This is an angry post!

I am just wondering how many people have already realised that the university cannot provide enough spaces in the library? Computers? Chairs? Tables? HELLO PEOPLE. We know the university is trying her best to provide already with new furniture coming in, more areas opened with tables/chairs for the students.

The thing now lies in the librarians and the students! I, can lug my laptop around daily just so I can do work in between. OK OK, I admit, to Facebook too! But still… not everyone. How would you want to be stuck in a jam packed bus lugging your 3kg laptop. Or whatever other reasons.

There was this guy who was using a mini notebook on an empty spot and left a computer logged in =.= I complaint. Yeah, for the real me, I do complain. The librarian had to push to the other librarian to get the message to the guy who did this. And when we finally decided to go to second floor, the librarian came back and got me to go over to that guy. I went and this guy logged out. Before my friend could actually use the computer, the librarian left and the guy logged back in o.O TELL ME! My friend and I will have classes forty minutes later! And why cannot he just let us use first and when his friend, or him, decided to use it, we return it to him? o.O

Seriously it is so wrong for the library to not have the rule against someone to leave the computer logged on and not using it. I remember there used to be notices saying if no one is using the computer for more than ten (or was it fifteen) minutes, those who want to use the computer can just log the other person’s out and use it. BUT NOW, THE NOTICES ARE NOT HERE!

And the librarians are such a big disappointment! When I went back to tell him that that guy logged back into the computer once he left, he just shrugged me off! o.O

Such is life,

The one who is very angry right now.


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  1. 1

    KCY said,

    Haha…. here a bucket of cold water and thanks for standing up ^^

    • 2

      CC said,

      USELESS lo! U did not see the librarian SHRUG ME OFF! The bucket of cold water is to pour over that librarian. Actually both of the LIBRARIANS =,=


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