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A Quickie

Hello everyone. No, I am not dead yet. No, I am not very busy. Just been sick and lazy. Ok, minor sickness, nothing to worry about 😉 We go by ten points today too alright? =D

1. I am now waiting for a taxi to get me to KL. Going to stay there for two days 😉 But apparently, there is not taxi =( I am still waiting and hope there will be one soon.

2. I had a gastric attack. Consider moderate but it made me uncomfortable for quite some time. Well, I forgot it was time to eat and went to brush my teeth. Flossed already even! Lazy to crawl out of bed just to get a bite. Woke every two hours thereafter due to intense pain. The medication did not help. I do not have my strong medication with me ><

3. I survived last week! Oh god, how the exams and assignments were packed in just three days. My my… but this also means the finals are coming soon. No, I am not prepared yet. Not going to start this weekend too. Probably after this KL fun! 😉

4. I still have one last laboratory report to do. It is kinda troublesome because… the things are just UNEXPLAINABLE! Gahhh! I need help with that. Oh well, we shall see!

5. My owner apparently put my name up on two websites to advertise to let the rooms available in this unit. So far, response is good but then none really confirmed. And I think I have the right to choose who to stay with me right? xP

6. We celebrated Hayden’s 22nd. It was no surprise or anything but it was fun gathering to eat 😉 That will be for another post ok? =D

7. I washed all my jackets and cannot believe still that I have got so much for such hot weather. I think I am still living my Paris dream LOL. Ok, I was reality but can now be considered a dream since I am not going to go there anytime soon.

8. AND… I bought my ticket back to Brunei for a few days. I wanted my sister to tell my uncle about it before she buy. But she did not want to because she said my uncle will get annoyed with her. My uncle never ever get annoyed with me when I mention about anything! Tsk. And now she bought the ticket already, I told my uncle. HE SAYS HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN FREE AIR TICKET! WTH?! Oh well, nevermind! =S

9. It was Wesak Day yesterday and I let myself chill at home. Watched a Korean drama. Almost finishing 😉 It was quite boring at start but getting nicer. But still, I have like five more episodes. Will maybe finish it while at the hotel today or tomorrow 😉

10. And I still cannot find taxi =( Time is running out! DAMN! HOW HOW HOW? =(

Please give me a taxi NOW,

The one who should be in KL NOW! =(


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Ann is in town!

Ok, not exactly Sunway. But she is in Midvalley, staying at The Gardens Hotel and Residence for two weeks. IMG_4623She is not here on a fun trip. Its all about work but she would be free after 6.30pm every weekday and whole of weekend! I only met her on Monday. Thanks to Mun Keat who dropped me off at one of the train stations *bad memory, or more of I did not bother to find out, which station it was*.  IMG_4616 I reached there at about 5.30pm and settled in the Paddington’s House of Pancakes. It was the quietest place with a power point to charge my phone/laptop. I took the chance to do some work. But, I failed LOLIMG_4618Soon after, Ann and her colleague were backed in Midvalley from Bangsar. Caught me by surprise since it was not even 7pm yet! Oh well, we get to spend more time together then 😉 We decided to eat at Pasta Zanmai. The food we had. It was so much but ahhh… satisfying! xP IMG_4619IMG_4620IMG_4621IMG_4622IMG_4624And after the dinner, we went separate ways with her colleague. Shopping!!! Shopping does bond people too, alright! =) And I got to try Big Apple’s doughnut! IMG_4628It was relatively thousand times better than J.Co and million times better than Krispy Kreme! HAHAIMG_4625And you get to order which doughnuts you want and they make it on the spot! IMG_4626  The doughnuts I got! =DIMG_4629I then went on a taxi back to Sunway. Tiring day but very happy to see her! I also got her to bring my mom’s mother’s day gift back! Forgot to pass it my aunt then! THANKS A LOT! =)

Hope to see her another time soon before she goes back to Brunei. She is off to Ipoh now with her Malaysian friends whom she got to know during her times in Portsmouth, UK! =)

Lots of love,

The one who is blessed with frequent family, relative and friends visits in Malaysia =)

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Chee Sian’s Birthday Surprise

IMG_4418It is finally the day when we would surprise this guy here! He is so unsuspicious of everything and this makes it good to surprise him. SO EASY! xP    IMG_4433 When he was on a trip to Teluk Intan for the fireflies thingy, I got him to give me his mom’s number. I failed contacting her through e-mail. Now, I wonder who did that email reached because it certainly got sent! IMG_4434I thought it would be suspicious to keep on asking him for his mom’s number. I kept asking because he kept forgetting. Talking about being an old man xPIMG_4488When I finally got it, things got sorted a few days after only as I have to get the number of people willing to make it. Its a weekend and we have to get people to come out and drive to Klang. I consider it far because in Brunei, near is only like ten minutes or less? HAHA But, thanks to all of you who made it.IMG_4442I was already at Khoo’s place as earlier on, I joined them in the paintball tourny. Showered and enjoyed some chocolates there. Khoo’s house is full of chocolates HAHA *tak tau malu* Maybe because of the very spicy lunch and the extreme hunger, I had gastric. Milk certainly helped. Many say should not drink milk but I find it helps =) Chocolates help even more HAHAIMG_4439At the same time, others were preparing to come from Sunway. JJ drove Hayden, Jasmine drove Sze Ling, Michelle and Ming Xuan whereas Johnson drove Sze Nee, Joshua and Von Yi. Everyone was so pretty that day. Only I look sloppy enough! LOLIMG_4483Everyone reached Khoo’s place and we left from there to Chee Sian’s house in a convoy of FIVE cars (four cute little MYVIs and a Vios) All those who drove the cute MYVIs are J’s – Jasmine, Johnson, JJ and Jonathan (Khoo!) HAHAIMG_4484 Khoo drove Wen Hao there while I followed Mun Keat. Before reaching, Mun Keat kept on cursing that my plan will fail! =( At one point, I really believed because Chee Sian was out at the gate area looking skeptical of the convoy of cars!IMG_4420 Khoo led us to the back of Chee Sian’s house and we all parked behind while Khoo parked in front of his house. Earlier on, Khoo had already sms-ed Chee Sian to let him know that he would be there. Excuse: Khoo LOST his GEN3030 Lab Manual! HAHAHA Chee Sian bought that lie! xPIMG_4427After getting a signal from Khoo, we all trooped inside Chee Sian’s house – holding a cake! =) And that got him by surprise! HAHA… Happy birthday Chee Sian! It was a really nice time spent with everyone gathering around. IMG_4523I had a great time playing a piggy game and a few rounds of mystery games. All only with poker cards! I should start relocating where my Winnie The Pooh set is! IMG_4562It got a bit too late and we cut the cake *the “21st” disappeared*. IMG_4558Mun Keat was already missing as he left after eating. What a busy man! He was very tired then but still tried to make it to Chee Sian’s place. Thank you lah hahaIMG_4564It was a nice hospitality from Chee Sian’s mum and his family. Even his dog barked at me all the time to “welcome” me! HAHA… but at one point I think she is welcoming me! IMG_4453Chee Sian’s mum and relatives got us great food – all balanced with desserts and fruits! IMG_4543Seeing that we did not eat the grapes, she got them de-seeded! So thoughtful. Thanks for the great food and great night. Sorry for the long night! HAHA

Happy times,

The one who cherishes good memories 😉

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Paintball Tourny

PUTRA JAYA! It is at Putra Jaya. My very first time there and it was so pretty =) I did not have the chance to really look at it but just the ambience was good. Even air seems fresher! LOL   IMG_4321Ok, back to the Paintball Tournament. I do not know what is the name of the tournament exactly but it was the second one that team Cyanide joins but in terms of the scale of the tournament, it is considered their first official one.IMG_4330There were simply too many good players/teams there that they did not make it to the second day of the tournament. Only the top sixteen of the forty over teams would proceed to the Sunday one.IMG_4331Anyway, it was a very sudden thing that I went. I wanted to go but thought I would not have the chance to. Suddenly Mun Keat asked if I wanted to go. IMG_4299I was overjoyed. Cannot contain them even though I was talking to him virtually only! I do not know why he suddenly wanted to go. All I know is I got to see PUTRA JAYA and them playing in the tournament.IMG_4332Wen Hao kept asking if I regret going. I seriously do not feel so. It was nice seeing so many paintball fanatics. IMG_4320I do not know if they are fanatics but just seeing someone working it out in a hobby/sport or whatever is a kind of happy feeling.IMG_4363I walked around the two fields snapping pictures and seeing how LIGHTNING FAST the teams got one another down. Not tiring but it was just HOT. I did not realise I got sunburnt =.= Very light sunburns only on shoulders. Now the two tone skin tone is very obvious HAHA [Will be able to see that in pictures of me when I was a Chee Sian’s house the very night – another post]IMG_4369Putra Jaya, although very pretty seems like there is not much place to visit. We went a big round to get to a place for lunch. It was their FIRST day! LOL But no, we did not get special treatment or what. Haha… the food was… I do not know. It is not awesome and nothing fantastic. Just too spicy!IMG_4356After that two and a half hours break, we went back to the tournament site. Mun Keat’s car got stuck in mud >< IMG_4365The weather was fine, not raining but perhaps from last night? The place was very muddy all over that I had to hems of my pants and polish my shoes when I got to Khoo’s place! IMG_4367Anyway, they sort it out using cardboard boxes. =D IMG_4400Team Cyanide continued with their matches. They played six matches in total. And lost them all =( Its ok! You all will train more and excel another time round 😉IMG_4391And this is Mun Keat bullying little kids. He made them collect unused pellets and throw them at me! TSK! But, still, thanks to him for the invite =)IMG_4417That happened on 15th of May 2010,

The one who still wants to try having a closer look of the bridges!

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The Fridays

I do not know. I feel there will be something amiss on Fridays if I do not get to see someone and have lunch with her or something. HAHA IMG_4289 Maybe it is slowly turning to be a not so habit kind of habit. I must have gotten some one lost with my words here. Nevermind. IMG_4010 I wonder how the next FridaySSS where there are no more classes going to differ from the Fridays that we spent together.

Oh yeah… the pictures also illustrate how when girls/girls take picture versus girls/boys! HAHA

Loving Fridays,

The one who should continue her work!

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Girlie outings

I have been trying to meet-up and keeping in touch with friends. I make it a point to not do work during weekends. A large part of it, if I can help it. Enjoy those times with friends and spend one hour or so at night only to do some work. This can kill the guiltiness which would be overcome by tiredness and satisfaction. IMG_4610It feels good to spend time with friends in the midst of busyness. This shall be a post blogged to promote such good little gatherings. Well, not only with girls, guys can join in too and have fun. But most probably they would do it over sports! HAHA IMG_4605How come I do not have others, except Yumni in the pictures??? Yumni is sure a camwhore xPchoose two This is the last year of my degree,

The one who sacrifices her sleep for the best of both world – studies and social life.

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The crazy times before the thunderstorms

Exams will be here very soon. And as usual, I will be thinking of what to do after exams. The holidays can be such a great motivational force. =D Planned to go to a few places with my friends and I hope its going to be a fun one.

I know I should rest more and get those little bugs out of my system. Be healthy again. I do not know if having a chronic illness means I cannot be fully healthy or not. Albeit the pain, if I feel happy and good, I think that should be deemed as healthy?

Anyway, family is worried but I do not know what could be done. I have been trying my best to take care of myself. But living out sometimes means not everything is easy. I try my best but its never the best to my family. It is kind of hard at times. Well, it also means there is no maid living in with me! (!!!)

Ok, back to exams! EXAMS! Exactly! It is so near yet so far. No revision can be done yet because of the crazy workload. Here I am again to spam about my workload. Just finished two reports and the list still seems as long!

Workload to be completed:

(1) GEN 3030 full report – segmentation genes

(2) GEN3030 full report – homeotic genes

(3) GEN3030 full report – zebrafish

(4) SCI2010 Lit Rev – 1500 essays with 25 – 30 journals to read up on (!!!)

(5) SCI3716 Assignment 5

(6) BTH3752 full report – constituting 30% o.O

(7) GEN3030 exam – problem sets (gah!!!)

(8) BTH3752 exam – practical exams (haih)

(9) BTH3752 MBB Log Book

(10) SCI3716 Industrial Waste Review Questions

Please send me an angel,

The one who is in dire need of an elf to help her do her work! Or just to scrutinize her! ><

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