1. I just realised (not a self-realisation anyway) that I really ask a lot of questions. I have a lot of why’s and what’s! I blame it all on Ms Thelma. Or should I credit her? Curiosity just killed the cat, and not humans anyway. =P *please do not remind me of the cat having nine lives because it will still die if a car ran over it =.=”IMG_16452. I just realised (also not a self realisation) that I am a lazy talker. I will try to not ASSUME others know what I am talking about. I will TRY… Ok, why should I even try? I assume because I think they do really know. Because I do KNOW I like explaining stuff that I know to people who do not understand. Blerk. But still, i will try. I do not know that I am weak at expressing myself orally =(IMG_0632 3. I just realised I love going out having fun, playing or doing what ever. I am always up for anything that allows me to go out. Instead of staying home and trying to complete my work. Well, it is a case depending on which is more important. But usually, having fun is more important. LOLIMG_35764. I just realised not long ago (through a friend) that I talk more to guys than girls. But the closest bestest friends of mine are all girls. Just I do not click with any Janes down the road. Hmmm… probably guys are still the more rational ones.IMG_35795. I just realised (through some friends) that I am quite emotional. OK, perhaps I should say, I just wanted to TRY and accept the fact that I am emotional. Especially in terms of friends. I think it is nothing wrong to think every friend is here to be cherished. That is until I got hurt (whether there are misunderstandings or not, it is not important anymore because the fact that they never wanted to clear things up straight front made them not worthy of being friend with).IMG_4674 6. I realised I kept thinking of a specific someone a lot these days. I wonder if I really see her, how/what do I address her? But probably, I do not really want to see her again. The urge is never as strong as it used to be. I should just put it as I was a very rebellious one. That rebel in me made me want to get her back into my life just to rebel. But I guess the rebel in me somewhat died down.IMG_36067. I just realised I fear for the day I cannot live long enough to play all the time only. I so fear the time when my health fails me or when I have worked hard enough to go uphill but never got the chance to enjoy the path downhill. This fear is eating me up.IMG_3371 8. I just realised I am not a very emotionally attached person (Thanks for letting me know how you and I are not such good friends and lovers). I am a very emotional person but not one who would attach emotionally as easily as one wishes. I do not if others understand. It is good enough that you and I understood. It took me sometime to realise this.Sh9. I just realised I cherish very quiet times. But with someone being there with me, just keeping quiet and not disturb one another. Just the company. Those times I used to spend with her at her place. Those times when he will Skype with me to accompany me. Those times when another he would video with me just to keep me sane. Those were the times and people I remember.Video call snapshot 910. I just realised I do not want to be where I am at this point in time. Just plainly because I think I stayed here too long a time already. I need a new environment but I do not think its as easy as 1, 2, 3…IMG_1780Just realised,

The one who just realised she should do her work! =(


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