come naturally, should it not? She has two South African friends with her; Tebby and Hazel. Hazel is more soft spoken and could accept the fact that I have not yet embrace their god. However, Tebby spoke with a tinge of anger and sourness to me when she realised that for more than five years, I still have not yet open my heart to their god. I cannot stand people like Tebby. This is just me.IMG_1074Anyway, time to leave that behind. Just wanted to make it clear that I do not mind sharing views about religions. Just do not condemn my views or force me to take your god as everything.IMG_0468 Luckily I had other kind of conversation in between. There was this other girl from Cheras. She came to pick me up together with my friend and the two other South African. She was mentioning about how busy her life is. Although she stays in Cheras but she spend more time in Sunway then her home. Seven days a week, she will be in Sunway, without fail. And her mom remarked that having such busy life means she would not get a boyfriend.IMG_0842 Her response was “THANK YOU MOM!” LOL. And my friend asked her to get one in church yet to have her say no because most are younger than her. She does mind about the age but then in reality, it is more of a mentality thing. She said that guys nowadays, albeit being twenty five, still act like kids. It is somehow very true. Ever since coming out of the motherland to Malaysia, I seen so much of such guys. HAHA… no offence.

More updates soon,

The one who is not working hard enough on her work =(


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  1. 1

    KCY said,

    I love the last part about guys ^^ I am proud of it!!! I LOVE CARTOONS!!!

    • 2

      CC said,

      yeah yeah.. stop pretending to be small kid. TWO TWO d ok? Can still play with Jacinda lah but cannot pretend d. Later people think you kam yu lou ah! HAHAHA. or like Wen Hao, u prefer to be bian tai lao? HAHA


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