Sorry for the lack of updates. I know! This is so not me! HAHA

But I was just a little too caught up with the act of sleeping =P

It had been a busy week where there were loads of things to do. But relatively speaking, I am quite free =P I have been taking my time to get things done. Alright, I have not been doing any work =(

Can you imagine someone coming home at about 5.15pm. Eat, shower and then sleep till 8pm or 9pm? Wake up intending to do work but felt really sleepy after staring blankly at the journals? The options: (1) Facebook and reading blogs and (2) SLEEP.

Usually its the first one followed by the second one =.= And it is… SLEEP UNTIL 5.30am! o.O Then go to university and still it is all about FACEBOOK. Boo… no work done.

NOW! MORE WORK PILED UP. Time to do some work.

Before that, sleep comes first =P I will update more on what happened few days before soon 😉

Napping time,

The one who has been really happy and trying to stay contented 😉


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