Ten things

1. Again, I have the urge to post about ten things. And the first one is to tell you I am now in staff lounge trying to work on my MBB report. To no avail.IMG_29852. I just found where I had read about the Lovely Bones. I have the soft copy of the novel saved LONG AGO as draft in my Gmail =.= and that was why my report did not progress much. I read about 30 A4 pages of the 171 pages already LOLIMG_28513. My dad is going to Thailand some time in May and I am hoping for some gifts *as usual* I called to remind him but he told me he is not going to the same place. But I made him promise to buy me anything and everything =DW1G4 - PCR amplification 180320104. I actually called to annoy my sister. LONG DISTANCE CALL. HAHA I am not bored. Just want her to get my dad to get me a new iPod or an iTouch 😉 heheIMG_28525. I am looking for more formal shoes. I want black, genuine leather and comfortable ones. And I have my eyes on a pair from Camel Active but it looks a tad bit old! =( I so hope I am back in Paris where I get tonnes of nice choice!W1G4 - gDNA extraction 100320106. I am enjoying my life a tad bit too much =( I should stop using the excuse of not wanting to stress out to stop working hard on my assignments, essays and reports =( IMG_28337. I so wish I am now back in Paris or Shanghai. I do not know why. I am never a person who can settle in a place long enough. Well, Brunei is a different case. Just to be honest, it is a similar different case. I would not want to stay there long just because there is not much activities/fun there. I would still stay cause there is something for me to hold on to.IMG_26308. I am currently missing someone terribly. I do not know if this is regret. This is really a time when I felt like I need you here with me. I really cherished the time we had together. The time when even when you are not beside me, you would still be accompanying me quietly on SKYPE. Those memories, never fly. IthinkImissyou.w1g4 - PCR amplification 230320109. I am sick of works and yet I want to get them all done. I am oblivious about the fact that it is already Tuesday. Report and literature review due this Friday.

10. Hence, I should not be blogging. DO WORK!

But it is time for dinner,

The one who is taking life a bit too easily =(


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