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Some chocolate in life…

She was suddenly talking about him with another friend and coincidentally he came online on MSN. After some chats which he complained of his never ending work.

Her: “Facebook status dedicated to you”

Him: “HUH??”

Him: “delicious??”

Her: “My Facebook status dedicated to you”

Her: “Delicious or not you try lick your screen and see lo”

Him: “It is sweet…”

Him: “Cause I have got chocolate on it”

Her: “HAHAHA! Enough already! Go do your work!”

Him: “lickkkk… wa… nice…”

Him: “Gosh… it closed my webpage”

Her: “Cause too watery lah”



Enough entertainment,

The one who should learn to not do last minute work ><


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Relatively speaking, I am! =] And I do not wish for times better than this =]

Those who are troubled or met with troubles, please keep smiling. Do not let those things/problems kill your smile. Smile and believe there will be better tomorrow =]

If you ever need an ear or shoulders, I am here =)

Full of love,

The one who is sometimes irrationally over optimistic (HAHA)

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The posts

After the storm, here comes the rainbow, sun, clouds, birds and flowers =)

Thanks for sticking by my blog despite the post-less times 😉

*random* And I need some hugs =( *hughughug*

Happy reading everyone,

The one who really NEED to start doing her work!

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Ever since Chee Sian told me about him having pizza for lunch during the weekend, I subconsciously crave for it! HAHA.IMG_4010SUBCONSCIOUSLY! Anyway how, Ming Xuan and Chee Sian take up the offer to have lunch with me. PIZZA! IMG_4020And Sze Nee and Johnson joined us =) They are just so sweet.IMG_4012The pizza at Pizza Hut was nothing to brag about =( IMG_4013  In fact, it was a disappointment for me. Mushroom soup was very dilute.IMG_4016The service was pretty bad too. Not to mention, the bread stix which was totally margarine on hot dog buns =.=IMG_4017Then considering the fact we pay for service charges =( And they have to make a wrong order and made us wait more than the promised time of ten minutes!IMG_4018But it was nice to have a lunch quickie and catch up =) See how rajin Chee Sian is catching up? HAHAIMG_4015More of such times please,

The one who is happy keeping in touch and connecting 😉

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It is my third year in KL and this IS the third time I am in a night market. All three different ones! 😉 IMG_3917It was so jammed pack and eventhough it was already near midnight, there was still a lot of people wandering along the street!IMG_3918This is famously the longest ever night market. It was a disappointment not to see the animals/pets Chee Sian mentioned. IMG_3949But the happiness was much more than what the disappointment can describe!IMG_3952Thank you Mr Khoo Mun Keat for this and every other not-so-little things =) *appreciated* Thanks for being the not-obviously-good friend. =]IMG_3954Michelle and Angel were with us to the McConnaught Night Market. It was sure a long drive there. We waited in the staff lounge for Michelle to finish her Christian Fellowship which would end at 8pm. IMG_3921At about 6.30pm, we decided to go back to rest first before heading out. However, Michelle skipped her cell group activities and hence was done at 7pm. We were right at the parking, going to leave! HAHAIMG_3963So Michelle went back with us. Main idea was to place my bags and all back at the place before going to pick Angel. So, Mun Keat was waiting in the car. The him with weak bladder had to park and went up to find us. We were already down, thinking he might be off to pick up Angel and so, we walked out to wait for him. Luckily we find it weird for the long waiting time and hence walked back. Found him standing there =.= WHY DID NOT CALL? Because he had my phone, used to call Angel! LOLIMG_3960It was a funny thing. Guess what if we did not make a move? We would have waited till morning come? LOL I guess not though =P Because Michelle and I are clever xPIMG_3947We headed out in the midst of the jam and got there. I ATE SUPER LOTS AND WAS SO DAMN FULL.  IMG_3945Totally happy and excited 😉 Mun Keat says the main thing there is the smelly beancurd. This reminds me so much of Shanghai. WHY? There and then, we would buy every smelly beancurd we see to try what SMELLY BEANCURD is. IMG_3958To me, it is not smelly at all. Different for Michelle, she could not stand it! haha… the ones here are crispy, unlike those in Shanghai. But, it is really nice. The taste is there. Shanghai ones are milder. However, Mun Keat says its not as nice anymore *comparatively* and perhaps it was due to too many demands and limited time =(IMG_3983Other than having people bumping me! LOL Michelle sweated a lot too. IMG_3976Angel was hungry =( HAHA… she could not eat a lot of stuff. But I found out those who grew up in Brunei do have many common things! HAHAHAIMG_3975Mun Keat was more of being tired I guess. IMG_3932Thanks so much everyone for making this possible 😉 And sincerest thanks to Mun Keat =)IMG_3951Here are more random pictures I took…IMG_3923  Chinese hamburger. Very salty but very new to me too xDIMG_3935 AND this is! TRADITIONAL.ICE.CREAM. I never had such things! Yums =)IMG_3936 Something for Angel to try. She never had them. I had them in Penang when Khoo’s aunt was so generous and brought us over to a special place to have them 😉IMG_3937 Very cute waffle-like thingy!!!IMG_3938There are so much more to seeing the world,

The one who wants to go to more places 😉

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Double Happiness <3

It was Jillian’s and May Li’s birthday! =] HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS ❤ We had a surprise birthday for them both. It was painstaking to get the plans together but certainly have to thank Yong for helping out. IMG_3723We were all crazily busy and I totally felt I was nearly asphyxiated! *OMG! I spelt that correctly on the first try!* SERIOUSLY =.= It was a damn hectic week.IMG_3683However, the plan went accordingly =] We told Jillian it was a surprise for May Li and told May Li it was a surprise for Jillian. IMG_3694Everything was worked out and so we went in two cars. Yumni, Caroline, Jillian and Jasmine in one car while Yong and I in one. We set out from Sunway. IMG_3695Yumni and the others went to the bird park first while we went to get May Li. May Li got us to Ampang Point, Golden Oven to get a cake for Jillian. When we reached bird park, the first thing was to drop the cake at the cafe =]IMG_3681We then breeze through bird park and went to the bird show. There was so much to look at! It should have been a whole day thingy! IMG_3727Anyways, another day, we shall make that whole day trip again 😉 *keep your promise Mr Tan!* HAHAIMG_3706Bird show was very entertaining! =] I was like a kid once again. Ok, this is subjective. IMG_3708I have been called a kid since I was a kid. =( Its ok. Being young at heart is always an advantage. Longer life ok! HAHA I totally love macaw. Yeah, at the same time, scared of them =XIMG_3700But it was really fun! =D But did I tell you? My camera was low on battery. HOW STUPID OF ME TO NOT CHARGE THE BATTERY? =( I really hope there will be another time for those photo sessions!IMG_3715After that, we went to the cafe to have a drink. I was really thirsty. I do not know why =X And that was where we got the surprise for Jillian! =) IMG_3730The plan was to let May Li think the surprise is ONLY for Jillian.IMG_3716Thereafter, it was time to go to KLCC for dinner. Ju Li met up with us there after the concert she had there at KLCC. IMG_3720And the dinner was for Jillian and May Li. But the surprise for May Li would be there.IMG_3725And God knows May Li is super clever! She figured out everything before the plan was kick started ><IMG_3724Anyway how, we had fun xP I bet creaming others is always fun. HAHAHA… Luckily my birthday never happens in Malaysia =P I get to celebrate during CNY only =P HAHAIMG_3748The sisters have to get home then because their mom was there already. And Jillian also left slightly after that. Left with us these camwhores! xD We walked around KLCC and got lots of good shots. All thanks to Yong =)IMG_3755We even went to Darussalam to have a drink before heading back! It was totally an awesome day! 😉


The one who is really happy for such great moments =]

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Dinner at Klang

It has been a long time then since we all had a good dinner with Khoo. It was never a random plan. It was something always talked about but never had any actions taken.

Mun Keat was the surprising one who just breezily said he wants to have dinner with Khoo and *boom* everything was lightning quick. They planned to have it on Thursday initially but Renee booked me for Sushi King already. Mun Keat then allow me to fix a day. *thank you*

I chose Friday xP And since he said he would not ask others, I follow suit and say up to him. But it would be nice to have more people so I asked Yong and Sharron along =] IMG_3632In the end, I asked the others too. I think I still love crowds =] When it comes to food, there is never too many people =P After class, I went to Pyramid for some bowling time with Caroline, Chee Sian, Chong Yan and Qin. I purposely put Chong Yan instead of Khoo cause LOOK!, its all C’s HAHA. Yong was there too although he did not play.IMG_3637 Before the rounds finished, Qin and I rushed back to uni to attend our lecture *good student* HAHA And after the class, Mun Keat got Wen Hao, Qin and Yong, together with me to get to Klang. It was a long drive. I know. THANK YOU =] IMG_3643*Mun Keat, once again, thanks for being understanding and knows how to react immediately to me ignoring the others – especially the someone* IMG_3641Anyway, we made it to Khoo’s house early and I got to ride the bikes. I got on many rounds till I was out of breathe. I just love cycling. IMG_3655Right after that, we went to get Chee Sian. Breezing through Klang’s road was… I am happy to say I am safe and sound. =] IMG_3652And dinner right after meeting up the others in JJ car – Chu Ying, Jasmine, Hayden and Sze Ling!!! I think I prefer the one we had last time but still it is good. IMG_3660I love the special noodle. But I did not have much because Khoo ordered a lot of other food. And especially this! IMG_3667This is what remind him of Shanghai. HAHA xPIMG_3666My favourite had to be the Hainan charsiew! *yums*IMG_3670Thanks so much for the great company everyone. And also thanks for good food *more horizontally challenged*

Being grateful,

The one who is ever grateful 😉

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