Ever since Chee Sian told me about him having pizza for lunch during the weekend, I subconsciously crave for it! HAHA.IMG_4010SUBCONSCIOUSLY! Anyway how, Ming Xuan and Chee Sian take up the offer to have lunch with me. PIZZA! IMG_4020And Sze Nee and Johnson joined us =) They are just so sweet.IMG_4012The pizza at Pizza Hut was nothing to brag about =( IMG_4013  In fact, it was a disappointment for me. Mushroom soup was very dilute.IMG_4016The service was pretty bad too. Not to mention, the bread stix which was totally margarine on hot dog buns =.=IMG_4017Then considering the fact we pay for service charges =( And they have to make a wrong order and made us wait more than the promised time of ten minutes!IMG_4018But it was nice to have a lunch quickie and catch up =) See how rajin Chee Sian is catching up? HAHAIMG_4015More of such times please,

The one who is happy keeping in touch and connecting šŸ˜‰


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