Do not know what to put as the title. I have been having the urge to blog the past few days to fulfill the promises of posting those unposted posts. Yet, time took its toll on me.

I am not exactly free thanks to the assignments, reports and what not’s. ok, its not entirely about works. I have been allowing myself some good times too; enjoying frequent meet ups, lunches and dinners, movies and good fun!

Nonetheless I am not as stressed as last semester. Probably of better environment too This is good, according to the doctor’s advice. True enough my health condition did not worsen a lot. Just as I notice, it will *touch wood* not get to the point of acute pain. I really hope it does not. The pain in the left leg is tolerable now. Recur more frequently these past few weeks and getting a bit more intense. Still, tolerable =) I can only live with the pain and manage it well instead of eliminating it. Even my painkillers would only work THAT. MUCH.

And I was down with flu, which comes and go. But its full blast officially since last night. There was this sudden heavy down pour. Khoo Mun Keat has always tried to convince me that when you hear any thunder, it is a sign of the rain ceasing. AND TRUST ME TO BELIEVE THAT >< Whenever he said that, true enough, the rain stops! Can’t blame me for believing then! And I so hope it was like that last night. OBVIOUSLY IT DID NOT ><

Under the rain, we were all wet. My flu got worse. Slight fever. Heavy headed. Assignment to rush >< Oh myyy! And I do hope Jasmine is good. She ate a little of my food and got under the heavy rain too! *prays hard*

And ohhh! My family is still in KL =) they just got back from Singapore actually. Only my aunt and cousin went to Singapore. My other aunt (uncle’s wife) and grandmother stayed at Cheras though. Had not been talking/sms-ing with them till yesterday. Probably after classes, I shall go to Midvalley and stay with them for a night or so. They are now staying at The Gardens.

Another point to make! I was and AM still frustrated with the cockroaches! Oh myy, there were so many of them. I see one every two days on average. The other day, I saw THREE. Two with egg sacs still attached to them. Lucky I got them smashed. Skills improving but not good enough! =( But now I got the BAYGON spray! TOTALLY EFFECTIVE. Just a spray and it can’t walk more than 30cm! =D Being as anal as always, I got a Dettol spray even. The antiseptic alcohol is cool but I think I can find other uses for them. Its easier with a spray now! Or rather TWO SPRAYS? =D Whee~

Hmm… main point of this post?

1. Sick

2. Tired

3. Busy

4. Tonnes of work

5. Enjoying life still

6. Should not listen too much on Khoo Mun Keat’s crap philosophies

7. Cockroach problem some-what solved

8. Family is still in KL

9. Going to Midvalley



The one who is very blessed indeed =)


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