Exhausted and Sick

I am sick. Well, I know it would be here anyway. Been few days that I have been down with flu but my medicine works. At least it stopped my runny nose when I run about my daily stuff. 😉 *but super duper sleepy all the time* Especially when I only had 2 to 3 hours sleep per night for the past few days.IMG_3893 Albeit the tiredness, sleepiness, crankiness, sickness, etc, I am very happy indeed 😉 Family is here. I only regret not being able to be with my lil baby sister together physically. She is so damn cute! ❤ More about her later.IMG_4100 I actually felt very accomplished having done two out of the seven pending assignments/reports. Ok, that is because they are due! =P Still, the satisfaction reaped, considering one of the two works handed in would only be due this coming Monday =)IMG_4098 There have been some happenings which I haven’t yet blog about. Well, I used to blog even when I was so busy and tired but not now anymore. Just my health take over me now. =( The pain creeping back occasionally with weird bouts of tummy ache. But I am managing well 😉IMG_3886 But still, I will make it a point to blog about things that happened. I love all those sweet memories. There are more to those posts for sure. Jotting them down release tonnes of happy emotions. Reading them give me those adrenaline surge. I do not know if I am weird or what, but I love reading back my posts and reliving those happy moments and even at times, the sad feeling too. HAHAVideo call snapshot 6 Hmmm I really wanted to post about my baby sister. But I think the medicine effect getting stronger. Time to hit the sack!

Good night,

The one who feels so loved tonight 😉


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